A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 17

Sleep with the Demon King

Chapter 17: Sleep with the Demon King

──I hope you’re doing well.

A new flower has appeared. If you want, we can look at it together.

I spend my days in good health because of His Majesty. If it’s convenient for you, I’d be delighted to join you.

“Here we go.”

I waxed the letter and asked Sarah to deliver it on my behalf. I’ve been receiving letters from the Demon King to help me learn to write ever since I wrote to him to thank him. They are all of a mundane nature, but I am grateful that we can communicate in this manner because I have not been able to see him recently, most likely due to his involvement in the war.

As if by magic, the Demon King sends me a letter that smells like a gentle flower. I stretch as I put the letter in the drawer.

When I look out the window, it’s raining. It’s been pouring a lot recently. That means that when Yulin comes to visit, he might not be able to host any more flower viewing parties for a while.

Yulin’s business was summarized as follows.

“His Majesty is not sleeping well?”

Yulin nodded.

“That’s why I’d like to get some good ideas from the Shrine Maiden.”

A method for getting a good night’s sleep. If Yulin does his work properly without coming to me, at least the Demon King will have one less thing to worry about and can go to sleep. Yulin quickly excuses himself, perhaps realizing the significance of my gaze.

“It’s been raining ‘Memory Rain’ lately…”

Indeed. I thought it had rained a lot recently, but it appears to have been a memory rain.

the Demon King has been looking pale lately. When Yulin asks him, he explains that he hasn’t been sleeping well.

“Herbal tea for a restful night’s sleep.”

“I’ve tried.”

“Try switching out the bedding.”

“I’ve tried.”

No. My mediocre brain can’t come up with a good idea.

But I haven’t had any nightmares recently. I promised Yulin that I would do what I could for the time being, and we parted ways that day.


Night. I dress warmly and walk out into the corridor. As I walk out into the corridor, I hear a lullaby, just as I expected. the Demon King can’t sleep tonight. I follow the direction of the singing.

“Your Majesty.”

I call out, and the Demon King turns around.

“Shrine Maiden?”

I nod and sit down next to the Demon King. He seems a little surprised, but he accepts me. I take advantage of this and ask the Demon King some questions.

“Your Majesty, how old are you?”

“This year marks my 17th birthday.”

I’m taken aback. He’s only two years my senior. I assumed he was older. However, now that I think about it.

the Demon King lost his parents when he was seven. If I remember correctly, he doesn’t have any uncles or aunts, so he’s been on the throne ever since. How difficult that must have been. Maybe that’s why he looks even more mature.

“This year marks my fifteenth birthday.”

“Well, in a year, you’ll be an adult.”

In this world, adulthood is defined as 16 years old. It’s strange that you can legally drink a year from now in this world.

“By the way, Your Majesty.”

“What is it?”

“Do you want me to sing you a lullaby?”

the Demon King nodded as I spoke. I was taken aback because it was supposed to be a joke, but I sang the lullaby that the Demon King and Garen used to sing, if that’s what the Demon King desired.

“Your voice reminds me of my mother… may I touch you?”


The large hands of the Demon King clutched my cheeks.

“You’re so alive.”

As if to confirm his words, I gasped. Could it be that the Demon King was present when his parents died?

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“…I see.”

the Demon King slowly removes his hand. I follow his hand with my gaze, and the Demon King laughs.

“I’m sorry; Yulin probably asked you to do this.”

He knows!

“Your Majesty, I don’t hate rainy days as much as I used to—because you sang me a lullaby.”

The gentle voice of the Demon King has calmed my heart. So I’d like to help the Demon King as well. As I said, the Demon King blinked slowly.

“…Me, too; I had a bad rainy day, but I enjoy talking to you in this manner.”

I’m glad the Demon King shares my sentiments. And I’m glad we can talk like this because we haven’t talked much recently.

“But, Shrine Maiden, return to your room right now or you’ll catch a cold.”

“Today I’m dressed warmly, so I’ll be fine ACHOO!”

Oh, no! I sneezed.

“Look, you’re going to catch a cold… I’m going to bed now as well.”

Really? the Demon King laughed as I gave him a hard look.

“Yes, I’ll be able to sleep tonight because of you…Thank you.”

So I have no choice but to retreat, bid the Demon King goodnight, and return to my room.

I wish the Demon King a restful night’s sleep tonight.

That’s what I was hoping for as I fell asleep.




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