Another World Has Been Summoned. The Earth Is in Danger of Extinction Due to the Appearance of Monsters and Dungeons, but I’m Going to Enjoy Sightseeing Without Worrying – Chapter 2

The Assassin Slays the Dragon

Chapter 2: The Assassin Slays the Dragon

“Hahaha, here comes the boss. Oh, for God’s sake, one after the other…”

I look out the window at the dragon flying by and laugh.

It’s a very pleasant feeling.

I can’t help laughing.

The scene is like a scene from a movie, and it is unfolding as reality.

You’re going to think this is some kind of prank.

Of course, I’m not going to argue about that.

I’ve already gone around killing goblins.

There was no room for doubt.

Flying dragons roar.

I held my ears and scowled at the sound that threatened to burst my eardrums.

The windows shiver with the volume.

The dragon swoops in and clings to the wing of the airliner.

Its claws dig in and tear at the surface.

Sparks fly, and there is a light explosion.

Black smoke rises from the gouged wing.

The blow has destroyed half of the plane’s wing.

As expected, the airliner tipped over.

The passengers fell over in a commotion.

Unattended luggage slid across the floor. Drinks fell and soaked the floor.


I held on to my seat.

From there, I watch the dragon’s movements.

It’s times like this when you have to keep an eye on things.

If you don’t know how your opponent behaves, all you can do is panic.

The dragon moves through the airplane’s wings and bites the fuselage from the side.

The metal has been cracked open, and a hole has been punched through it.

A gust of air blows from the difference in pressure.

The dragon’s face peeks through the gap.

The panic of the passengers has reached a breaking point.

Order has been lost, and everyone on board is acting irrationally.

Then an oxygen mask with a tube comes down from the ceiling.

They must have been triggered by the damage to the plane.

Unfortunately, no one was calm enough to put it on.

Meanwhile, the dragon opens its mouth.

Holes in the walls were gaping, threatening to bite through to the ceiling.

I think it’s trying to kill us inside.

If we just wait this out, I’m sure it will get done.

(It’s risky, but it’s what I’ve got to do.)

I’m on the edge, sighing as I see the devastation on the inside of the plane.

Unfortunately, the trouble never seems to go away.

In fact, it was getting infinitely worse.

Not that I want to be a hero, but maybe I should work a little harder here.

I climb over the seat and approach the dragon.

On the way to the plane, I borrowed a knife from the in-flight meal on the seat.

Keep moving slowly and with keen awareness.

When I reach the best position, I dare the dragon.

“Hey, lizard! Take this!”

With provocation, I threw a knife.

The knife was sucked into a hole in the wall and hit the dragon in the eye behind it.

It bounces off with a high-pitched crack, but the dragon screams.

From there, he angrily distanced himself from the airliner.

It doesn’t hurt him, but the pain seems to have frightened him.

I look out the window.

The dragon was flying somewhat far away.

I can see it’s full of life: it’s not giving up yet.

It’s just waiting for the right moment and will eventually strike.

(This is no good. I’ll have to run away.)

I shrug my shoulders and make a quick decision.

The knife, which was intended for in-flight meals, was popped in the eye by a knife with momentum.

In other words, the scales are stronger.

You’re not going to win this if you fight on the plane.

In addition, the field in the sky is also an overwhelming disadvantage.

It would have been different if we had at least some firearms or bombs, but this was unlikely to be possible.

I really want to kill that dragon.

But I’m not crazy enough to take on a Kaiju (monster) in the flesh.

It’s frustrating, but it was wise to run away here.

(Then we’ll have to use the emergency exit.)

Passenger planes don’t have parachutes, but fortunately we’re on the ocean, so you don’t have to worry about hitting the asphalt if you fall.

However, you will still be diving from an altitude of several tens of thousands of feet.

A normal person would surely die.

It doesn’t matter how high the sea level is.

I don’t know the details, but it’s not much different from hitting the ground.

To put it bluntly, it was suicide.

But I’m confident in my vitality and my good fortune.

I’ve had a number of fatal injuries on the job.

Examples include being bee-holed by a machine gun or having your head smashed in with an axe.

In both cases, I was wounded to the bone but made a full recovery.

