A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 49

The First Round

Chapter 49: Concerns

There is no paperwork today. the Demon King, on the other hand, has called me to his office. When he spots me, he looks up and smiles, but maintains a solemn expression.

“Mica, I went to the shrine this morning, and the divinity was restored.”

“But God Galeios, who came to my world, concealed himself to avoid Goddess Kas’uan’s?”

The Goddess Kas’uan’s is probably still looking for me on Earth. So I should be safe for the time being.

“Yes, something may have occurred. Only you can hear the banished God Galeios’ voice—do you want to go to the shrine with me?”

Of course, since it is about me. I nod, and the Demon King offers his hand for me to take.

In the blink of an eye, we were in the cave. I can feel the divine energy of the God Galeios. I prayed in the center of the magic circle and heard God Galeios’ voice.

──My Shrine Maiden.

God Galeios has returned; does that mean Goddess Kas’uan’s is now in this world? When I questioned this, Galeios replied.

──That’s why I can’t find any sign of Kas’uan.

You can’t find her?

──Yes. I can’t tell where she is since she has been mixed up with something else. I wish I could grant you power, but Kas’uan would discover you. Have you found someone to promise, Shrine Maiden?

Garen has proposed to me, but I have yet to determine how to respond.

──It is a decision that will affect you for the rest of your life. You have every reason to be concerned, Shrine Maiden, but be warned: Kas’uan will do all she can to hurt you.

God Galeios’ words vanished, and I informed the Demon King of everything God Galeios told me, except concerning the marriage.

“God Galeios was there after all—was the Goddess involved in something? We’ve sealed off the castle to prevent the Goddess Kas’uan’s from entering, but we need to be even more careful than before—Is there any way you can be completely safe?”

After all, I’m the one who gives the Demon King the most trouble; should I tell him about the marriage?

“Um, O’Dowell-sama.”

“What’s the problem?”

…I should probably tell him.

“Actually, God Galeios told me there’s a way.”

I told the Demon King that if I married and became a resident of this world, I would lose the power of the Shrine Maiden completely but be safe.

“This is… The last choice.”

the Demon King frowned. Garen proposed to me, but I haven’t told the Demon King. Getting married shouldn’t be too hard.

“People will be waiting for you in your world. It would be wonderful if you could remain in this world indefinitely. But it’s a world full of people who care about you just as much as I do. I can’t tell you to throw it away.”

the Demon King looked troubled.

Yes, the Demon King was like that. Even when I’m pathetic, he always thinks about me first. During the previous war, he should have taken advantage of me. Nonetheless, he urged me to return to my original world.

“Thank you.”

If that’s the case, he should have recommended marriage this time as well. And yet the Demon King respected me. What can I do for him?

I’m about to cry when the Demon King bends down and gently rubs my eyes.

“I’m not crying.”

“Okay. Good.”

Let’s go back for now. I nod at the Demon King’s words and return to the Demon King’s office.

I didn’t have anything else planned after that, so I said my goodbyes to the Demon King and went back to my room.

On the way there, I met Yulin, who seemed cheerful.

“Did something good happen to you, Yulin?”

When asked, he stated that he had met his fiancée.

“Yulin, you will marry your fiancée eventually, right?”

“Yes. But, because my brother isn’t yet married, it won’t be until after his wedding.”

The marriage of the Demon King was delayed twice: once by the war and again by this incident. Yulin also missed his wedding each time?

I say goodbye to Yulin and return to my room.

After all, the Demon King said so but… maybe I should marry.




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