A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 45

The First Round

Chapter 45: Truth

“The seal… broke?”

Garen nodded as the Demon King asked.

The Saint fled with the Goddess Kas’uan’s. The Astorians are attempting to find her, but it will be difficult because they have used teleportation magic.”

The story goes that the Saint was in charge of praying to the Goddess Kas’uan’s to appease her wrath.

“Brother, the Goddess Kas’uan’s──.”

Yulin, too, entered the Demon King’s office, panting.

“Ah. Yulin, my search for a consort has been suspended. Tell them that there was no one this time either.”

“All right.”

Yulin nodded and exited the office quickly.

Will we have to fight the Goddess Kas’uan’s again?

“I’ve already battled the Goddess. So don’t be so concerned, Shrine Maiden.”

the Demon King says so, but the fight five years ago must have been very fierce.

If I had the Shrine Maiden’s power, I could help. Why did I have to lose the Shrine Maiden’s power at a time like this?

“Your Majesty, could you show me the first Shrine Maiden’s diary again?”

The first Shrine Maiden’s diary taught me how to obtain my powers. Perhaps there are other things there that can provide us with hints.

“But I won’t let you return to the battle. ”

“Leave this matter to us, Mika”

I thought it was a good idea, but I was barred from participating.

“But I…”

I’d like to help you guys.

“I’m glad you’re feeling that way, Shrine Maiden.”

I couldn’t say anything else because the Demon King smiled so softly.


Back in the room, I consider what I can do to help. I try to recall what else was in the diary of the first Shrine Maiden. If I remember correctly, there were other ways to talk to the God Galeios besides the shrine.

Put down something that has a connection with the earth…

For now, I place the scrunchie on my arm and place it on the desk.



Boom. The divine energy spreads.

I’m at a loss for what to do, so I just pray.

──My Shrine Maiden.

I heard God Galeios’ voice.


For the time being, I ask that you grant me the Shrine Maiden’s power.

──Kas’uan will find you if I give you the Shrine Maiden’s power.

She’ll find me?

──Kas’uan despises you because she believes it was your fault that she was sealed away, and she wishes to kill you. She’s looking everywhere on Earth. I disguised you and sent you to this world so she wouldn’t find you…

So it was the God Galeios’ power that brought me back to this world and altered my appearance.

──The best way to avoid being discovered by Kas’uan is to become a resident of this world.

Become a resident of this world?

──Yes. If you enter into a contract with someone, you will lose your powers as a Shrine Maiden and become a resident of this world.

By “contract” you mean “marry”?! I don’t want to be killed by the Goddess Kas’uan’s, but isn’t marriage too soon?

──If we talk too long, Kas’uan will find us. Remember, Shrine Maiden, watch out for dreams…

Since then, the God Galeios has not spoken. I no longer feel his divine energy in my hair band. The last thing he said was to be wary of dreams. I’ve had a lot of strange dreams recently. Well, that’s all right. No, that’s not it.

The issue is…

“Marriage, huh?”

TL: BTW our FL is sixteen.




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