A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 37

Apostles of Paganism

Chapter 37: Apostles of Paganism

“I see; I’ll be at the front as well.”

the Demon King is about to use his teleportation magic when I manage to grab the hem of the Demon King’s coat.

The smell of burning flesh and blood made me realize that I was on the battlefield.

“Why did you follow me!”

When the Demon King notices my presence, he screams angrily.

“I can help!”

I pray. My wish is to be strong enough to stand up against the Saint. I prayed so hard that my body felt as if it had been drained of heat and replaced with something else.

I extend my right hand in front of me, just like the Saint, and a light bullet is fired.

“Did you really use the power of the Shrine Maiden?”

the Demon King looked surprised, but I’m standing here for that.

But more importantly, where is the Saint? I’m looking for her, covered in dust. She used her magic to destroy the demon army one by one.

“I have to go.”

Otherwise, the outcome will be the same as before the rewind.

“Wait, Shrine Maiden──.”

When I thought of the Saint, I was teleported to her by a kind of transfer magic. The Saint was the same girl as before.

I was glad I teleported, but when I came face to face with her, I hesitated to hurt her. But the Saint fired a light projectile while I was doing so.

──I can’t avoid it!

I close my eyes tightly, but there is no pain.


When I open my eyes, the light bullets shoot out from the Saint again, but despite the fact that they clearly hit me, I don’t feel any pain.

Maybe I’ve become as Saint-specific as the Saint is demon-focused. Or perhaps because the Saint is the one who grants others’ wishes.I don’t believe that hurting humans is part of human wishes. I’m a human. Perhaps this is why she couldn’t hurt me.


The Saint shoots another bullet like she’s confused. But it doesn’t hurt at all. As I prayed for her to be caught, a rope-like object shot out of my left hand and wrapped around the Saint.

“What the hell…?! I’m the Goddess Kas’uan’s messenger!”

The noose wrapped tightly around the Saint, refusing to let go.

“Shrine Maiden!”

“Your Majesty, I have the Saint!”

I grab the Demon King’s hand as he teleports, returning to the castle.

“Let go of me! You evil apostle!”

The Saint was then taken to the dungeon. The dungeons are sealed with a magical stone, making it impossible for her to escape.


I remembered looking up at the Demon King, who told me she was the messenger of the goddess Kas’uan.

“There is only one creator god in Astoria, the goddess Kas’uan, and there are two creator gods in Crystalia, the goddess Kas’uan and the male god Galeios.”

I see, so paganism. Could it be that this war isn’t just a war, but a proxy war?

“You who pretended to be the Saint… but you’re actually the Shrine Maiden…! You’re unholy.”

Me pretending to be the Saint…? But this is the first time I’ve seen her in this life, and you don’t think she has a memory…

“Oh, my God! Brother!”

“What’s the matter?”

Yulin came into the dungeon, gasping for breath.

I have a bad feeling about this.

“The Goddest Kas’uan has descended from the sky!”


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