A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 35

The Shrine

Chapter 35: The Shrine

First, I decided to inquire about the shrine with Sarah.

“Hey, Sarah, do you know what a shrine is?”

“A shrine… is it located in …?”

Sarah thought deeply and nodded.

“There is a shrine dedicated to one of the creator gods, Galeios.”

“I’d like to visit that shrine.”

If I go to that shrine, I might be able to awaken my powers. Then I’ll be able to assist the Demon King.

However, Sarah’s face darkened.

“The shrine is in a location that can only be reached using teleportation magic… Unfortunately, I can’t use teleportation magic—I’m sure His Majesty and His Royal Highness can.”

The Shrine Maiden’s diary was given to me by the Demon King. I’m sorry to bother him again, but I need to ask for the Demon King again.

I asked Sarah to make an appointment because I needed to speak with him about an urgent matter, and the Demon King came right away.

“What is it, Shrine Maiden?”

I told the Demon King that I had finished reading the first Shrine Maiden’s diary. And it was at the shrine that the first Shrine Maiden awakened her powers. And I wanted him to take me there.

“…But, Shrine Maiden, I have no intention of using you…”

“I want to help you, Your Majesty.”

I look the Demon King straight in the eye and say, when I was the Saint in Astoria, I simply did what was asked of me. But if I don’t, I’ll lose the trust of the people.

I haven’t spent a year in Crystalia yet. But my feelings for this land and its people are genuine.

the Demon King sighed and nodded his head in resignation.

“…I understand. I’ll take you to the shrine.”

I accept the Demon King’s offered hand. We teleported from my room in the blink of an eye.

I saw a cave when I opened my eyes. There is a shrine at the end. The cave had such a sacred atmosphere that even I, who had no particular spirituality, felt the need to straighten myself up.

We continued through the cave while holding hands.

We arrived at the shrine in five minutes. The shrine was constructed of stone. A magic circle is formed on the floor in front of the shrine. I stood in the center and prayed.

──My name is Mika, and I am from the country of Japan. Please grant me the power to protect Crystalia from the Saint if I am the Shrine Maiden.

Then I heard a calm voice in my head.

──My Shrine Maiden, you have done well. As a god, I am powerless to intervene in this world. That is why I was waiting for you.

You are unable to intervene? Are you a god? Galeios responded when I asked.

──Kas’uan, my sister god has exiled me. Earth is the name of the planet. It is also the planet on which you were born and raised.





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