A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 6

the Demon King in Sight

Chapter 6: the Demon King in Sight

“I welcome you, Shrine Maiden, with open arms.”

Yulin smiled.

I thought he was just a demon, but Yulin is the Demon King’s brother. I stood there in a cold sweat, wondering if I had treated him rudely.

“Um, Yulin-sama, Shrine Maiden…?”

What exactly is a Shrine Maiden? In my previous life, I had never heard of it. They are women who serve the gods in Japan, but the way Yulin speaks, it doesn’t sound like they have anything to do with the gods. Because God wishes to exterminate the demons.

“Please address me as Yulin, Shrine Maiden. Well, it’s easier to meet “him” in person than to explain.”

Yulin then wrapped a cloth around me, took my hand in his, and began walking. Because the stride was different from mine, I was dragged slightly.

So, after being dragged along, we arrived at a large-looking door.

Two guards are stationed at the entrance.

“Yulin has arrived and requested to speak with His Majesty.”

The guards quickly opened the door.

“Brother, it’s been a long time.”

As I stepped through the door with him, I heard an angry voice.

“It’s been a long time, alright! You stupid little brother! —You’re always fooling around──.”

“For once, I must be praised—because I brought my brother’s destiny.”

“What exactly are you… huh? “

Yulin takes the cloth off my head. the Demon King then realized my existence and broke the phrase.

“It’s the Shrine Maiden.”

“Not the Saint, but the Shrine Maiden? —No way.”

I’ve never met the Demon King before, so this is our first meeting. His silvery white hair is longer than Yulin’s.

“Pleased to meet you, Your Majesty… I don’t know what this Shrine Maiden is all about, but my name is Mika.

While I bow deeply, the Demon King remains frozen.

“Brother knows best if the Shrine Maiden is real or not, don’t you?”

Yulin says so proudly, so what is a Shrine Maiden?

“…Yulin, I retract my earlier statement about you being a stupid brother.”

Finally, the Demon King is jolted awake and begins to speak softly. But I’m concerned by the way his eyes, which were just a moment ago focused on me, have been forcefully diverted.

And, uh, his eye corners appear to be a little red…?

And as I looked down, I felt his gaze on me and looked up. the Demon King turns away once more.

“Anyway, Yulin, you entertain the Shrine Maiden—I’m going back to work.”

He then looked down at the papers on his desk, as if everything were settled.

Yulin laughed.

“Certainly, Your Majesty.”

He bowed reverently and led me back out the door.

For the time being, I am treated as a guest in this country. I’m relieved that I wasn’t killed or thrown out simply for being human. My questions, however, remain unanswered.

So, exactly what is a Shrine Maiden…


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