A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 43

The First Round

Chapter 43: Absence of God

“Please don’t marry the Demon King, Mika—I refuse to give Mika to the Demon King.”



The sweet words with breath surprised me, but how did he know I was Mika when my face had changed so much and my name was different from hers? Didn’t he say Mika, not Mira?

Garen laughed as I turned red and looked confused.

“So it is Mika after all.”

I’m Mika, but I don’t recall Garen being this… flirtatious. 5 years is incredible.


How did he know I’m Mika?

“Do you think I don’t recognize Mika? Your beautiful black hair and voice have remained unchanged.”

Yulin didn’t notice me at all, but I guess Garen’s observant.

Yulin cleared his throat while I was still thinking about it.

“Those who were not called are now sent on their way. Those who have been called, please return to your rooms.”

…But Garen grabbed my right wrist.

“I’m going back to my room, Garen──.”

When I looked at him, he smiled back.

“But first, you’re going to tell me why you’re here looking like that, aren’t you?”


I was summoned to this world the other day on my way home from school. And my face has changed for reasons I don’t understand. So, for now, I took part in the Demon King’s Bride Selection in order to be protected by him.

“So Mika has no idea why she looks like she does?”

“Yes. I just realized that I look like this.”

“It must be some high-level magic if I can’t figure it out myself.”

Even Garen can’t figure it out? I repeated, and Garen nodded.

“Only a god could wield such powerful magic—but that can’t be.”

Could it be that Goddess Kas’uan’s is harassing the humans and demons that have driven her out?

“In the meantime, I’ll inform the Demon King of Mika’s safety tomorrow—so, Mika, the Demon King bride candidate will cancel, right?”


There’s no reason for me to stay as a potential bride if the Demon King is going to protect me. Garen smiled as I nodded.

“I know it’s a disaster for Mika, but I’m relieved to see you.”


Garen took me to the Demon King’s office the next day.

“What is it about a person who requires protection, Garen?”

Without looking up from his papers, the Demon King asked Garen.

“Someone has summoned Mika once more.”


For the first time in a long time, the Demon King looked up and met the Demon King’s crimson eyes.


Huh? It had to be the first time I’d seen the Demon King in this form, but how does he know “Mira”?

the Demon King laughed, as if he could see my doubts on my face. Odo appeared when I blinked.


Odo was the Demon King. Come to think of it, the Demon King’s name was O’Dowell. I had already met the Demon King and had no idea. I’m disappointed in myself.

“Yeah. I thought you just looked like Mica from behind, but… are you Mica?”

I nodded, and the Demon King nodded as well. What? So easily. I expected him to demand that I show him proof that I am Mika. When I was perplexed, the Demon King appeared mysterious.

“I smelled a curse on you, but I didn’t realize you were cursed with a shapeshifting spell.”

Is that why he gave me the “matchmaker under the moon”?

“Yes. The “moon matchmaker” has the power to break curses and put you to sleep. However, if neither the “matchmaker” nor I are able to break it…”

So is it Goddess Kas’uan’s after all?

The door slammed open just as I was thinking.

“Brother! What kind of a man would turn down a potential bride—huh?”

Yulin was the one who entered. Yulin tilted his head as he looked at me.

“How come that person is in my brother’s office?”

“It’s Mica. Someone has summoned her again.”

How? Eh? Yulin is perplexed; Garen explains the details, and Yulin pales as he realizes what has happened.

“I’m sorry, Shrine Maiden! I didn’t know you were the Shrine Maiden-sama, and I was very rude.”

“Please do not apologize, Yulin.”

For Yulin, I was rude to call him by his name out of the blue, even though we had just met. I think it’s understandable that he’s annoyed.

I kept asking him to look up, and when he did, the Demon King shifted the focus back to me.

“Can’t the power of the Shrine Maiden bring you back?”

“It seems that I have lost the power of the Shrine Maiden…”

the Demon King considered it when I told him I couldn’t change my form or return to my own world.

“How about you go to the shrine? —Maybe your powers will return.”

“Is that all right?”

I don’t mean to interrupt the Demon King, but I’m sure he’s preoccupied with work and finding a bride.

“It’s only natural to assist a friend who is in need.”

After that, the Demon King extended his right hand. I took his hand in mine, and we teleported into the cave.


That’s strange. I noticed the Demon King frowning as well, so it wasn’t because I didn’t have the Shrine Maiden’s power that I couldn’t feel the divine energy. We both nodded and continued on our way.

“Your majesty! The shrine…”

“… Ah.”

When we arrive at the location where the shrine should have been, it is broken. I try to pray in the center of the magical circle, but I don’t hear the God Galeios’ voice like I used to.

What in the world happened?




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