A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 58

The First Round

Chapter 58: Educator

The day after, I responded to the Demon King’s proposal.

I went to Garen’s office, believing I needed to inform him I was marrying the Demon King. But as soon as Garen saw my face, he said,

“I heard—you’re marrying the Demon King.”

“Did you know…”

“Yes, this concerns Astoria too.”

I see. the Demon King’s bride should be picked from among Astoria’s ladies. But, as a non-Astorian, can I marry the Demon King?

“Shrine Maiden is [the Demon King’s destiny], so even Astoria has to admit it.”

Garen smiled heartbrokenly when he stated this.

“… If I asked Mika to escape with me to a neighboring country before I turned back time, would Mika have nodded?”


If Garen had told me that before I was executed, I would have happily taken Garen’s hand in mine. But that’s not how it went.

“No, let’s not make assumptions……Mika, do you like the Demon King?”


I don’t mind if I never return to my world. I want to be with him because I like him so much. I eagerly nodded.

“But I’m not going to give up.”

“…. Huh?”

I couldn’t help but make a foolish sound as he said it with such a fresh face. I thought you stated last time that if I got married, you’d give up. Garen chuckles as I glance at him, perplexed.

“Now, you’re not married yet, but by the time Mika and the Demon King get married, I promise I’ll back down.”

It’s true that I’m not married yet. Normally, the Demon King’s marriage preparation is supposed to last for a year. But that doesn’t mean that…

“So, Mika, brace yourself.”


I tried to reason with Garen, but I didn’t expect him to say anything like that.

With that thought in mind, I head back to my room.

And then I see…


I rubbed my eyes, but evidently I wasn’t mistaken.

In my room, there was a mound of books. It’s strange… it wasn’t there before I went to Garen’s. A strange lady emerges from the stack of books as I stand in the doorway.

“Good day to you—are you Mika-sama?”

“Yes, but…”

“My name is Sally, and I shall be your educator beginning today.”

An educator… I see… I requested that Yulin send an educator to assist me since I am unfamiliar with Crystalia’s customs since I’m marrying the Demon King.

But the atmosphere was nothing like Yulin had described. She seemed to be my age or in her early twenties, but I was certain Yulin described my educator as an older woman.

As I was thinking about it, Yulin came over.

“Shrine Maiden, Mrs. Ley can’t come because of her back pain, so we’ve arranged for a replacement──.”

“That won’t be necessary, Yulin-sama; I will take her place.”

“Miss Sally?!”

Yulin looked at her and made a face as if he had been chewing on a bitter bug.

“Why are you…”

“If Mrs. Ley can’t do it, who else can teach His Majesty’s future Queen except me?”

“That may be true, yes, but… first we need to confirm the Shrine Maiden’s decision first.”

“Are you not satisfied with me, Mika-sama?”

I don’t know what it is, but Yulin’s eyes tell me to say, “I’m dissatisfied.” But I don’t mind as long as I can obtain guidance from whomever it is. So I bowed my head, and Yulin sighed deeply.

“… I understand—then, Miss Sally, I’d like to request that you look after the Shrine Maiden.”

With that, Yulin left. I wondered if Yulin had some kind of history with Miss Sally. While I was wondering, Miss Sally bowed reverently.

“So, hello once again—my name is Sally—It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She smiled like an angel.




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