A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 72

The First Round

Chapter 72: Misty, moonlit night

“Divorce is only possible if both parties agree; that is not what I desire.”

The Demon King was unambiguous.

“Does O’Dowell-sama not like me?”

I adore the Demon King, but he does not adore me. Then there should be no hesitation in filing for divorce.

“I don’t know much about you yet, but I’m curious.” That is why I am opposed to it; I’ll consider alternatives to divorce.”

“O’Dowell-sama, let’s get a divorce.”

I repeated myself, and the Demon King shook his head as if he were a kid.


Miss Sally would say. A good queen corrects the king when he is incorrect. Even if it’s just for a short time, I want to be a good queen.

“I fell in love with O’Dowell-sama, who adores Crystalia beyond everything else.” “Has O’Dowell-sama changed?”

By nature, the Demon King would disregard me and prioritize Crystalia. He wouldn’t give up everything for love. But it’s precisely because he’s like that that I’ve fallen in love with him.

I locked my gaze on the Demon King. After a period of looking at each other in silence, it was the Demon King who averted his sight first.

“…I understand. The event will take place over two days.

I’ve had a rocky existence, having divorced within a week of being married.

In this society, divorce seems to be more than merely signing paperwork. By the way, no Demon King in the generations of The Demon Kings had ever divorced, so I was certain that I would be a disgrace to The Demon King. I haven’t seen Miss Sally since the rewind, but I’m sure if I did, she’d lash me.

But by divorcing the Demon King, I may reclaim the Shrine Maiden’s power and defeat the Goddess Kas’uan.

What happens next?

You can’t marry the same person twice in this world.

Will you become the Demon King’s mistress?

No—because the Demon King did not fall in love with me this time.

And having an empty queen’s throne would be bad for Crystallia. The Demon King will eventually have another wife, and he will not be dishonest about having a mistress.

So, after the divorce and victory over the Goddess Kas’uan, I will say goodbye to the Demon King.

I longed to remain in the Demon King’s world. So a world without The Demon King has no sense for me… If I can separate myself from The Demon King and regain the power of the Shrine Maiden, I will be able to return to my world.

I’ll just return to where I came from.

It seemed like a decent idea to me. I was always an outsider in this environment. Maybe I should go back to where I belong.

Garen came to visit me in my room while I was thinking about it and looking at the moon.

“Garen, what’s the matter?”

When Garen saw me, he looked distressed.


“I was willing to give up if the Demon King satisfied Mika. But if the Demon King lets go of Mika’s hand… Why don’t you come to me after defeating the Kas’uan God?”


“I don’t care whether Mika likes The Demon King or not. I’ll keep hoping she’ll turn her back on me someday. So, will you consider it?”

Garen then walked away. He was always thinking about me, but it’s difficult to be with someone without love. —I can’t take advantage of Garen’s generosity, and I can’t be dishonest and go to Garen because things didn’t work out with the Demon King.

When this is all over, I’ll go back to my own world.

I made my decision and went to bed.




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