A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 68

The First Round

Chapter 68: Garen’s Price

This morning, I awoke in my guest room. Naturally, it was Because I am no longer married to the Demon King, I do not share a bedroom with him. He was next door yesterday and isn’t today. I sigh, a little upset by this.

To The Demon King, I’m now merely human. Don’t forget that.

Sarah entered the room with a quiet knock, and I slapped my cheeks to keep my spirits up.

“Are you awake?”


Sarah assists me in getting ready, and I take a big breath. Today I have a favor to ask Yulin, so I go to Yulin’s office.

“What is it, Shrine Maiden?”

I informed Yulin of all I knew about Astoria and Crystalia’s future .

“And what do you want?”

“There’s someone I need you to use your teleportation magic to bring from Astoria to Crystalia.”

It’s Garen. I’m curious to know what’s going on with Garen and, more importantly,

“He cast the time-reversal magic and has been the Astoria and Crystalia’s “Friendship Ambassador” for the last five and a half years—he is more knowledgeable about the two nations than I am.”

I only know bits and pieces of this world. For example, I don’t know how they sealed away the Goddess Kas’uan.

“…I understand. However, we are at war. Isn’t Garen the sixth prince? I’m not sure whether I can bring him back. Perhaps he will resist.”

Yulin spoke and cast the teleportation spell.

A few minutes later, Yulin and Garen came down from above. Yulin landed gently, but Garen, whose body was tied with a rope, crashed to the ground.


I dashed over to Garen. Garen seems to be in good condition at first inspection. But as I gazed into Garen’s eyes, I saw that his right eye was hazy.

“You’ve lost vision in your right eye—I’m sorry, Garen. I know it’s beyond apology, but…”

Garen chuckled when I said that.

“Mika stop. I was the one who did the magic. So don’t worry about it.”


Garen is kind to a fault. However, losing your sight alters your perspective of the world. That must be terrifying.

“…Let’s talk about this first.”

Yulin snapped his fingers, and the rope tying Garen came loose.

Garen stood up and slowly began to talk about the future.

The Saint emerged on the battlefield, and I, the Shrine Maiden, defeated her. The Goddess Kas’uan descended as a result of the Saint’s captivity.

Kas’uan demanded the Saint’s release, but the demons refused, causing the Goddess Kas’uan to get infuriated and went berserk. This caused so much harm to both humans and demons that they struck a ceasefire and pledged that they would defeat the Goddess Kas’uan.

…I see. The fact that the textbooks solely mentioned Goddess Kas’uan as a very troublesome Goddess.

“So, how did you seal the Goddess Kas’uan?”

“──The Demon King’s Pearl.”


Come to think of it, the Goddess Kas’uan was sealed in the pearl. Yulin seems gloomy. What’s the issue?

“The pearl is a once-in-a-lifetime miracle. Even if you went back in time, it probably wouldn’t have power anymore…”




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