A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 62

The First Round

Chapter 62: Wedding

The wedding was supposed to take place three days after the engagement, which was supposed to last 11 months, which was obviously impossible. So we decided to keep things simple for the time being, register the marriage, and have a formal ceremony 11 months later.

Garen entered my room as I was busy getting my outfit ready. I worried if he was going to force me to be abducted since he promised to turn me around before the time I got married, but he didn’t.


Garen knelt and laid down his sword.


Even if he is a subject, he should not have kneeled so easily when he was the fifth prince. Panicking, I try to get Garen to stand up, but he stubbornly stays on his knees.


Garen looks at me.


“I pledge that I will keep you safe from any danger—so, would you make me your knight so that I may be beside Mika?”

“You serve as a friendship ambassador──.”

“I delegated it to my brother Marius, and both King Astoria and The Demon King have already granted me permission.”

So all I have to do is agree. This is too clever. But being my knight is…

“You’re never going to abandon me again, are you?”

“Yes, at the risk of my life, I will never betray Mika again.”

I look into Garen’s golden eyes. They are full of determination. Various memories run through my mind. The way he always called me Mika—the way he ate the sweets I made with such relish. ──And then being abandoned.

I have many happy and sad memories of Garen. But…

“…I give you permission to be my knight.”

I wanted to trust Garen one more time. And I give Garen the sword back. I’m not sure about the ceremony, but is this all right?

Garen smiled warmly when I returned the blade to him.

“I dedicate this life to you.”


The wedding day has arrived. It may be a modest event, but it is the wedding of the Demon King. It’s hard to imagine they just had three days to plan everything, yet the venue was stunning.

I’m dressed in a beautiful white gown with a veil. I’m as ugly as hell right now, but I feel better with makeup on. I suppose it’s due to Sarah’s efforts. As I’m thinking this, there’s a knock on the waiting room door. It seemed like it was time to go.

I make my way to the venue, careful not to step on the hem of my dress.

The Demon King, who had come earlier, smiles when he sees me.

“You look lovely, Mica.”

I appreciate your compliment, but The Demon King was far more beautiful. I was nervous because the Demon King looked so magnificent in his black outfit and silvery white hair. But,

“O’Dowell-sama, you look great.”

The Demon King turned red to the ears. Good. The Demon King, as usual. That made me feel a little more relaxed.

At the sound of the trumpet, we enter together. The only attendees are the dignitaries from Crystallia and the first prince and Garen from Astoria, as it is a simple ceremony.

The wedding ceremony will conclude with the couple standing together, walking before the priest, exchanging vows, and kissing. There will be no ring exchange. Instead──

“… Do you swear?”

I was thinking… and I realized we’re nearing the conclusion of our vows. I nod in haste and say I swear to be with The Demon King.

“Then kiss the vow.”

The Demon King gradually removes my veil. This is my first time kissing my own lips. I shut my eyes firmly, attempting to hide my anxiety, and feel a light touch on my lips.

That is how a kiss feels. It’s a lot fluffier than I expected. At the same time, I feel as though I’ve lost something valuable. I suppose this means the Shrine Maiden’s power is fully gone.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a black pattern like a collar around the Demon King’s neck. A black pattern forms around your neck as you accept your marriage vows in Crystalia.

“Mica, your face──.”

The Demon King looked me in the eyes and gave me a surprised expression.

“What about my face?”

I know I’m unattractive, but… hearing it soon after we kiss is startling.

“You’ve returned to normal.”


Yes, I see. God Galeios modified my appearance to avoid the Goddess Kas’uan. Now that I’ve gotten married, I assume I’m back to my original face since I no longer need it.

“You are who you are, regardless of how you seem, but you’re still the person your parents created you to be—so I’m glad.”

That’s what the Demon King smiled at. Oh, the lengths this guy will go.

I was about to cry, but the Demon King leaned down and gently rubbed my eyes.

“I’m not crying.”

“…I understand. Good.”

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this kind of thing, and I couldn’t help but smile.

“You look prettier when you’re smiling.”

The Demon King, too, smiles.

The ceremony then went off without a hitch.




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