At this rate, we’re doomed to share our fate with a crashing airliner.

or barbecued in an explosion of flame after the dragon attack.

There was still a chance of survival if I jumped from the sky.

(I’ve been through a lot of crises. I’ll get through this.)

With that in mind, I make my way to the nearest emergency exit.

I crack open the malfunction-proof cover and put my hand on the unlocking lever.

Just then, a figure appears from a short distance away, behind the curtain that connects us to the economy class cabin.

A man in full steel armor appears.

He holds a sword in his hand, the tip of which is dripping fresh blood.

His appearance gives the impression of a medieval knight.

“Now cosplayers are coming in?”

As I watch in amazement, the knight suddenly starts slaughtering passengers.

He builds corpse after corpse with his brilliant movements.

He’s so much stronger than the goblin I saw earlier.

This is no cosplayer, but the behavior of those who have experienced real battles.

As I watch the knight, a window appears.

I pay attention to what it says.

Cain Beedilt Lv.48

Threat level: B+

Condition: Confusion.

If I believe the information on the display, that knight seems to be in a state of confusion.

That seems to have led him to commit such a violent act.

His level and threat are higher than those of goblins.

I suppose that’s a fair assessment.

(Well, that’s none of my business…)

Despite the knight’s carnage, I proceed to open the emergency exit.

I went through the nearby luggage, looking for something that could be used as a cushion.

There’s a dragon outside.

You never know when you’re going to get shot down.

I shouldn’t have cared about the knight, as long as I had to get out of here quickly.

A moment later, the plane suddenly tilted.

Passengers and their baggage are either flying through the air or rolling on the floor.

After a few jolts, the plane flipped upside down.

Naturally, I hit the ceiling.

I grabbed a seat nearby.

(Something happened in the cockpit, didn’t it?)

It’s a situation where goblins and knights appear.

The captain must have been attacked.

From the looks of it, the autopilot doesn’t seem to be working.

The crash is becoming more and more real.

I tried to stand up, but I felt murderous intent behind me.

I tilt my head quickly.

A sword thrusts through the place where my head had been just before.

The tip of the sword stabs into the wall.

“That’s an extreme greeting. It’s a barbaric culture, isn’t it?”

I turn and kick.

I hit the knight behind me and succeeded in staggering him.

It seems to have done enough damage to his armor.

I grabbed a knife from a nearby in-flight meal.

I plunged it into the slit in the knight’s helmet.

There was a sound of something being gouged out of the tip.

an eye, I think.


The knight lets out a muffled grunt.

Blood drips from his helmet.

I put a palm strike into the knife’s hilt.

The knife is pushed in deeper, and the overhang disappears into the helmet.

The knight froze and collapsed under the turbulence of the plane.

There was no more movement.

>Experience gained has exceeded the default value.

>Levels have been raised.

>Skill [Hero Killer B]

I don’t know, but the knight was some kind of hero.

For that matter, he was weak.

I think he was so disoriented that he wasn’t able to use his true strength.

I don’t even know the truth now.

(Anyway I can escape at last.)

I kick the dead knight out of the way and pull out the sword stuck in the wall.

I’m about to throw it away when a flash of inspiration hits me, and I look at the sword.

It’s a beautiful sword with a slightly blue blade.

As I stared, a window appeared.

Dragon Slaying Sword, Doona

Overall Rating: A

Condition: good

Ability: Ignores dragon defenses; increases strength.

I don’t know much about swords, but I know this one is rare.

It must be very powerful.

It’s like a weapon from a video game.

And I’m curious about the ability column.

I thought that since it’s a hero’s weapon, there might be something in it, but it turns out to be more than I expected.

According to the window, it specializes in killing dragons.

That dragon would be…

the one that’s been flying around the passenger plane all this time.

This sword is said to work on the lizard-dastard.

(Lucky me. I never thought I’d get a chance like this…)

I rejoice in silence.

My plan to run away to the sea has been abandoned.

I’d kill it if I could.

Now that I had the sword in my hand, my urge to kill the dragon was growing rapidly.

“Oh, speak of the devil…”

I look out the window and see the dragon approaching.

The dragon roars and spits fire from its mouth.

The flames engulf the back of the airliner.

a series of explosions

The airliner tilted forward and inverted several times.

