A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 75

The First Round

Chapter 75: Settlement

The angry Goddess Kas’uan hurls a light projectile at God Galeios.

“How did you come back?!”

Galeios quietly chuckles and avoids the light projectile.

“I was called by my Shrine Maiden. I decided it was time to go back.”

God Galeios speaks bluntly in front of his sister goddess.

“That woman again!”

The Goddess Kas’uan is staring at me. The Demon King immediately came forward to protect me.

The Goddess Kas’uan kept firing light projectiles, but every time she turned, they were dodged.

“You should enjoy Earth at least once, Kas’uan — It’s a nicer place than you think… and yet, didn’t you just come there looking for my Shrine Maiden? It was a complete waste of time.”

“So It’s your fault Shrine Maiden wasn’t there!”

“Yes—I couldn’t allow Kas’uan to inflict harm to my Shrine Maiden.”

The way God Galeios acted made the Goddess Kas’uan very angry, so she made a sword of light.

“I shall banish you once again.”

“It’s my younger sister’s desire, but I’m not going to grant it.”

God Galeios also created a spear of light.

Sword and spear collide.


The light sword broke.


“Do you believe you can defeat me in a contest of strength? You’ve got some arrogance, don’t you?”

The spear stopped right at the Goddess Kas’uan’s neck. At its tip, a magical circle emerged.

“I banish the goddess Kas’uan in the name of the male God Galeios… Please reflect on yourself.”

“I don’t want to! I’ll kill you! Don’t──”

The Goddess Kas’uan was sucked into the magical circle and vanished before she could continue.


Later, Galeios informed me that Goddess Kas’uan would be temporarily sent to another world. He promised to summon her back if she was sorry, but it seems that she will be in banishment for at least the 500 years that Galeios was.

“My Shrine Maiden, I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you.”

“No, thank you very much.”

Now that the Goddess Kas’uan has been removed, all that is left is to put an end to the war between humans and demons.

“In exchange, I’ll grant you one wish. Return to your world or great riches.”

A wish. Then my wish is──


“Is that wish really okay?”

The Demon King inquires, concerned.

“You could have gone back to the world you came from.”

The Demon King’s lack of faith in my wish is something I will work on over time.

In answer to the Demon King’s query, I nodded.

“Yes—I believe it was for the best.”

My wish is that there be no way to artificially summon Shrine Maidens or Saints.At the very least, individuals like me will not be summoned and executed out of nowhere.

“O’Dowell-sama, I love you.”

Even still, if I hadn’t been summoned, I would never have encountered the Demon King. So I don’t believe I’m upset about being summoned.

“I love you too.”

The Demon King wrapped his arms around me, his ears blazing. I returned his embrace tenderly.

──My second life with the man I love was just getting started.




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