A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 16


Chapter 16: Cremation

“Today’s assignment is to write a letter.”

“A letter?”

The teacher nodded enthusiastically.

“Letters are a wonderful way to express one’s feelings; you’ve learned to use them to a degree; you don’t have to show me; just write to the person to whom you want to convey the most.”

That’s what I was told.

“To whom should I write?”

Sarah has always been there for me, and when it comes to writing a letter, I feel embarrassed and wonder if writing to the Demon King or Yulin would be disrespectful.

No, no, you must not think that way; who I want to convey to most now is——


Would you laugh if I told you that even though you abandoned me, I can’t let go of this love?

I’ve always wondered why it’s so easy to fall out of love. Maybe I just want to believe I was abandoned in the end, but that wasn’t the case.

But I don’t want to be trapped by you any longer. So this is the letter I’m writing to lay my love to rest.

So that’s what I’ve decided. I’ll be writing you a letter.

First and foremost, I can now write Garen’s name… I’m sorry I didn’t inquire about Garen’s name… resentful that Garen had abandoned me and that I was madly in love with him. It was love at first sight for both of them. But as I got to know you better, I grew to like you. Your gentle smile literally saved my life. I admire your calloused hands from sword training. After then——

I’ve written everything I can and am about to seal the letter.

“Can I ask Sarah to get some matches?”


Cremation is the most common method of mourning in my country. I instruct Sarah to prepare matches and a plate before setting fire to the letter. I keep my gaze fixed on the burning letter.

All of the letters were destroyed.

“That’s it.”

A slap on the cheek will make me reconsider. The woman who fell in love with Garen no longer exists. Now, a new me begins.

“I’m sorry, Sarah… Could you please bring me papers and envelopes again?”

Writing a letter just to end a love affair is impolite. Don’t be afraid to write to Sarah, the Demon King, or Yulin, who have all been so gracious to you. You can think about it later if they say you’re disrespectful and push you away.

First, I handed Sarah the completed letter, which she welcomed with tears in her eyes. Then I handed Yulin a letter, which he accepted with a smile. Finally, I gave the letter to the Demon King, who didn’t look at me but received it with his ears reddening.

I fell asleep thinking that receiving a letter was a joyous occasion.


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