The airliner is clearly starting to crash.

A buzzing sound came from nowhere.

The LCD screens set up at equal intervals were showing emergency images.

But there was no one who watched it leisurely.

(That’s not good. Let’s get out of here.)

I open the unlocked emergency exit.

At that moment, all the baggage near me was sucked outside.

A few unlucky passengers are dumped into the sky as well.

I grabbed the nearest seat and held on, only my face stuck outside.

The dragon was a little way behind me.

It’s flying in pursuit of the crashing airliner.

I try not to get caught in the middle of it, but it doesn’t seem to want to let me go.

(You’re very obsessed, but I’ll tell you that’s why you lost.)

I leap out of the way, sword in hand.

My vision spins wildly.

I manage to control my posture in the strong wind.

I squint to see what’s going on.

In the direction I’m going, I see the airliner’s engine on fire.

If you get caught in that turbine, you’ll die instantly.

We’d be mincemeat in an instant.


Just before the crash, I grabbed the edge of the jet engine.

I flip so I don’t get sucked inside.

I roll on its wings and throw myself into the air again.

There was a dragon in front of me.

I hold my sword at the ready and lick my lips.

My heart pounds.

I anticipate the moment of my kill with the greatest of anticipation.

The dragon makes a sucking motion.

It opens its mouth, and a bright red flame shoots from it.


I couldn’t avoid it, so I plunged into the middle of it.

My entire body was overcome by an overwhelming heat.

It felt like it was burning me to the bone.

Or maybe I’m actually not that burned.

I was burning with hellish agony, but my consciousness was still awake.

I can only focus on the dragon at the end of the fire.

The heat and the pain were driving me crazy, but I didn’t feel like I was dying.

It’s the same feeling you get when you’re burned by a flamethrower.

It’s not unbearable if you’re strong.

Eventually, my body broke through the flames.

My hazy vision reveals the outline of what appears to be a dragon.

I can barely make out the details because my eyeballs have been damaged by the heat.

(——Here we go.)

I follow my instincts and raise my sword.

I land on the dragon’s head and sink my blade into its forehead.

The hard scales cracked like a freshly made pie.

You can feel it pierce its skull and cut through its brain.

“It’s in return for the fire. Taste it, will you?”

I mutter in a hushed voice and twist the hilt of my sword.

And the dragon gave a piercing cry.

I twist my sword regardless.

—— scrambles inside its brain.

The dragon flies wildly, shaking its head and doing awkward somersaults.

I can’t hold it any longer and am thrown into the air.

From there, gravity pulls you down, and you start falling.


The airliner explodes in the distance.

The whole thing’s on fire, and it’s crashing into the ocean.

I can’t hear the screams from here, but I don’t think the passengers are going to make it.

The dragon, meanwhile, is hurtling downward in a spinning, cone-crunching heap.

I wonder if it’s already dead.

It’s no surprise… it’s like blending his brain. I don’t know anything about dragon biology, but I’d say that’s a mortal wound.

“Suck it, you lizard f*cker.”

I raise my middle finger with a smile.

I may have been reduced to a burnt corpse, but I’d say I got my revenge.

I took down the big dastard with a single sword.

It is an achievement that I wish to pass on to future generations.

>Experience gained has exceeded the default value.

>Levels increased

>Skill [Dragon Slayer B++] acquired

>Skill [Underdog B] acquired

>Skill [One-hit kill B] acquired

>Skill [Surprise Attack C] acquired

>Skill [Vital Thrust C] acquired

>Experience gained has exceeded the default value.

>Levels Increased.

>Experience gained has exceeded the default value

>Levels Increased.

>Experience gained has exceeded the default value

>Levels Increased.

>Experience gained has exceeded…

The announcement has been noisy for a while.

I couldn’t stop it because my level went up too fast.

I wish I could mute it for a while, but the emotionless voice keeps echoing in my brain.

(Oh well… I’ll just have to let it go.)

Rather than that, I’m about to crash into the water.

I’ve been so focused on killing the dragon that I haven’t prepared a plan.

We have no choice but to leave it at that.

(I’ve had a great experience. Let’s hope I don’t die…)

I close my eyes and smile.

Immediately afterwards, an unimaginable shock darkened his vision.

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