A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 12

Rain and Dreams

Chapter 12: Rain and Dreams

A lullaby is being sung—a warm, soft voice.

As I rise, the lullaby fades away and is replaced by a gentle smile.

I remember now. We planned to camp here today because we had a long way to go before reaching the front. Because of my childish fear of the battlefield, Garen stayed with me until I fell asleep.

“Sorry, did I wake you?”

When I heard those words, I stood up and sat down next to Garen. When I asked for more, he said “yes,” and the lullaby kept playing.

As I listen to the sounds, I grow sleepy again.

“Are you going to sleep?”

He gently ruffles my hair, and I nod off even more—I heard a sad voice before passing out.”

“Why, Mika──”

──Are you not the Saint?


With a jolt, I jumped up, breathing heavily. When I look out the window, I notice that it is raining outside.

On rainy days, I have trouble sleeping.

Sighing, I brush my hair.

I’m sure he wouldn’t have said it that day because the true Saint hadn’t yet arrived. What time did I hear those words?

It was a tearful voice for some reason.

“How can you, Mika, who can do nothing, be a Saint?”

Then why did you summon me?

I lower my head. I’ve decided to stop thinking like that. I’ve got a second life now.

Unable to sleep again, I cover my ears and hair with a cloth and walk out into the hallway.


I think I heard something. I follow the sound and find the Demon King staring out the window at the sky, singing a lullaby similar to the one Garen used to sing. I try to call out to him, but hesitate.

the Demon King has a distant expression on his face. The empty corridor felt a little cold looking into his eyes, and I sneezed.

the Demon King pauses and turns around.

“…Shrine Maiden?”

I nodded awkwardly, and the Demon King beckoned me over. I obeyed and walked towards the Demon King.

“What’s the problem? —It’s past midnight—you’re going to catch a cold.”

the Demon King then removed his jacket and draped it over me.

“Thank you very much… I couldn’t fall asleep—I’m a little afraid of rain.”

The Saint appeared on a rainy day, and I’ve hated rain ever since.

“Me, too.”

the Demon King smiled and nodded.

“一We’re the same.”

The way he says it is so sweet, I can’t help but be embarrassed.

“Today is the day of the “rain of memory,” so that could be a factor.”

“Rain of memory?”

That’s something I’ve never heard before.

“It’s the rain that reminds you of both happy and sad memories.”

Is there such a thing as special rain? That was new to me. But, given that this is a different world, it’s not surprising that anything can happen.

Did the Demon King have any painful memories? the Demon King grimaced, as if the question were written on his face.

“My parents died on a rainy day.”

I’m at a loss for how to respond. I’ve almost lost my life, but I’ve never lost a family member. I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be.

“Oh…I’m sorry it bothered you. It has been ten years—on rainy days, I guess I get overly sentimental.”

I wonder what the Demon King’s parents were like. As I think about it, I sneeze again.

“… Please return to your room before you catch a cold—or, if you’re having trouble sleeping, how about a lullaby?”

I nodded, recalling his gentle voice from earlier.

the Demon King was startled, as if he thought it was a joke, but he eventually sang to me.

In my ears, his deep, gentle voice echoed softly.

The rain had stopped by the end of the song.

“Come back to your room now.”

I thanked the Demon King, returned his jacket, and returned to my room as instructed.

I felt like I could sleep well this time.


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