A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 10


Chapter 10: Regret

“Yes, that’s right! —Mika-sama, you’re a quick learner.”

the Demon King has arranged for a teacher to teach me the language of this world, and when praised by a teacher who teaches me the language of this world, I scratch my cheek.

Within a fortnight, I could read and write simple words.

I had always disliked learning, particularly English, until I came to this other world, but I never imagined I could learn a foreign language so quickly, even though the grammar is the same as in Japan.

I’ve realized that people are always willing to go to any length. However, it also demonstrates how indifferent I have been to this world. I have only ever enjoyed what has been given to me, and I have never attempted to do anything for myself. because it’s a country I’ll be leaving after the war. That’s what I assumed. But there was more to it than that; perhaps a part of me was arrogant. That’s most likely why I’d been abandoned. They might not have killed me if I had been more approachable, even if I had no power.


In the margin of the textbook, I write his name in small letters.

I can now write his name.

Why didn’t I ask you about the origin of your name and its shape when you asked me about the origin of mine?

You were the only one who addressed me as Mika.

I listened to the lesson with regret.


“Mika, where have you gone?”

──Saint Mika has vanished. That’s because I allowed her to slip out of my sight. I regret it. Everyone in the castle is out looking for her. I’m not in prison simply because I’m the Fifth Prince.

The library in the castle has only one entrance. Mika can only leave through this entrance.

The library is complicated, but it’s not something Mika would get lost in.

I search the library again, thinking that she can’t possibly be there.

I finally made it to the end of the library. Mika, of course, is not present.

I pick up one of the books that had fallen out, replace it on the shelf, and walk away.

“The book has fallen down?”

The books that fall out are thick and difficult to remove.

“That cannot be.”

It can’t be, but…

I returned my gaze to the bookshelf.

The books were rearranged.

To put this to the test, I shifted the bookshelf to the side. The books are quite heavy and should be difficult to move.

However, the bookshelf is easily pushed aside.

I slide open the bookshelf door.

The place had been vacant for some time and had become dusty. This is why it left a distinct footprint trail.

The size of it was something I knew.





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