Another World Has Been Summoned. The Earth Is in Danger of Extinction Due to the Appearance of Monsters and Dungeons, but I’m Going to Enjoy Sightseeing Without Worrying – Chapter 3

The Assassin is Baptized on Earth

Chapter 3: The Assassin is Baptized on Earth

The blue sky and the white clouds that fill up my field of vision. 

The quiet sound of the waves is somehow relaxing to listen to. 

I was drifting on the sea, lying on the lifeboat. 

(I’m bored.)

It’s been like this for about half a day.

I killed a dragon and I fell into the sea, probably unconscious.

When I woke up, I was floating in the water, caught in some driftwood. 

Later, I found the wreckage of the airliner drifting on the sea, and miraculously obtained a lifeboat from the wreckage, which miraculously survived the fire.

I got on the boat alone and settled down for the time being. 

By the way, all the other passengers were dead. 

They must have been killed by the explosion at the time of the crash. 

(I’ve got terrible luck, haven’t I?) 

Admiring myself once again, I check my body.

I’m wearing a light blue aloha shirt and khaki pants, and my shoes have changed to sandals. 

I found them in a suitcase, which had been drifting on the sea. 

My original clothes burned up, so there’s nothing left.

No, it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing. 

There are more important things.

My limbs, which stretched out from my clothes, were unscathed.

The same goes for my face and my head. 

Smooth as a baby’s. 

Something is obviously wrong. 

I was bathed in dragon fire and then I hit the water from a great altitude. 

I prepared myself for the full brunt of it, but somehow I’m unharmed. 

A few hours ago I examined the cause of this.

Fortunately, there was plenty of time.

It was a good way to pass the time as we were just rocked by the waves.

So I looked back on the series of events and came up with an answer. 

In conclusion, I think it was thanks to the “skills” that I dared to skydive un-parachute and survived unscathed. 

It was the words that had appeared many times in the announcements in my brain. 

I’ve done my research to find out what exactly this is.

To put it simply, skills are like special abilities.

It’s a mysterious power that you can possess and use to your advantage. 

It sounds like a game, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. 

In this case, my skills of [Immortality B+] and [Regeneration C++] must have played an important role. 

The former prevented me from dying instantly from the fall, and the latter healed all my injuries. 

So, technically, I did not escape unscathed. 

I suffered a death-defying injury at one point and regenerated while he was unconscious. 

I scratched my arm and made a cut. The cut disappeared within a few seconds.

It healed like a reverse regeneration. 

It turns out that the regenerative ability is always active. 

Still, I’m remarkably lucky.

Lack of either skills would have been death to me.

I don’t know to whom I owe this, but I have to thank you. 

The world has become a magical place where monsters appear.

We should be prepared for this. 

I’m glad I don’t have to worry about dying. 

By the way, the skill acquired is displayed as a list by careful consideration, and the effect can be viewed.

I don’t have anything to compare it with, but I have a lot of good skills.

I’m sure they will be useful in many situations in the future. 

I’ll make good use of them. 

Just then I hear the sound of water behind me. 

I look back on my hands.

It was a large fish that jumped up from the surface of the sea.

It’s big enough to swallow a baseball or something. 

Its mouth was open, and it was covered in tiny fangs.

“Oops, it’s dangerous.”

I kicked the fish. 

The fish explodes and falls into the sea. 

Looking into the water, a school of sharks is clearly gathering.

They were eating the fish I had killed. 

One of them surfaced and tried to bite me, so I slammed a full-swing fist into its snout. 

The shark’s head is torn to bits. 

The headless part sinks, and soon it’s being eaten by its friends. 

I wash my bloodied fist in the sea. 

As you can see, the sea was full of monsters, too. 

You can never be too careful. 

If you soak your arm in the water, you will catch something immediately.

It was more dangerous than being attacked by a dragon on a plane.

Compared to that, my physical capabilities are also strange, although not as strange as they should be.

They have the power of heavy machinery.

I could probably get a job interview as a superhero right now. 

It’s such a change that it seems so.

I’ve thought about this and I’ve come up with what I think is the right answer. 

My level has something to do with the sudden increase in my physical abilities. 

Like skill, it is a newly introduced rule of the world.

The goblins and knights on the plane also have levels. 

Basically, the higher the level, the stronger the player. 

And you gain experience by killing others, and your level goes up when your experience exceeds a certain line. 

This was also a common mechanism in RPGs. 

The fact that it is used in the real world is a mystery, but it was easy to understand. 

I had killed a dragon, and my level had risen at once. 

Apparently, this made my physical abilities unorthodox. 

Well, I’m not complaining. 

Thanks to this, I’ve been able to keep the boat safe and not become food for the sea monsters. 

(So what are we going to do now…)

I think as I play with a digital camera. 

