A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Escape

I was supposed to spend a month at the castle before going to war.

I knew nothing about this country’s or the war’s history. I’ve only heard demons do terrible things throughout history. They probably didn’t want the Saint to know about the demons, even if they’re just little girls who can’t hurt anyone. This has been told to me numerous times, but I don’t want to raise suspicion, so I’m pretending it’s the first time I’ve heard of it.

I’ve spent most of the month doing what I’ve been told.

“Could you please wait a moment while I go get the book?”

“But, Mika, I’m your bodyguard—I’m obligated to stay by your side at all times.”

Garen looked troubled when I said that at the entrance to the castle’s library.

“Don’t worry, I’m just going to get some books—and because the library requires a pass, anything suspicious will be denied entry. Or do you not trust me…?”

“…I understand—If you insist.”

Garen hesitated briefly before allowing me to enter the library on my own.

——I did! That’s why I’ve always played the quiet, obedient Saint.

I sneak a peek at Garen before entering the library for the last time.

Cool as ever, with deep blue hair and golden eyes.

Garen will suffer the consequences of what I’m about to do. But what they don’t tell me is that Garen is actually the fifth prince of this land. As a result, the punishment will be minimal.

I almost made eye contact with Garen while thinking about it, so I quickly averted my gaze and entered the library.

I enter the library, show my ID, and pass through the gate. Then I proceeded to walk deeper and deeper into the library.

The further I went, the fewer people I saw.

I reach the end and come to a halt.

As instructed in my previous life, I slide the book on the far right onto the last shelf.

Right, left, right, up, left, left, down, and right.

Garen says there’s magic involved here, or something along those lines.

When I’m done moving it, the bookshelf is no longer heavy enough for me to slide sideways.

When I move the bookshelf, a door appears—a secret passageway only a few people in this land are aware of.

In my previous life, I went this route with Garen just in case.

That’s when Garen revealed to me that he was a prince.

Garen trusted me like that in this life, so why did he abandon me in my past life?

I shake my head and let go of my resentment.

I’m not sure why, but I now have a second life. That is not how we should think.

Walk through the door, push the bookshelf aside, and put it back. If you don’t know about the secret passage, it looks like a normal bookshelf.

Even if Garen eventually discovers that I used the secret passage, the fact that I wasn’t told about it in this life should buy me some time.

They might think I’ve returned to my world.

——Goodbye, my first love.

I muttered to myself as I entered the secret passageway.




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