A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 25


Chapter 25: Matchmaker

What is a Shrine Maiden, exactly? Can I stay in Crystalia if the Shrine Maiden brings misfortune? However, the Demon King is the ruler of a kingdom. I doubt he’d let such a dangerous person loose. Is it really true that the Shrine Maiden brings fortune? But nothing good has happened since I arrived in Crystalia. Come to think of it, I didn’t sleep a wink yesterday.

I conceal the dark circles under my eyes and proceed to the Demon King’s office to complete some paperwork. Meanwhile, the words Garen said to me were circling in my head, making it difficult for me to concentrate.

“Shrine Maiden.”

When I hear a call, I am startled. My hand comes to a halt before I know it.

“I’m sorry──.”

“Let’s take a break.”


I had expected to be accused, so the Demon King’s unexpected suggestion surprised me. But I didn’t think it was efficient to continue, so I nodded.

“Let me show you something.”

the Demon King told me to follow him, and as I did so, I saw a peach-colored flower blooming. The flower’s name was said to be “Matchmaker under the Moon.” There is a legend that if you reveal your feelings in front of this flower, they will come true, as befits the name of a matchmaker.

“It’s lovely.”

“Yes, the Shrine Maiden would not have scoffed at my taste, which is why I wanted to be the first to show it to her when it bloomed.”

“I’m glad.”

the Demon King also cultivated this flower, but it’s a bit strange that the Demon King cultivates flowers with romantic names, such as Lovestruck and Matchmaker under the Moon.

“Perhaps I’m cultivating flowers related to love and romance because I crave them.”

That reminds me of the Demon King’s claim that he has never been in love; perhaps this is a complex for the Demon King.

“But, Shrine Maiden.”


What is it?

“I’m not sure about love or romance, but I’ve been enjoying every day since you arrived in Crystalia. In my mind’s eye, I see your face when I grow flowers. I’m curious if you’d be pleased if I showed you these flowers—every day, that’s all I can think about.”


I never imagined the Demon King, who is usually so cool, would think such a thing.

I haven’t seen the Demon King’s crimson eyes in a long time.

“You said you had no power to bring fortune. But you are the good fortune that came my way—will you remain my friend, if I may ask? “

With those words, the Demon King offered the “matchmaker from beneath the moon flower.”

“…can I stay here?”

Do you want me to stay in Crystalia even if my presence brings misfortune?

“If you don’t stay, I’ll get in trouble.”

I almost cried as I received the “matchmaker from under the moon” from the Demon King.

“…If it’s okay with you, I’m happy.”

Whatever the Shrine Maiden is, I want to be by the Demon King’s side, by my kind and clumsy friend’s side.

“Thank you.”

I cried a little because his smile was so beautiful.

I follow the Demon King’s advice to call it a day and return to my room, where I ask Sarah to prepare a new vase and decorate my room with the “matchmaker from under the moon” flower.

“That flower is also used to propose marriage.”

I know the Demon King gave it to me as a gift, but I can’t help but turn red because marriage is so far away.

“Oh dear.”

“S-Sarah, that’s not it!”

The “matchmaker from under the moon” smelled sweet.




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