About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess-Sama, But Because Of Being Too Spoiled, She Ended Up Becoming A Clumsy Useless Person (WN) MTL – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: That means you like Akihara

I stood in front of the entrance to my morning classroom with a heavy backpack stuffed full of textbooks.

I’ve come here early so I’ve got about twenty minutes before the first period starts, but once it starts, the boring class starts as usual.

I thought so, but when I opened the door I felt a different atmosphere.

There’s a crowd of people sitting at the very back by the window.

Quite a few of my classmates were gathered around, and even the students sitting far away from me were paying attention to them.

That was Suqin’s seat.

Surrounded by many of her classmates, Suikoto-san looked troubled.

Mr. Suqin doesn’t socialize much, so this is a rare sight.

I stopped at the entrance.

I look around and see Hashimoto-san, the class president, sitting nearby and smiling at me.

She is a girl with a simple personality. She is tall and stands out wherever she is.

He was a rather easy person to talk to, and we didn’t get along too well.

I asked Hashimoto-san.

Good morning, Hashimoto-san. What’s going on?

Hashimoto-san smiled when he noticed me.

“Hey, it’s Akihara! Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you.

Mr. Hashimoto spread out his hands deliberately and raised his voice.

As soon as he said that, all of his classmates turned to look at him.

Most of the gazes were from curiosity, but there seemed to be some sharp and malicious gazes mixed in.

Hashimoto-san said pleasantly.

“I heard that Akihara is living together with that goddess?”

“Shacked up?”

I was scared.

Who said that?

When I looked at Suqin-san, I saw her eyes.

Suikoto-san pleaded with me with her blue eyes as if she wanted to help me.

I don’t know how, but they know that Suikoto-san and I live in the same house.

I can’t help that now, but… That’s a bad idea.

I said, trying to look as calm as possible.

“Who said anything about living together?”

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Hashimoto-san said as if he could see right through me.

If I had to guess, I’d say either Kaho or Yuki might have let the secret slip.

I shrugged.

“Me and Suqin-san definitely live in the same house.”

“Oh,” my classmates gasped.

And then I took a moment.

After I’d gotten his full attention, I continued.

“But I’m just a relative of Suikin-san, so I guess it’s correct to say that Suikin-san is staying at my house.”

“Even if you say that, you’re dating a goddess, aren’t you?”

Hashimoto-san didn’t listen to what I had to say.

The rest of the classmates nodded in agreement.

I’m in trouble.

Hashimoto-san and my classmates all want to pretend that Mizukoto-san and I are dating and living together.

We’re all bored.

I’m a sucker for gossip.

I aside, Suikoto-san was the school’s goddess and the lone person no one could ever get close to.

People will want to pass the time with someone like that who has a fling and lives in the same house with a guy who’s a classmate.

I sighed.

“Listen, Hashimoto-san. Do you think me and Suikoto are a match?

“… Well, maybe not. Akibara is too good for a goddess like you.”

says Hashimoto jokingly.

I’m in it.

“Let’s deny it,” I’d say, “but I think so, too. Does everyone else really believe that I’m dating Suikoto-san?”

My classmates looked at each other.

That being said… Why would Suikoto-san like an ordinary guy like Akihara?

And many of my classmates seemed to think so in their hearts even if they didn’t say it out loud.

I mean, for a second there, my classmates were almost convinced.

I’m done.

We just need to keep pushing along this line.

I may be able to clear up the misunderstanding.

“Akihara seems unreliable. He doesn’t stand out much.”

Hashimoto-san says with a smirk.

I’d normally be pissed off and say it back, but not now.

That’s good.

I’d appreciate it if you’d keep talking shit about me.

Then you’ll know she doesn’t like me.

One of the boys whispered.

“Well, maybe Akihara isn’t good enough for the Goddess.”

Several of my classmates nodded their heads. Among them, Kaho was trying to say something, but most of them seemed to agree with what the boys had just said.

I was going to say yes.


“No, it’s not!”

It was Suikin-san who said that in a beautiful voice.

Everyone’s attention turns to Suqin-san at once.

Suikin-san looked away, her face reddening, but she said in a clear voice.

“Akibara-kun is kind and cool. I’m not a goddess… I’m always bothering you… I don’t deserve your kindness. I’m the one who doesn’t deserve it.

The classroom fell silent.

I looked up.

There’s no way I can go out with Suikoto. The plan failed.

But Suikin-san’s probably just saying that for my sake.

It was Hashimoto-san who broke the silence.

“That’s a bold declaration in front of everyone! Does that mean that the Goddess likes Akihara?”

Hashimoto-san giggled, raising his index finger in amusement.