A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 23


Chapter 23: Happiness

“Shrine Maiden, couldn’t sleep again?”

I’m embarrassed. the Demon King brought up my lack of sleep once more.


“It was a “memory rain” yesterday…I know it happens, but we can’t have too many days like that or you’ll get sick.”

With that, the Demon King picked me up in his arms.

“Y-Your Majesty?!”

“Hold on tight. It will be over soon.”

We kept walking until we reached my room, and we were finally in my bed.

Then he drew the covers over my head.

“Your Majesty, what’s this about?”

“…Go to sleep—I’ll be with you until you fall asleep.”

the Demon King started singing a lullaby. It’s as if a child can’t sleep unless he or she hears a lullaby. Well, I’m a kid enough to be concerned about that.

“It’s fine if you’ve slept a little.”

I’m about to say I’m fine when my eyelids close. That doesn’t sound very convincing to me. But the lullaby of the Demon King is soothing, and I fall asleep.



I wonder how long I’ve been asleep. I stretch.

I feel a weight on me, and I notice that the Demon King is also sleeping beside me. Well, it was raining “memory rain” yesterday, so the Demon King couldn’t sleep either. I’m so focused on myself that I can’t see anything else.

I stroked the hair of the Demon King. Silver-white hair cascades down. It is running through my fingers. I’m curious how he takes care of it.

His eyelashes are silver and long.

I discovered wrinkles between his brows. I stroke the Demon King’s head and lullaby him. the Demon King’s brow furrow gradually relaxes, and his expression softens.

This made me feel better, so I went back to sleep.

When I awoke again, the Demon King had vanished. He must have returned to work. Instead, a note was placed on my pillow.

──Good night. Sweet dreams.

The card had a delicate floral scent to it.

The card said something innocuous, but it makes me antsy and want to pull the covers back over my head again.

And, come to think of it, I slept with the Demon King. I’ve never slept with a male adult before. I’m completely embarrassed. I’m curious if I talked while sleeping or snored. I kept rolling from one end of the bed to the other as I thought about it.

Then Sarah entered with a quiet knock.

“Are you awake, Mika-sama?”


When Sarah saw my face, she smiled.

“You look much better now.”

It didn’t come to mind that Sarah was also worried about me.

“I’m sorry for causing you to worry, and thank you, Sarah.”

“No, what matters is that Mika-sama feels better.”

Sarah smiled. I was so moved by her smile that I hugged her, and she hugged me back.

I go to the Demon King’s office the next day to do some paperwork.

I slept well last night, thanks to the Demon King’s care. I’m a little embarrassed, and facing the Demon King is difficult for me, but the work went well.

“Shrine Maiden, let’s take a break now—you slept well yesterday, didn’t you?”

“Yes, your majesty. Thank you.”

Sarah and the Demon King are concerned about me. But the fact that they are concerned about me makes me very happy.

I worked very hard to keep this joy in my heart.


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