Check-In Hell for Ten Thousand Years, Lord Yama Urges Me to Reincarnate Quickly – Chapter 6

𝐃𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧

𝐃𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧


“Absolutely fantastic!”

Wang Yingxue was moved to tears.

For the past eight years, her greatest concern had been Meng Chuan’s health. As it stands now, his congenital health issues have been resolved.

Meng Chuan is now in the best shape ever.

She speculated that Meng Chuan must have found some divine treasure that cured his health issues, making him incredibly strong.

She estimated that Meng Chuan’s current condition is at least ten thousand times better than before.

“Chuan, your health is so good now that you can consider cultivating immortality. I will definitely plead with my master to guide you well.”

“Mother, don’t worry about me. Your condition is much worse than mine,” Meng Chuan said with some concern.

The Heavenly Prison formation was activated, and there was not a trace of spiritual energy around.

Eight years ago, Wang Yingxue was at the peak of the Nascent Soul realm. These years, without any spiritual energy, she has fallen to the Xuandan realm.

She was eating only one meal a day and had become skin and bones, with sallow skin and wrinkles.

Meng Chuan took out a jade bottle.

This was a jade bottle with a storage function. It had its own little world inside, capable of storing a large amount of elixir or spiritual fluid.

“Mother, this is for you.”

Wang Yingxue took the jade bottle, uncorked the redwood stopper, and poured out a drop of golden liquid.

As the liquid appeared, the space around it trembled.

Seeing the golden liquid, Wang Yingxue’s eyes almost popped out.

She could feel that the liquid contained endless vitality.

Although it was just a tiny drop, the vitality it contained was as vast as an ocean.

“Drink this drop of Nine Heavens Immortal Elixir, and your condition will improve.”

Meng Chuan obtained this precious elixir by checking into levels above the tenth layer of hell.

Wang Yingxue tremblingly held the drop of elixir in her palm.

It was like a golden pearl, not sticky, and could roll back and forth.

Even through her skin, she could feel the terrifying power contained in this drop of elixir.

“Did you say this is Nine Heavens Immortal Elixir?!”

Nine Heavens Immortal Elixir is a treasure in the Heavenly Realm.

Even in the Heavenly Realm, it is extremely rare.

Once it appears, it triggers a bloodbath among the immortal sects of the Heavenly Realm.

“Meng Chuan, this Heavenly Elixir is too precious…you should keep it.”

Although Wang Yingxue didn’t know where Meng Chuan got the Nine Heavens Immortal Elixir from, she didn’t dare to use it casually.

Not sure about Meng Chuan’s capabilities, but considering he broke the Heavenly Prison formation with ease, he’s certainly not ordinary.

“This Nine Heavens Immortal Elixir is of no use to me, but it will be incredibly beneficial for your condition…”

Meng Chuan now has a physical form that can heal very quickly even if injured.

There’s no need to worry about injuries.

Moreover, he has many more drops of this elixir and doesn’t have to worry about running out.

“Alright…” Wang Yingxue nodded and swallowed the drop of elixir.

The golden elixir rolled down her throat into her stomach.

Boundless vitality spread out from it.

Her body rejuvenated in that moment. Her sallow skin became radiant, her white hair turned black and shiny.

The wrinkles on her face disappeared, and she regained the appearance of her early twenties.

All the hidden injuries she had been harboring for years vanished.

Boom! When the power of the elixir was fully unleashed, rings of Dao patterns were released from her body.

The Dao of Heaven and Earth became extremely clear to her.

Wang Yingxue was so astonished that her mouth hung open.

“Holy Physique!”

“This is a Holy Physique!”

She had just drunk one drop of Meng Chuan’s Heavenly Elixir and activated this once-in-ten-thousand-years physique.

It’s hard to imagine how much power this elixir contains.

After rejoicing, Wang Yingxue’s face turned serious.

“Chuan, never reveal anything about this Nine Heavens Immortal Elixir, lest it brings disaster upon us!”

The value of this elixir is too high; if it’s found out by some malicious individuals, it’s unimaginable what could happen.

