About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess-Sama, But Because Of Being Too Spoiled, She Ended Up Becoming A Clumsy Useless Person (WN) MTL – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Normal Morning

After I finished washing the dishes, we went back to our rooms and spent time doing whatever we wanted.

I go back to the kitchen and prepare for tomorrow.

I also read mystery novels… I was thinking about Kaho and Yuki, and before I knew it, it was quite late.

Then we’ll take turns taking a bath, brushing our teeth, and getting under the covers.

So we spent the night like it was a normal part of our lives.

The next morning I woke up a little early and went to my room to do nothing.

Around seven o’clock, the alarm clock went off in the next room.

Mizukoto seems to have woken up and comes to my room.

You have to go through my room to get to the washroom and dining table from Suikoto’s room at the far end.

That’s the layout.

Mizukoto was still wearing her childish pink nightgown and was rubbing her eyes sleepily.

Good morning, Akibara-kun.

Suikoto-san is a cold beauty at school, but right now she’s looking at me blankly with her unguarded blue eyes, and she looks so cute.

I tried to make fun of him.

“Don’t call me ‘big brother’ anymore, Haruto?”

“… That was yesterday only! That was only yesterday!”

Suikoto-san’s face turned red as she said that.

I caught a glimpse of Suikin-san’s room through the sliding door.

I don’t know how long I’ve been carrying all this stuff.

Some of the cardboard boxes seemed to be filled with clothes and books.

And there are little cushions and a stuffed yellow bear in the room.

Mizukoto-san noticed my gaze and hurriedly closed the sliding door.

“Don’t look at me, I’m embarrassed.”

“I’m sorry. What did you do with the package?”

“Sent to me yesterday from the Tohmi residence.”

Suqin said casually.

I feel like Suikoto’s finally become a full-fledged resident of my house.

I smiled.

Good morning. Ms. Shuqin.

“Yeah. Good morning. Akibara-kun.

“Well, Ms. Suikoto. I’m going to have French toast for breakfast, is that okay?”

Suqin-san’s face lit up.

That seems to be the right response.

“Okay, I’ll make it now. Suqin-san can wait.”

Hearing my words, Suikoto-san realized that she had a smile on her face and said hurriedly, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

I didn’t say I wanted to eat it.

“Don’t you want some?”

“It’s not like that… But I feel like you’re spoiling me. Aren’t you treating me like a child?”

“Don’t you want to be treated like a child?”

When I asked with a laugh, Suikin-san’s blue eyes widened in surprise, and then she seriously thought about it.

It’s just a joke. It’s not something to take seriously.

Suiqin eventually answered.

“I don’t like it, but… Maybe I don’t hate it.”

I was expecting her to reply that she absolutely hated to be treated like a child, so I was a bit disappointed.

I don’t know what the ice goddess is thinking.

“I think I’m gonna have some French toast anyway. Are you sure you’re up for it?”


I nodded and went to the kitchen and opened the door to the refrigerator in the corner.

The bread is soaked in the egg mixture the day before.

The four eggs are filled with milk and sugar as well as vanilla essence, which has been soaked into the bread for half a day.

I put some butter on the pan and started to cook the bread in the egg mixture.

The secret to making them tasty and fluffy is to cook them slowly and thoroughly on both sides over low heat.

Fortunately, there’s still plenty of time before school starts.

After a while, I opened the lid of the pan, divided the French toast onto plates for two, and put them on the table.

Since you can’t get vegetables only with this, you should prepare a salad and milk as a drink.

Mizukoto-san was already sitting at the table and looked me up and down, then she looked at her French toast.

“Can I eat it?”


“… Bon appétit.”

The golden brown French toast has a few browned browned bits on it, and the thickly sliced bread gives it a heavy texture.

Suikin-san brought it to her mouth with a fork.

At that moment, Suikin-san’s cheeks relaxed and her blue eyes lit up.

“… Delicious. Soft, just the right amount of sweet… It’s really good.”

“That’s good. I used to make them all the time when my sister was here.”

“I envy you, Ameon. This is the best breakfast I’ve ever had.”

“Oh, no. Didn’t they serve more fancy breakfasts over there?”

Yes. In Tohmi’s house, they even had their own cook who came from a famous French restaurant.

I’m impressed.

The Tomi family is indeed a family that runs a huge corporate group and they seem to be leading a luxurious life far removed from the rest of the world.

Suqin-san tilted her head curiously.

“But… I wonder why the food that Akibara-kun makes tastes better?”

With a mumble, Suikin-san stared at me.

I don’t know what you like or what’s in your heart.

But if you think it’s that good, I’m flattered.

After she finished her breakfast, she said, “Thank you.” she said with her cheeks tinted.

Then she left the table and retired to her room.

I think she’s probably getting dressed.

I turned on the small TV on the dining table and watched the news in a daze.

The news about the Tohmi Group had just come out, and it was reported that the group’s performance was deteriorating rapidly, mainly due to the poor performance of its retail business.

The president will be replaced as well.

But the chairman has always been Soichiro Tomi.

He’s the head of the Tohmi family.

Probably Suqin’s grandfather and my great-uncle.

Chairman Tomi is also pictured in the TV press conference.

He was a stern-looking old man with gray hair and a gray beard.

I turned off the TV with the remote.

At about the same time, Mizukoto-san in a black sailor suit appears.

The combination of her beautiful foreign appearance with silver hair and blue eyes and the traditional Japanese sailor suit is still very impressive.

I can see why everyone wants to call you Goddess.

Besides, Suikin-san was in plain clothes while she was absent due to a cold, so it’s a little refreshing to see her in a sailor suit.

I’m going to school first.

I’m leaving soon, too.

“It wouldn’t be good if Akibara-kun and I went to school together from home. If someone sees us, they’ll misunderstand us… It would cause trouble for Akibara-kun.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about me getting in trouble, but maybe we shouldn’t go together.”

She doesn’t get involved with many people but if she went to school with me… she’d stand out.

Even if they don’t know we’re living in the same house, it’s bound to cause some weird rumors.

Suikoto-san glanced at me and paused for a moment before murmuring, “See you later…” She mumbled and smiled.

And then he put on his sneakers and walked out the door.

Let’s pause for a moment so we don’t waste Ms. Suikoto’s consideration.

I’ll have enough time to get on the computer and go.

I’ve been thinking about that.

But my efforts to prevent the school from gossiping about our relationship ended up being in vain.