This, like the clothes, is from the plane’s luggage that survived.

There are a few other pieces of luggage on the boat. 

But the electronics have been submerged in water and are out of order. 

There are no spare parts or tools to repair them. 

It is a pity, because we could have gathered a lot of information if radios or smart phones had been safe.

The future objective was undecided.

Now that the situation has come to this, I don’t feel like going home in a good mood.

Then, what should I do? 

(… No. I’d better decide what I want to do.) 

I shake my head and change my mind. 

All the most recent work had been done.

According to my original schedule, I was going to spend the money I’d been paid for a while on a grand tour.

In other words, there is no such thing as a schedule.

Even if I’d had plans, they’d have been canceled after all this trouble.

No targets.

I think I would have been free anyway.

In any case, this kind of irregularity rarely happens.

Some kind of natural disaster.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m facing it. 

(Is this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?) 

The world is turning to my liking. 

Boring days are about to be replaced by bloody violence. 

This was a deal I wanted to be a part of. 

Order and ethics are collapsing. 

Perhaps the whole world has changed. 

This is the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me. 

This is the situation I’ve been looking for. 

When we reach land, the first thing I want to do is gather information. 

I’ll also try to get some weapons. 

It’s nonsense to remain bare-handed, no matter how strong I’ve become. 

Preferably with firearms.

We also need a vehicle that can be used as a means of transportation.

Off-road motorbikes would be best, since the traffic might be paralyzed. 

Anyway, I’ll decide on a specific plan when I get to the land. 

I’m also wondering what’s going on on the ground. 

I’m sure it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

I was very much looking forward to its arrival.

Three days have passed since I began my life as a drifter.

I’ve been wandering the seas with my boat, unable to find land. 

Sometimes I kill sea monsters and eat their meat to sate my hunger. 

My skill has made me invulnerable, so I’m not afraid of testing raw food. 

Despite fears of food poisoning, so far I’m in good health.

In fact, I am full of strength. 

(Maybe monster meat is superior in terms of nutritional value.) 

Thinking about nothing else, I throw the fish bones into the sea. 

But will I reach land yet?

I’m getting tired of being rocked by the sea. 

I wish I had oars to row with, but unfortunately I don’t. 

Swimming would be an option, though I know it’s dangerous. 

I’m invulnerable and regenerative skills. 

I can make it to land even if I get hurt fighting the monsters. 


I threw down the pamphlet I’d read so many times. 

I’ve been reading through it in my spare time, and I think I could recite the contents by heart by now.

Feeling sick, I lie back down and look out at the horizon. 

Immediately after that, I sit up and open my eyes. 


I can’t help but let out a squeal of delight.

There was land in the distance. 

It wasn’t an illusion. 

I was worried, but it seems I was getting closer to land. 

I was glad, because I didn’t want to be adrift any longer. 

The boat is on the tide and is making good progress towards land.

From the looks of it, I should be able to land before noon, no matter how long it takes.

I immediately started sorting through the boat.

I start to pack up a few things so that we are ready to go at any moment. 

I packed everything I needed in a sports-type backpack.

I whistle and look out over the land. 

And so we wait.

I can see the land now. 

I put my hand over my eyes to see. 

The beach is gorgeous. 

Colorful parasols are lined up and people in swimsuits are roaming the sandy beach.

Even from a distance, I could see quite a few of them. 

Some people are “floating” in the sea. 

(It’s a strangely peaceful scene. Aren’t there any monsters out here?) 

I tilt my head. 

I wonder if such a thing is possible. 

I can’t say for sure, because I don’t have much information to go on. 

However, there are ordinary people on the beach.

If there were monsters on land, they wouldn’t be able to play like that in a panic.

At least we know it’s safe. 


As we get closer, I get a strong feeling of unease. 

The white sand of the beach is streaked with reddish-black specks. 

I know that color well. 

That would be blood, unless it was painted in bad taste.

The color is the color after a certain amount of time has passed.

The people on the beach were strange, too, on closer inspection. 

They had scars all over their bodies, and they walked around in a strange, slow manner. 

They were staggering like drunks, and seemed insane. 

None of these points were obvious from a distance.


I observe with my eyes fixed.

As I get closer, I can see more and more detail. 

And I realize I’ve been terribly mistaken. 

The people in bathing suits are not human. 

Their eyes are a cloudy gray and they’re staring into the void. 

Their mouths are bloody and drooling at the edges. 

At the edge of the beach, some of them are gathered in a crouch. 

There’s a human corpse lying there.

They would shred it and bring it to their mouths.


I mutter spontaneously as I see the scene in the distance. 

Wandering the beach were the very zombies from the film.

There was no special makeup or anything like that. 