“Mm.” Meng Chuan naturally understood this.

“Mother, rest well here. I will find the villain and clear your name!”


Yama’s Hall.

Yama sat at his desk, reviewing documents, always feeling uneasy, as if some dreadful event was about to occur.

Suddenly, the Book of Life and Death lifted from its shelf and flew towards the sky, automatically flipping to the page where Meng Chuan was mentioned.

Buzz! A colorful auspicious cloud flew in from the horizon, enveloping Yama’s Hall.

Various divine beasts emerged from the cloud.

Golden Dragon, Phoenix, Qilin, Xuanwu, Roc. There were at least a thousand kinds of divine beasts appearing, their terrifying auras dominating the heavens and the earth.

Yama flew outside the grand hall and looked at the Book of Life and Death, his pupils suddenly contracting.

“Meng Chuan. Why is there such a commotion?”

A colorful pillar of light descended from the clouds, enveloping the Book of Life and Death.

It was as if a divine brush was moving across the Book, subtly altering the line related to Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan: Born with a terminal meridian, ten years… These words were erased by a mysterious force, becoming blank.

An immense divine power condensed into ink and wrote new characters.

Meng Chuan: Primordial Divine Body. Yama was shocked upon seeing these four characters.

“What! Meng Chuan not only altered his innate fatal flaw, but he also obtained a Primordial Divine Body!”

“How is this possible!”

Born with a terminal meridian, incapable of cultivation, how did he find a divine body? The Primordial Divine Body is a top-tier physique from ancient times that grants profound understanding of the Primordial Dao.

If nothing goes wrong, he can certainly become an immortal.

“Meng Chuan’s divine soul is already so strong, and now he has obtained a Primordial Divine Body. Will he not become the strongest being in the future?”

But what Yama didn’t expect was, after the appearance of the words Primordial Divine Body, more words appeared.

Eternal Pill Divine Body. “My God! Another top-tier divine body! How did Meng Chuan find these?”

Having just one divine body is already terrifying; Meng Chuan has found two. How can others even live?

What surprised Yama even more was that new characters appeared after Eternal Pill Divine Body.

Supreme Sword Divine Body. “Hiss!”

Yama inhaled sharply, rubbed his eyes hard, and looked up again.

He wasn’t seeing things. Indeed, there were three divine bodies.

“With these three divine bodies, even without his terrifying divine soul, Meng Chuan could easily cultivate to become an invincible being.”

Any one of these three divine bodies could make someone a local tyrant; now all three are in one person, the future is unimaginable.

Swish, swish, swish. Immense divine power wrote again.

Desolate Array Divine Body. Great Desolate Fire Divine Body. Great Desolate Wood Divine Body. More formidable divine bodies were written in the Book of Life and Death.

Yama clutched his chest, feeling as if a mountain was pressing down on it.

“Ten Divine Bodies!”

“Meng Chuan has actually obtained ten divine bodies!”

“What on earth is happening?!”

“Can someone come and explain this to me?!”

Now he was completely mad.

He had previously manipulated Meng Chuan to be born with a terminal meridian, the worst physique in the cultivation world, destined to die within ten years.

Who would have thought that not only is Meng Chuan fine, but he also acquired the world’s strongest divine bodies?

Strong in both soul and body, how can others even live?

If he attains the Dao in the future, the first to suffer will be Hell.

The auspicious clouds grew more and more, covering the sky…

This scene attracted a lot of attention from the hell enforcers.

Everyone saw the ten divine bodies under Meng Chuan’s name and panicked.

“This is too strong! He actually has ten divine bodies!”

“Even the Great Emperor only ascended the throne relying on a Primordial Divine Body. Meng Chuan has nine more. How strong will he be in the future?”

“The person who should never be provoked in this world is Meng Chuan!”

“Lord Yama has lost; being born with a terminal meridian is now just a joke.”

People used to discuss Meng Chuan, saying he would definitely not survive more than ten years and would die.

And now? Not only is he fine, but he also has ten divine bodies.

How can others cultivate happily?

Just concede when you see Meng Chuan!

(End of Chapter)



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