Check-In Hell for Ten Thousand Years, Lord Yama Urges Me to Reincarnate Quickly – Chapter 2

Reincarnation and Rebirth

Reincarnation and Rebirth

Eighteenth Level of Hell.

A blue vortex suddenly appeared in the sky, and several figures emerged from it.

Leading them was Yama.

Behind him followed Ox Head and Horse Face, as well as the Black and White Impermanence.

With his hands behind his back, Yama declared, “Meng Chuan, in the five hundred years you’ve spent in the Eighteenth Level of Hell, I believe you’ve turned over a new leaf. You can now enter the Cycle Reincarnation Channel and be reborn.”

After saying this, he took out the Book of Life and Death, flipped to a certain page, and showed it to Meng Chuan.

Ten years for the Meng family!

These two words were written in red cinnabar ink.

Upon seeing this, Meng Chuan’s heart jumped to his throat.

“My descendants will all die ten years from now… this can’t be possible!”

In his previous life when Meng Chuan was cultivating, he had met his true love, Ye Wanrou.

The two became Dao companions, had descendants, and established the Meng family.

Who would’ve thought that after ten thousand years, the descendants of the Meng family would be completely annihilated, no longer existing.

This was clearly not a situation he wanted to see.

“Today I will leave Hell, but I have a request.”

He has a soul space, and even if he enters the Cycle Reincarnation Channel, his soul will be perfectly preserved and he doesn’t have to worry about any loss of it.

He has been in Hell for ten thousand years, without any lingering attachments.

As for Yama’s position, he had never thought about it.

Hell is filled with yin energy; how could it compare to the freedom of the human world?

Especially given the matter of his descendants, he didn’t want to stay for another moment.

“What else do you request?” Yama inquired.

“I won’t drink the Soup of Forgetfulness,” Meng Chuan said decisively.

Drinking the Soup of Forgetfulness would make him forget his past life, starting anew.

This was definitely not what he wanted.

The Hell he was in was different from the Hell he knew before.

Here, Yama was the most powerful, equivalent to the realm of a Great Emperor.

Below him were Ox Head and Horse Face, Black and White Impermanence.

Their strength was a realm weaker than that of a Great Emperor.

“This is absolutely not allowed!” Yama said, frowning in anger.

Drinking the Soup of Forgetfulness before entering the Cycle Reincarnation Channel is a rule of Hell, and even the souls of Great Emperors are no exception.

Horse-Face leaned into Yama’s ear and whispered, “Yama, the most important thing now is to get Meng Chuan out of Hell as soon as possible. As for not drinking the Soup of Forgetfulness, I think it’s irrelevant!”

“Think about it, even if Meng Chuan retains his past life memories, cultivating faster than ordinary people isn’t easy. Getting his soul back to its current strength is no simple matter.”

“What if he dies again in the mortal realm and his soul returns to Hell? Then aren’t we free to do whatever we want?”

“We can bring up this ‘Soup of Forgetfulness’ matter at that time, accuse him of a great sin, sentence his soul to destruction, and prevent him from reincarnating forever.”

“At that time, we can permanently get rid of him!”

Horse Face was a yin messenger raised by Yama himself, very loyal and much smarter than the dumb ox.

Hearing Horse-Face’s strategy, Yama’s eyes sparkled. He couldn’t help but want to applaud.

This was a brilliant strategy.

First, make a concession and let Meng Chuan go, and then take revenge once he dies again.

Not drinking the Soup of Forgetfulness is a grave sin in Hell, and sentencing his soul to destruction is a foregone conclusion.

Kill two birds with one stone!

As long as Meng Chuan is eliminated in his next life, there’s no need to worry about him coveting Yama’s position.

“Fine, I agree to your request. You don’t have to drink the Soup of Forgetfulness.”

After saying this, Yama deliberately looked troubled, but inside he was sneering.

This time I’ll gather evidence against you, and next time your life will be mine!

Think you can outsmart me?

You’re too naive!

Now get out of Hell!

Even though you’re not drinking the Soup of Forgetfulness, your soul will still be drained by the Cycle Reincarnation Channel, and you’ll be just another ordinary soul.

Once you’re dead and back in Hell, let’s see how you’ll still challenge me! At that time, you’ll immediately be sentenced to severe punishment, and the purgatorial fires will burn away your soul, completely erasing you from this world!

Meng Chuan saw through Yama’s intentions long ago, but he has a divine soul space, so the Cycle Reincarnation Channel has no effect on him.

After thinking about something, he spoke again, “In this life, I must be reborn into a wealthy family, closer to the Meng residence.”

“Mm, I can promise you that,” Yama nodded gently.

Meng Chuan followed Yama and others to the Hall of Reincarnation and entered the Cycle Reincarnation Channel.

When Yama saw Meng Chuan step into reincarnation without any way of turning back, his face turned gloomy.

“You enter the Cycle Reincarnation Channel, and you think you’re not going to be slaughtered?”

“Dreaming of being born into a wealthy family? Stop dreaming!”

“Hand me the pen!”

Taking the judge’s brush from Horse Face, he flipped open the Book of Life and Death and began to write on a certain page.

Boom, boom, boom…

A golden cloud of merit came from the distant horizon, enveloping the whole of Hell.

The cloud of merit fell down and imbued the judge’s pen.

Every stroke depleted a large amount of Yama’s accumulated merit.

After a line of large characters were written, half of the sky’s merit was depleted.

Changing fate was not an easy task for Yama either.

Hundreds of thousands of years of accumulated merit were consumed in an instant.

But to secure Yama’s position and eliminate a major threat, it was worth all the merit spent. A line of large characters appeared on the Book of Life and Death.

Meng Chuan… Born with a useless meridian… Ten years.

After doing all this, Yama burst into insane laughter.


“Born with a useless meridian, the most useless talent in all eternity, let’s see how you cultivate!”

“Ten years, this is your remaining life span! Enjoy your time in the mortal world!”

“The next time you come to Hell, your soul will scatter!”

Horse Face, who stood nearby, saw the characters on the Book of Life and Death and furiously tapped his hooves.

“Lord Yama, what a brilliant move! In his next life, Meng Chuan will be born with useless meridians, and he won’t make any waves!”

“By then, when he enters Hell again, how could a mere mortal’s soul compete with us?”

No matter how he cultivates in ten years, he can’t possibly become as strong as he is now.

As Meng Chuan’s soul entered the Cycle Reincarnation Channel, Yama focused his divine soul on the channel, observing Meng Chuan’s condition.

He looked forward to seeing Meng Chuan’s soul drained by the Cycle Reincarnation Channel and turned into nourishment.

By then, in the Three Realms, no one would be his match.

When Meng Chuan’s soul first entered the Cycle Reincarnation Channel, it filled the entire channel.

But as it was about to be sucked dry, his soul weakened by a billion-fold, becoming no different than a non-cultivated mortal.

The difference in soul strength was as vast as the universe and a grain of sand.

Soon, Meng Chuan’s soul had passed through the entire channel and arrived at the other end, ready to step into the mortal world.

Just then…


His soul surged by a billion-fold, recovering to a terrifying god-like soul that could crush all heavens and realms.

The next moment, his soul stepped out of the channel and entered the mortal world…

While passing through the Cycle Reincarnation Channel, not a single trace of his divine soul was consumed.


Yama’s face turned ashen, and he collapsed onto the ground.

The ruler of Hell was almost scared enough to wet his pants.

What did Meng Chuan use? Passing through the Cycle Reincarnation Channel, his soul remained completely unharmed.

This is too terrifying.

(End of Chapter)



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