About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess-Sama, But Because Of Being Too Spoiled, She Ended Up Becoming A Clumsy Useless Person (WN) MTL – Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Haruhito’s Baby

My room in the house of the Farseer.

Me and Rei were alone there.

And Rei was in her underwear. She’s riding on top of me.

I tried to move, but Rei was forcing my lips.

I’m not gonna push you out of the way.

I can feel my body temperature rising.

No one comes in this room.

Rei wants to do that with me… She wants to do that, and she’ll do whatever I want if I let her.

Rei broke the long kiss and looked at me.

“Haruhito… Don’t you like me?

No, it’s not.

“Then… I want you to do it. I don’t want anything in return. I just want to be your first.

Before I could answer, Rei covered my lips again.

It smells soft and sweet.

If I attack Rei here… I wonder if Rei-san would be really happy.

At the very least, it’d be a bummer to just let things slide without doing right by Kaho or Kotone.

I managed to hold Rei back and escape from her passionate kiss.

“Rei-san… This isn’t a good idea. If you’re going to do it… you should do it after I’ve confessed to you…”

Is that how you run away?

Rei-san’s cheeks turned red and she glared at me.

I’m not running away.

“You’re a liar, Haruhito. You’re a coward!”

Rei’s cheeks puffed up and she put her hand on the hook of her bra.

… Maybe he’s trying to get naked.

“If you don’t want to do it, I’ll make you do it by force!”

“Oh, calm down, Rei-san…”

Just when Rei was about to take off her underwear, the shoji door of the room opened.

Both Rei and I shivered and looked fearfully towards the entrance.

There stood a petite girl in a kappogi and sailor suit.

She looks pretty and her braided hair suits her well.

It’s Watakai-san, the live-in high school maid.

He’s scowling and turning red.

And behind them were three women.

My childhood friend Kaho, my fiancée Kotone, and my cousin Ame.

Rei seemed flustered by the unexpected disturbance and tried to hide her nearly naked figure.

The summer sailors were all in a foul mood.

“Did you think you could run away from this house? I’m sorry, sister.

Kotone says in a happy tone, but her eyes aren’t smiling.

Kaho also whispered, “Haruto’s first time was with me…” She whispered in a whisper.

Ameon looked stunned.

“Listen, I know you like Haruto, but I don’t think it’s right to be so pushy. What are you going to do if Haruto decides to do it?”

I’m ready. I’m ready.

What about birth control?

Rei’s face turned redder and redder at Ame-no-sama’s words.

He didn’t think anything of it.

“What if you accidentally have a baby?”

“So… I know. But… Haruto’s baby… I might want it.

Rei said and rubbed her white hand over her lower abdomen, where she was wearing only her shorts.

And he smiled, and he looked at me with those big, bright eyes.

I was indeed astonished, and Kaho and the others were also frozen.

I think you’re indeed being a bit fastidious…

Kotone interjects.

“I’m your fiancee. I’m the one who’s going to give birth to your child.”

I’m the one you love. I’ll marry you in the future… And we’ll raise the child together.

Kaho looks flustered and says, blushing all the way up to her neck.

Do either of you realize the crazy things you’re saying?

“One of these days, the five of us will have to do it together.”

Ame-sama says with a sigh.

… Five? Me, Rei, Kaho, Kotone, and one more?

Ame-no-sama giggled and put her mouth near my ear.

It’s got to be me, right?