Check-In Hell for Ten Thousand Years, Lord Yama Urges Me to Reincarnate Quickly – Chapter 5

𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐧

(𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐧)

Upon witnessing this scene, Zhang Niu was completely stunned.

“This cauldron is made of bronze, indestructible… How did it turn to dust?”

Among everyone present, he was the oldest, and naturally knew more than the others.

When Meng Chuan struck the bronze cauldron earlier, it didn’t get sent flying; instead, it turned into ash, showing Meng Chuan’s extreme precision in controlling his power.

In an instant, he shattered the bronze cauldron into ash.

This was far more difficult than simply knocking it away.

The amount of power needed was on a whole different level.

“Monster! Run!”

The children standing nearby were so scared that they all fled, leaving Zhang Niu alone in the open space.

Meng Chuan stood up from the ground, ripping off his tattered clothes, revealing his thin upper body.

Just before, while lying on the ground, his Chaos All-Immortal True Body had finally fully merged, becoming one with his physical body.

As a result, all his injuries had healed, and there was not a single scratch on him from the bronze cauldron.

“You must be a monster!” Zhang Niu said in a panic.

“Go!” Meng Chuan spat out a word, filled with eight years of pent-up anger.

This voice turned the air in front of him into a spherical shape, like an air cannon, and blasted towards Zhang Niu.

Boom! Zhang Niu took a direct hit to his chest, flying back several dozen feet like a kite, finally crashing into a thick tree.


He spat out a mouthful of blood onto the weeds and fainted.

Meng Chuan looked within his own body.

His heart was golden, and every heartbeat sent a tsunami of golden blood coursing through his veins.

Each drop of this blood held an incredibly powerful life force.

Even if an immortal consumed this drop of blood, any serious injury would instantly heal.

“Is this the All-Immortal True Body? It’s even more terrifying than I imagined!”

What he had seen was just the tip of the iceberg, with many more terrifying abilities yet to be discovered.


Heavenly Prison.

Located behind Purple Cloud Peak, it was originally set up by the elders of Purple Cloud Sacred Ground.

Impenetrable, it is said that even an immortal would be unable to break out.

The soil inside was damp, with broken stones and weeds everywhere.

On a cold stone bed lay a woman with a yellow face and disheveled hair.

She was only 35, yet looked like a woman in her sixties.

Meng Chuan stepped on the soft weeds and arrived at the entrance of Heavenly Prison.

Wang Yingxue saw Meng Chuan coming in ragged clothes and rushed to a pillar, grabbing Meng Chuan’s hand and pressing it against her face.

“My child… I’m sorry…”

With that, her eyes reddened, and tears began to flow.

“Mother, I’ll get you out,” Meng Chuan whispered.

Although he had spent all his energy on merging with the All-Immortal True Body these past eight years, he still maintained a sliver of consciousness to control his main body and was very aware of what was happening.

“Child, don’t talk nonsense,” Wang Yingxue said, looking at Meng Chuan with pained eyes.

This was the Heavenly Prison, from which even immortals couldn’t escape. How could an eight-year-old possibly break it open?

The core of the Heavenly Prison was a powerful formation that no one in the mortal realm could break.

Meng Chuan walked to the wall and placed his hand on the cold surface, softly uttering a word.


As soon as the word was spoken, cosmic energy flowed from his body, pouring into the wall like a tsunami.

The core formation of the Heavenly Prison began to operate under this cosmic power.

The sealed outer door actually broke open directly.

Upon witnessing this, Wang Yingxue was completely dumbfounded.


“How is this possible!”

The formation that set up the Heavenly Prison was the strongest in the world. To forcefully break it open, at least a dozen immortals would be needed to launch their most terrifying attacks.

The noise created was enormous, so much so that calling it earth-shattering would not be an exaggeration.

Even the Sacred Ground could be completely destroyed.

Yet Meng Chuan merely placed his hand on the wall and uttered the word “unseal,” breaking the formation effortlessly.

It’s simply unbelievable! “Chuan, how did you break the Heavenly Prison’s grand formation?”

With an indifferent tone, Meng Chuan responded, “Is this even worthy of being called a formation? It’s no different than child’s play.”

In his eyes, this Heavenly Prison was as inconsequential as an open gate.

Easily broken.

“You’re saying the Heavenly Prison formation is child’s play?” Wang Yingxue began to question life itself.

A formation that required a dozen False Immortals to break—if that’s considered child’s play, then no formations would exist in this world.

Wasn’t Meng Chuan born with a fatal flaw? How did he suddenly become so terrifying?

He’s like a different person.

“Mother, come with me and leave this place,” Meng Chuan grasped Wang Yingxue’s frail hand and turned to leave.

“I can’t leave! If I go now, I’ll never clear my name in this lifetime!” Wang Yingxue struggled free.

The accusation of the Saintess consorting with a man is a grave sin in the Sacred Ground.

Yet she didn’t do that; she was framed.

“If I can find that man, I can clear my name and be released from this Heavenly Prison.”

Being framed will result in losing the title of Saintess, but she wouldn’t be locked in the Heavenly Prison.

“If I leave the Heavenly Prison now, I’ll spend my life branded as guilty and subject to rumors and gossip.”

“Better to stay in this Heavenly Prison.”

“My master has shown me immense kindness; I don’t want to let her down!”

Without Holy Mother Zixia, Wang Yingxue would have been executed long ago, and Meng Chuan wouldn’t have survived past eight.

Escaping the Heavenly Prison would first cast suspicion on Holy Mother Zixia, who has the ability to open it.

This would also implicate her master.

Wang Yingxue won’t leave until her name is cleared.

“In that case, I’ll help you find that criminal,” Meng Chuan decided to respect his mother’s wishes and help clear her name.

“Sigh,” Wang Yingxue lowered her head, “My master has been searching for the criminal for eight years without any result. How can you find him?”

It’s not that she didn’t trust Meng Chuan, but after eight years, all leads have vanished.

That criminal was extremely cunning, leaving no trace.

Solving this is extremely difficult.

“My child, what I hope for now is to see you grow up healthy. Whether or not I can leave the Heavenly Prison is no longer important.”

“But your health.”

The thought that Meng Chuan wouldn’t live past ten due to his fatal flaw brings Wang Yingxue to tears.

“Mother, you don’t have to worry. A fatal flaw like this can’t stop me,” Meng Chuan’s body had been transformed.

His new body, the True Immortal Body, is undoubtedly the strongest in all history.

The shackles of dying at ten were broken when he attained the True Immortal Body.

“What?” Wang Yingxue stopped crying, grabbing Meng Chuan’s wrist and sent her consciousness into him.


The energy within Meng Chuan surged like a mythical beast in an ancient forbidden land, terrifying to the core.

Each heartbeat sent blood rushing like a tsunami, almost crushing her consciousness.

Frightened, Wang Yingxue quickly withdrew her consciousness.

Oh my God!

This body was terrifying to the point of trembling! 

(End of Chapter)

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