A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 56

The First Round

Chapter 56: Proposal

Today is my day off. So I was having a pleasant conversation with Sarah when the Demon King entered my room. What’s going on? I asked the Demon King a question, and he seemed apprehensive.

“I’m sorry to barge in like this… Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

the Demon King then discussed the weather and other miscellaneous topics, although this did not seem to be the major focus of discussion. His glance darted across the room.

Now that we’re on the topic of flowers blossoming today for the second time, maybe it’s time to pause and consider why we’re here.

“Um, O’Dowell-sama.”

When I called out, the Demon King trembled.

“W-What is it?”

“What has brought you here today?”

We could continue the small conversation, but it’s difficult to imagine the Demon King coming all the way to my room just to make small talk. the Demon King froze and groaned when I questioned him about it. It must have been a tough thing for him to say. There is nothing I can do except look at the Demon King until he speaks.

When the Demon King bobs his head, his silver hair, which is somewhat longer than Yulin’s, rattles. His crimson eyes are restless, and his pointy ears are tinted red.

I’ve always thought the Demon King was really attractive. Not only is he attractive, but he also seems very glamorous through the filter of a lady in love (me). Until now, we could hardly look at each other directly, but now that I’ve recognized I’m in love with him, it might be a little hard to look at him.

While I’m deliberating, the Demon King makes up his mind and opens his mouth.



“I apologize for yesterday—I told you I liked you, and then I was rude enough to tell you to forget about it.”


I can’t be the Demon King’s lover, so it’s no surprise he said that.

“And, once again, I apologize for any confusion… I love you.”


“I love you.”

the Demon King stated this while squeezing my hand.

“…D-Don’t I have to forget about it this time?”

In a shaky voice, I beg the Demon King.

the Demon King shakes his head firmly.

“No. Don’t forget… You and I are friends, and I know my feelings annoy you. However, I love you. If it disturbs you, I’ll give up those sentiments for good…”

the Demon King’s voice becomes softer and less energetic as time passes.

“It does not annoy me!”

I was astonished by how loud my voice sounded. the Demon King, too, was taken aback and stopped short of his remarks in mid-sentence.


As he asks, his voice is quiet.


Because I also like the Demon King…the Demon King’s feelings can’t be annoying. As I’m about to say that, I’m interrupted by the Demon King’s words.

“Thank you… But I’m greedy—I wish you could stay with me forever.”

the Demon King previously stated something similar. that if he wanted me to be by his side forever, would I stay in this world?

That wasn’t an ‘if,’ but rather the Demon King’s true objective.

“I know you care about your world. But, Mica, will you marry me? I want you to smile beside me.”

the Demon King offered a “matchmaker under the moon” flower.


That’s right. Sarah told me that the “matchmaker” flower is also used to propose marriage.

“I don’t care how long you take to respond; just think about it, okay?”


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