A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 36

Overarching Thoughts

Chapter 36: Overarching Thoughts

──Well, that’s all right. I’ll give you the power to do what you want.


That was useful information, but the most important thing was to awaken the Shrine Maiden’s power. I hope to awaken to the power of the Shrine Maiden.

Then I felt a surge of power and warmth in my body.

──The Shrine Maiden is someone who grants her own wishes. I hope your wish is sincere.

After saying this, his voice fell completely silent.

“Shrine Maiden.”

the Demon King stood next to me, worriedly looking at me.

“Don’t worry, your Majesty; I’ve wakened my powers.”

So I can help you. But the Demon King appeared concerned.

“Shrine Maiden, I brought you here because I thought you could return to your world if you awakened your power.”


“I promised you I’d look after you. But it may be difficult for me to keep you safe from the Saint right now. But in your world, you are safe… Besides, Astoria must have summoned you against your will.”

Is it possible for me to return to my world, Japan, with the power of the Shrine Maiden…?

I never considered it, but God Galeios recently stated that everything a Shrine Maiden wishes for will come true; can I return to Japan if I wish for it with all my heart?

“But, Your Majesty, I would like to help you.”

“You are my friend, and you are not of this world; the affairs of this world should be settled by its people.”

the Demon King’s crimson eyes meet mine.


The God Galeios did not state that only one wish could be granted. I’ll be able to return to Japan once the Saint’s case is resolved.

“Shrine Maiden, the use of the power comes at a cost; perhaps you can only get your wish once.”

“You won’t know unless you try.”

“Shrine Maiden.”

Don’t look at me like I’m a dumb kid. With the Demon King’s persuasive tone in his voice, I lowered my head.


It’s not fair to address me by my name when you don’t usually address me by that name.

“Just because you can fight the Saint with the power of the Shrine Maiden doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt.”

“That’s not true—I’m prepared for that.”

I had no idea why I was being so persistent. the Demon King is right, because I would be perfectly safe in Japan, but I’m sure I’ll regret it later.

“I don’t want to lose you.”

Why do you assume I’ll lose to the Saint… the Demon King should believe in me more.

“I don’t want to lose you, either, Your Majesty.”

When I said that, the Demon King looked troubled.

“… We’re going in circles at this rate—let’s just get back to the castle.”

A teleportation spell sends us to the Demon King’s office.

Yulin hurriedly walks in, his clothes a little dirty and burned.

“Brother, the Saint has arrived on the front lines!”


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