Check-In Hell for Ten Thousand Years, Lord Yama Urges Me to Reincarnate Quickly – Chapter 7

𝐌𝐲𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐝 𝐒𝐚𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐁𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐞𝐬

𝐌𝐲𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐝 𝐒𝐚𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐁𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐞𝐬

Just when everyone in Hell thought that having ten divine bodies was the limit, a brilliant seven-colored light shone, and the gathering divine power grew increasingly terrifying.

The divine brush imbued with immense power continued to make its marks.

Great Wasteland Gold Divine Body. Great Wasteland Water Divine Body. Eight Wasteland Fist Divine Body. One by one, these godly figures whose very names could make one shudder, appeared behind the name of Meng Chuan.

The numbers kept increasing.

One hundred. One thousand. Five thousand…

Eleven thousand eight hundred sixty-two! Boom! The seven-colored light in the sky reached its peak.

The dark realm of Hell was illuminated in dazzling seven colors.

Divine beasts soared freely in the auspicious clouds, their terrifying divine might overwhelming.

All the onlookers near Yama’s Hall, regardless of their status, rank, or power, were staring, their eyes not blinking.

If not for the presence of their soul flames, one would think they were statues.

Above the heavens, the seven-colored light coalesced, forming the shadow of Meng Chuan.

Seeing this, the hell enforcers below scattered in terror.

“Run… Meng Chuan is back!”

“Help… We’re doomed! Hell is doomed!”

“Lord Yama is over there, Lord Meng Chuan, go settle your score with Yama… this has nothing to do with us!”

Meng Chuan’s formidable soul, combined with today’s shocking feat, made these Hell enforcers lose their courage.

“Meng Chuan…he’s… back…”

“No… this can’t be possible!”

Yama was deeply shocked, his soul shaking as if facing the destruction of the universe.

Meng Chuan’s shadow spoke: “Old Yama, my original intention was to be reborn, with no further conflicts between us.”

“You go your way, and I’ll go mine…”

“Who would have thought you’d go against fate, trying to put me in a deathtrap!”

“We should settle this score!”

After fusing with thousands of divine bodies, his soul was finally free, capable of entering Hell.

For the past eight years, because of congenital problems, he had been bullied and insulted, suffering a lot.

Yama even wanted to obliterate his soul, making reincarnation impossible.

Now, it was time to end it.

“Meng Chuan…”

Yama transformed into a gigantic figure, towering tens of thousands of feet, head touching the sky, feet stepping into the abyss.

His terrifying aura dominated Heaven and Earth.

All beings in Hell trembled in fear.

“Do you really think I’d fear you?”

“Today, I’ll show you who truly rules Hell!”

As the master of Hell, Yama could control an artifact within Hell.

Soul Suppressing Purgatory Chain.

A primordial treasure.

Created at the beginning of the universe.

Comparable to the Pangu Axe.

With a wave of Yama’s hand, a chain thousands of feet long appeared in Hell.

The chain had a thousand sections, each one about a hundred feet in length and thirty feet thick.




Yama swung the chain forcefully, creating a whirlwind, aiming directly at Meng Chuan’s soul.

The Soul Suppressing Purgatory Chain had an absolute suppressive effect on souls.

In Hell, nobody could withstand this strike.

But using this primordial treasure required a consumption of soul power.

It was a double-edged sword.

“Do you think the Soul Suppressing Purgatory Chain could restrain me?” Meng Chuan smirked.

He raised his fist and smashed it toward the incoming chain.


Time seemed to freeze at that moment.

When the fist contacted the chain, the chain stopped in mid-air.

The unbreakable chain shattered into pieces, falling to the ground.


Primordial treasure…

Soul Suppressing Purgatory Chain… was destroyed by Meng Chuan’s single punch! But it didn’t end there.

The power of Meng Chuan’s fist extended along the chain, hitting Yama who was holding the chain.

Boom! Yama felt a force coming from the universe, his soul suffering a fatal blow, turning into ethereal blue at that moment.

Blue specks of light floated up from his body.

These light specks were made up of souls, their dispersion signifying the scattering of soul and spirit.

