A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 26

Shrine Maiden and Saint

Chapter 26: Shrine Maiden and Saint

the Demon King has informed me that I will not be working on the paperwork today because he has classified information to deal with. I’ve been doing well in terms of reading and writing, so I don’t have any homework. So, what should I do now? Then I realized something.

What exactly is a Shrine Maiden?

I wondered about it, but then I remembered there was a book in the castle library about “Shrine Maiden and Saint.” I’ll look it over.

I walk into the library with Sarah, covering my hair and ears with a scarf. I tell her to wait at the library’s entrance and look for the history section.

“Well, I’m sure…”

I rummaged through the shelves until I found the book I was looking for.

“This is it, “Shrine Maiden and Saint”…”

I take the book, return to my room, and open it.

A Saint brings light, and a Shrine Maiden brings fortune. These two maidens are typically seen together, and the Shrine Maiden is also known as the Demon King’s Destiny…

I’ve already read this section. I flip through the pages, looking for the section that goes into great detail about the Shrine Maiden. Then I discovered something intriguing.

“A Shrine Maiden is someone who grants her own wishes, whereas a Saint grants the wishes of others…?”

Is the Shrine Maiden able to make her own wishes come true? No, but perhaps she does—when a Shrine Maiden marries a demon king. The Shrine Maiden’s wish must then be the Crystalia side’s wish. The Crystalia side will benefit from this. On the other hand, it could spell disaster for Astoria.

“So it’s like that, if the Shrine Maiden brings fortune and misfortune…”

On the other hand, what about the Saint?

She fulfills wishes. The Saint appeared on Astoria’s side in my previous life. That is, she is fulfilling Astoria’s wish to destroy demons. Perhaps this is why the Saint specializing in demon annihilation appeared.

But if what is written here is true, I will be able to fulfill my own wish.

My wish is—it’s summer and I want ice cream. I wish for it in my heart. But no ice cream appears.

I put the book down, disappointed. After all, I’m just a helpless little girl.

The following day, I tell the Demon King during recess that the Shrine Maiden is supposed to make her wishes come true—and that I lack such authority.

“Perhaps you’re still getting used to your abilities.”

“How can you get used to it?”

“The Shrine Maiden is very close to Crystalia. You’ve been in Crystalia for only four months. It will take about six months for your abilities to become fully operational.”

I have my doubts. Because as soon as the Saint appeared, she used her powers to destroy the demons.

the Demon King chuckled, as if my thoughts were written on my face.

“Is there another condition? —The Shrine Maiden, on the other hand, can be fickle.”

This is a phrase I’ve heard before.

“Gods are temperamental by nature. It is preferable to listen to them only half-heartedly—and, whoever you are, you’re still my fortune and my friend, aren’t you?”


the Demon King is a sneaky one. However, it was not “Saint” nor “Shrine Maiden”, but “I” was the word that he used to describe myself.

I felt like crying, and the Demon King patted my head as I hurriedly looked down at the ground. It’s a little frustrating because he seems to know everything.

I then went to work and, after that, went back to my room.

I smelled something sweet on the way there.

“Huh? —What’s that smell?”

That’s strange. I can’t feel my body. After one last sweet smell, I lost consciousness.




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