A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 73

The First Round

Chapter 73: Divorce ceremony

I wasn’t as calm as I was at a wake for two days, but I wasn’t any less lively.

It was the final time I could be the Demon King’s wife. I still wanted to conclude it on a positive note.

The Demon King was puzzled at first, but he saw my intention and allowed me to accomplish what I wanted on the second day: I followed the Demon King like a little duckling, and I really wanted to be with him.

──And now.

I was dressed in a jet black dress with my hair up, the polar opposite of my wedding day. I heard that divorce ceremonies are done in complete dark attire.

There was no need for specific attendants, but Yulin and Garen were keeping an eye on things.

This is the second time I’ve seen the Demon King wear a black military uniform. Our wedding was the first.

I expected to see him in his military uniform for our official wedding, so I was surprised to see him in it so soon.

However, this is the final time. I’ll watch The Demon King from beginning to end.

The Demon King then said, “You look great in white.”


Did I ever wear white before The (present) Demon King? I thought about it, but nothing came to mind. Was it due to a misunderstanding of The Demon King?

“No, what am I saying? It’s just a misunderstanding. Forget it.”

I nod to the Demon King, who seems to be behaving oddly.

The ceremony went smoothly. All that’s left is to tear the “matchmaker” flower apart with our vows. It doesn’t have to be the “matchmaker,” but rather something related to the two of us.

However, it was used in the Demon King’s proposal and friendship, and I believed it was the most closely related, so I chose “Matchmaker Under the Moon.”

“Do you swear to sever all ties?”

“I swe──.”

The Demon King’s words were cut off mid-sentence. I’ve already sworn, and now it’s up to the Demon King to swear and tear the “matchmaker” apart.


When I looked into The Demon King’s eyes, he suddenly hugged me.


“──I can’t swear to it.”


Did he say the wrong words? The priest inquired again, but the Demon King stated unequivocally, “I can’t swear.”

“I wanted you. I wanted you to be my wife and to laugh with me.”

Yes. However, those are the words of the (future) Demon King’s proposal, which the (present) Demon King cannot possibly know.”

“How come you’re divorcing when you agreed to?”


What in the world are you on about? It all comes down to defeating the Goddess Kas’uan.

“That is, if the Goddess Kas’uan is defeated, you will not divorce.”

That’s right. I, too, would not willingly divorce someone I love.

The Demon King smiles and relaxes his arms slightly.

“Thank God—my wife, who had just finished our wedding night, told me she was divorcing me, and I was at a loss for what to do.”


Please excuse my silly voice. “just finished our wedding night”? … But it wasn’t until five years later that I had my first night with the Demon King. In my confusion, the Demon King declared

“Mica will be the only woman I ever have—that is why I am unable to swear.”




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