“H… How is this possible…”

Yama looked on in fear as his body began to disintegrate.

He tried to grasp his soul’s flickering light, but it slipped through his fingers…

He had never dreamed of such an outcome.

“How can you be this powerful!”

He had underestimated Meng Chuan’s strength.

With a single blow, Meng Chuan shattered the primordial treasure.

The force of the punch continued on, hitting Yama and causing his soul to disperse instantly.

Such power was far beyond his imagination.

It was terrifying to the extreme.

“Lord Yama! Wake up!” Horse Face was the first to rush over, vigorously shaking Yama’s body.

As a result, the soul light on Yama’s body scattered even faster, completely dissipating between heaven and earth.

A generation’s Yama, soul scattered.

As the rainbow light disappeared, Meng Chuan’s figure also vanished between heaven and earth.

The scene of that battle had scared all the hell enforcers out of their wits.

“My God… Meng Chuan actually destroyed the primordial treasure with one punch!”

“The force of the punch followed the Purgatory Chain and also killed Yama…”

“There’s no one in the world who can be his match now!”

“Why did Lord Yama have to mess with Meng Chuan? Now he’s ended up with his soul scattered.”

They knew Meng Chuan was strong, but they never expected him to be this strong.

Even when Yama used the Soul Suppressing Purgatory Chain, he was destroyed with a single blow.

With Yama dead, Hell fell into chaos without its leader.


In the Eighteenth Level of Hell, four Great Emperors sensed the commotion and began to stir.

Among them, one with an unparalleled demeanor known as Heavenly Great Empress Yao , said, “With Yama dead, this is our opportunity! Why don’t we take over Hell?!”

Beside her, Great Emperor Huanggu snorted, “With our four powers, taking over Hell is not a problem, but who will be Yama after that?”

The room fell silent at this remark.

All four Great Emperors were big shots who had run rampant across the world; none liked the others.

If it weren’t for Meng Chuan, these four would never come together.

There was only one position of Yama, and no matter who took it, the other three would not be satisfied.

Heavenly Great Empress Yao  thought for a moment and came up with a good idea.

“How about none of us take the position of Yama, and we just manage Hell temporarily. We leave the position of Yama for Meng Chuan!”

Upon hearing the words “Meng Chuan,” Great Emperor Huanggu’s eyes lit up.

Even as Great Emperors, they respected Meng Chuan’s strength.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have respectfully called him Lord Meng.

“I agree for Meng Chuan to be Yama,” Great Emperor Huanggu was the first to express his stance.

They had all witnessed the scene just now.

Meng Chuan was able to have over ten thousand divine bodies; he was so powerful that even heaven and earth would tremble.

He scared Yama to death, which was enough to see how terrifying he was.

Who would dare to provoke such a person? Provoking him would mean certain death!

“I agree too!” The Great Emperor Dark Sun standing beside also chose to join.

“I don’t plan on reincarnating anymore; from now on, I will assist Lord Meng in governing Hell!”

Heavenly Great Empress Yao  nodded, took out a black whip, and said, “This Primordial Divine Whip left by Lord Meng is a primordial treasure, capable of helping us break the barrier of the Eighteenth Level of Hell!”

“Perhaps he foresaw this situation a long time ago, and that’s why he left this whip to help us leave and take control of Hell.”

The other three all gasped in astonishment.

Could it be that Lord Meng had planned all of this in advance? Was he playing a cosmic chess game? Was his real purpose to take over Hell? We Great Emperors are merely pawns in his game.

Using the Primordial Divine Whip, Heavenly Great Empress Yao  broke the barrier of the Eighteenth Level of Hell, and the four of them rushed out. Any hell enforcers who dared to resist were scattered by the whip.

Soon, Hell was under control.

The position of Yama was left for Meng Chuan.

The four Great Emperors became the four generals under Meng Chuan.

Heavenly Great Empress Yao forced all the underworld enforcers to swear an oath in blood, absolutely not to reveal any information about Meng Chuan. Any such thoughts would result in their souls scattering.

Hell had finally changed!



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