A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 74

The First Round

Chapter 74: Manifestation

“Mica is the only woman I will ever have—that’s why I can’t swear.”

The Demon King’s announcement sparked an uproar. Did the Demon King’s memory of me resurface?

“O’Dowell-sama, by any chance, you remember…”

“Yes. Everything that has transpired in the last five years is fresh in my mind. It’s all right, Mica. I’ll find another way to defeat the Goddess.”

The Demon King chuckles and embraces me once more. How? God’s power is most effective against God…

“Let the true God come.”


For the time being, the divorce ceremony has been canceled. I’m sorry Sarah went to the trouble of dressing me, but I had to remove my black dress right away. But Sarah laughed and said she was glad the Demon King and I didn’t get divorced, so I couldn’t help but hug her.

We were then assembled in the Demon King’s office.

“So, brother, who is the true god you’re talking about?”

Yulin shattered the ice. As he stared at me, the Demon King declared.

“I will bring back the God Galeios.”

The God Galeios…? But Galeios was banished to Earth by Kas’uan. How do we bring him back?

“Mica, you’ve come into this world twice. This has established a link between this world and yours. I’ll utilize that link to bring back the God Galeios.”

First and foremost, isn’t the God Galeios weaker than the Goddess Kas’uan since he was exiled by her?

The Demon King chuckled, as if my doubts were written on my face.

“God Galeios is normally more powerful than Goddess Kas’uan, but Galeios gave the Shrine Maiden too much power, and his power waned—he was caught and banished.”

True, when I was fighting the Saint, I was able to easily capture her.

Because I’m no longer the Shrine Maiden, the God Galeios has no dependents.

Even if Saint and Kas’uan unite, we could still win.


The Demon King looked at me.

“But, If we use this approach, the link to your world will disappear.”

That means you will never be able to return to your original world.

“If you desire your original world, I’ll perform a divorce ceremony for you──.”

“I’m not going to divorce you.”

I said it once and for all. I’ve made up my mind. In my world, there are many significant things. But I have decided to create something new and valuable with The Demon King.

“Are you certain about this?”

The Demon King seems tense. So I speak from the bottom of my heart.

“Yes. I’ll stay with O’Dowell-sama.


With The Demon King’s teleportation magic, we moved to the shrine. It seems that in order to bring God Galeios back, we must go to the place that has the closest relationship with him.

I’m standing in the center of the magical circle that the Demon King just made. The magic circle then started to glow.

When I opened my eyes again, there was a person (God) standing there with a gentle smile on his face.

“Are you the God Galeios?”


I don’t need to see him to know. I can hear the resemblance in his voice.

“I thank you. You brought me back to this world, my Shrine Maiden.

The Demon King described the situation to God Galeios, who replied that he understood.


Suddenly, the ground in the cave began to shake.


The Demon King takes me by the hand, and I cling to him. Galeios remains calm despite the unusual tremors.

“Kas’uan took notice.”

He says it in a very casual tone. There is no sense of an impending crisis.

“It’s difficult to fight in such a small space—I’m going to move, so you should as well.”

With that, the god Galeios vanished. He must have used teleportation magic.

The Demon King also used his teleportation magic and moved to his office for the time being.

Brother! Take a look outside!”

Yulin points at the window and looks out.

Outside the window, the angry Goddess Kas’uan and the calm God Galeios faced off.




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