A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 44

The First Round

Chapter 44: Mysterious Dreams

“I can’t hear the voice of God Galeios.”

“I see.”

the Demon King took a deep breath and extended his hand. I took his hand in mine and returned to the Demon King’s office to inform Garen and Yulin, who were waiting for us.

“But how could the God Galeios’ shrine be destroyed?”

“I wish that’s all. The issue was that I didn’t sense the divine power.”

I nodded in response to the Demon King’s words. I didn’t feel the divine power that used to fill me.

“Has something happened to the God Galeios?”

“Isn’t God Galeios in another world? I don’t think something is going on here, but in the other world. Wouldn’t Galeios show up if we repaired the shrine?”

Garen ponders. In another world… God Galeios once told me he was exiled to Earth. What happened to him on Earth?

“First and foremost, we must repair the shrine. It’s already past midnight—let’s continue tomorrow.”


the Demon King graciously agreed to let me return to my old room.

“Mika-sama! It must be hard for you to look like that.”

“Thank you for your concern, Sarah.”

Sarah has become even more beautiful and dazzling in the past five years.

That night, I had a great time listening to Sarah’s stories from the previous five years.


As I’m walking down a quiet street, I hear someone groaning.

I could feel my body sweating. I have a feeling this has happened before.

──Where are you…!

The voice of a woman.

I don’t turn around; instead, I dash for home.

──I will not forgive you!

“Haa, haa?”

I run and run, but the voice follows me. Not only that, but it seemed to be getting closer and closer.

I didn’t return home; instead, I hid behind a tree. I take deep breaths. The voice is still looking for me.

──Where did you go?!

I pray, hoping that the voice will go away. The voices gradually fade away. My body begins to unwind. Thank God I wasn’t noticed.

“…-sama. Mika-sama!”


When I heard my name called and saw Sarah looking at me worriedly, I jumped up.

“Are you alright, Mika-sama… you seemed to be having a nightmare…”

…A dream. Apparently, it was already morning.

“Thank you for waking me up, Sarah.”

I forgot to put the “matchmaker under the moon” that the Demon King gave me on my pillow. Maybe that’s why I had nightmares. I’ll make sure it’s there today.

When I arrive at the Demon King’s office, I am immediately led to the cave where the shrine is located. The shrine was apparently repaired last night…

I still don’t feel any divine energy. With a bad premonition, I make my way to the shrine.

“Pray for me, Shrine Maiden.”


In the center of the magical circle, I pray. However, the voice of the God Galeios remains unheard. I told the Demon King, who nodded and extended his hand. I took his hand in mine and went back to the office.

──The door to the office slammed open. Garen entered the room, completely out of breath.

“I just heard from Astoria that the Saint broke the Goddess Kas’uan’s’s seal!”


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