A Girl Who Impersonated the Saint Lives Freely in Her Second Life – Chapter 76

The First Round

Chapter 76: A Happy Ending

What happened after that? The human side, which had previously been at a disadvantage, lost their trump card, the “Saint,” and the conflict came to an end when the demons offered a peace deal.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for humans and demons to marry.

Today, too. will become the Demon King’s wife after a year of engagement.

Miss Sally was my educator instead of Miss Ally, who had apparently injured her back five years ago. Miss Sally was as austere as ever, and I don’t know how many times I felt like I was going to die, but I survived the year.

I not only learned Crystalia but also other countries’ languages and customs.

On the final day, Miss Sally told me, “Now you are a queen who is not ashamed to exhibit her name anywhere.”

Miss Sally assured me that I was now a queen worthy of any presentation. I’d like to think that everything will be OK.

After the war, Garen was reinstated and officially made my knight.

“I will protect Mika.”

As he said, he defeated the assassins hired by the ladies who wanted to marry the Demon King. I believe I’m forming a new connection with Garen.

Yulin is happy that the Demon King is finally getting married because it means he will soon be able to get married.

Sarah has a close friendship with a childhood friend.

And what about me and the Demon King──?

“You look lovely, Mica.”

The Demon King smiles as he stares at me.

“O’Dowell-sama is the best.”

The Demon King in his military uniform looked very good.

“We are husband and wife again as of today, but don’t ever tell me you’re leaving me again.”

The Demon King chuckled.

I’m wearing a wedding gown for the second time, and I’m married for the second time. I’m linked to the term “again,” yet I doubt I’ll ever ask him to leave me. I nod and grin.

The Demon King is with me on my journey.

Formal weddings are more lavish than in the past, and many more people attend.

I walked to the altar, careful not to be pressured by it.

We had already spoken our vows, so it was merely a formality, but we said them in front of the priest.

“Do you pledge to love each other till reincarnation ends?”

Reincarnation is said to be believed in this world as well. According to one notion, a marriage is etched on the soul so that the couple will recognize each other when they meet again.

“I swear.”

The Demon King and I are sworn to be together.

“Then seal your pledge with a kiss.”

I saw that the Demon King’s ears were colored crimson. I adore the Demon King, who is unused to being kissed twice on oath.

The veil is gently raised, and he kisses me.

And with many people’s blessing, we became husband and wife.

And then we live happily ever──.

“Mommy, what are you writing about?”

My lovely daughter, Leah, jumped on me from behind.

“It’s your mother and father’s story.”

I put down my diary and read some of the stories I’ve already written.

Then O’Dowell entered the room, having done his duties for the day.

“Is Mommy happy now?”

I responded by patting Leah on the head.

“Yes, I’m happy.”

I embraced my husband and daughter, biting my lip in happiness.

──This is the story of a girl’s happy second life after being executed for impersonating the Saint.



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