There is a genuine creepiness about them as they wander about aimlessly.

(Those bitten by zombies become infected with the virus and eventually become zombies.)

It’s a common setup in movies.

The zombies in swimsuits seemed to faithfully reproduce the specification. 

I can’t help but chuckle at the sight that would be described as a nightmare by the general public. 

(Sea monsters followed by zombies, huh?) 

It’s quite a unique lineup. 

I can’t help but laugh at this. 

I can’t wait to see what will appear next. 

The boat was steadily approaching the zombie-infested beach. 

At this rate, I’ll end up on the beach where they’re waiting for me. 

The tide was strong and it was not very practical to change course.

Even if we bypass the beach, we’re gonna have to come ashore sooner or later.

There’s got to be another place with monsters. 

Then we just have to deal with the zombies. 

I didn’t bother to run.

(It’s not that hard. As long as you don’t get bit.)

And in my case, [Immortality B+] and [Regeneration C++] might be able to disable the zombie virus. 

However, I can’t verify it. 

In case of an emergency, let’s pray that my skills will work.

Meanwhile, the boat has finally arrived at the beach. 

The zombies, upon sensing my arrival, slowly walk up to me, grunting and groaning. 

“Hahaha, I’m so welcome. I’m almost in tears of joy.” 

I smile lightly and put on my backpack. 

I wrap a cloth around my hands. 

It’s only a comforting thought, but it’s a measure against infection.

It’s better than a direct hit.

I get off the boat. 

I’m knee-deep in water. 

It’s nice and cold. 

Snapping my fingers, I’m making my way towards the zombies. 

The nearest zombie comes at me.

I duck down and land an uppercut. 

My fist smashes the head of the zombie under the chin. 

I hit him, and to my surprise, there was no resistance. 

I guess the difference in level makes the difference between offensive and defensive power. 

The zombie fell, spouting blood from his neck.

The seawater turns red. 

Crushed brain plasma was pouring out. 

This time about ten zombies are coming from the left and right.

They move slowly, but their numbers make them a threat in their own right. 

If I took too long to kill them, another one might bite me. 

“It’s hard being a popular guy, isn’t it?” 

I grab one of them by the arm and swing it around like a hammer thrower. 

The zombie that got caught in it blew up like a bowling pin. 

Some of them were dismembered by the force of the impact. 

In pursuit, I grab the zombies and smash them in turn. 

The rough handling caused the carrion to scatter. 

Eventually, the arm of the zombie I was holding shredded. 

The non-arm part went flying off with the same momentum.

“It’s so fragile. You’re not getting enough nutrients, are you?” 

I shoved the remaining arm into the mouth of a zombie trying to get up nearby.

From there, I shoved it in and penetrated it all the way to the back of its head. 

The zombie sinks into the water and no longer floats.

(I guess the head is its weak point.) 

I continue on, kicking the crap out of the zombies around me. 

There is no running type of zombies like in recent movies. 

They move slowly, and attack me according to their predatory impulses. 

To be honest, they were not a life-threatening opponent. 

Even without the power-up from the level increase, I could have beaten them without a problem. 

That’s how much of a monster I was.

I kill about twenty zombies and climb out of the water. 

There were still a lot of zombies around. 

They’re all wearing swimsuits, which is a good match for the beach environment. 

If they looked a little healthier, they would be perfect. 

(They must have been having an elegant time here in the first place.) 

Then, infected zombies must have mixed in, and it must have become a screaming commotion. 

The crash of the passenger plane was quite a trouble, but the ground seems to have been very hard on the ground.

With the zombies surrounding me, I turn my attention to a corpse lying nearby.

The corpse had been eaten away, and the flesh of the torso was gone in chunks. 

Bone and organ fragments are exposed. 

The corpse is wearing a cap with a logo and sunglasses. 

A small walkie-talkie was hanging from his waist. 

Judging from his clothes, he was probably a lifeguard. 

The corpse was holding a weapon. 

I’ll look into it.


Overall rating: C+ 

Condition: Good 

Ability: None 

As the basic information shows, it was a chainsaw.

It’s a thing that spins its blades with a motor when activated. 

It is a tool normally used for cutting down trees, but the blade was covered in blood. 

It was obvious how it had been used. 

I pick up the chainsaw. 

I check it over lightly, and it seems to work fine. It still has some fuel left in it. 

“Well, it’s perfect for zombies.”

I nod, and fire up the chainsaw. 

The noisy motor starts whirring. 

The chainsaw’s blades spin at high speeds, shaking off the blood that’s stuck to them. 

“…Just one entertaining thing after another.”

The new world is still interesting.

It’s filled with a thrill and excitement you can’t experience anywhere else. 

It was almost addictive. 

——My smile deepens as I face the oncoming horde of zombies.

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