About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess-Sama, But Because Of Being Too Spoiled, She Ended Up Becoming A Clumsy Useless Person (WN) MTL – Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Let’s go on an after school date with the Goddess!

Yuki hugged me and everyone was surprised.

Yuki herself seemed to be the most surprised of all.

It was probably a spur-of-the-moment thing. Yuki probably didn’t think too much about it.

But I guess it looked to them like you didn’t want to let me go.

“Yu, Yuki…”

No, it’s not? This is…

Yuki tries to get away from me, but I guess I panicked too much and almost fell down again.

I had no choice but to hold Yuki in my arms again. Yuki is a very tiny and quiet girl, but she’s so cute that I can’t help but get nervous.

“Oh, Aki…”

Calm down, Yuki. Yuki.”

I can’t calm down… Because…”

Yuki didn’t say the rest of the words.

Yuki likes me. She doesn’t admit it, but it’s obvious to me and Rei.

I guess that’s why she’s so upset when I hugged her.

I patted Yuki on the shoulder and got into a better position to move away from her.

Yuki looks around.

Kaho is looking at Yuki with a complicated expression.

Yuki rushes over to Kaho in a panic.

No, no… Kaho! This is…

“What’s the difference?”

Kaho asks quietly.

If you say it’s not, then you’re trying to deny something.

Yuki’s mouth was agape.

I’m sorry!

Yuki shouted and ran away. Kaho calls out in panic, “Yuki! but she runs away.

Before I knew it, Kotone had moved her mouth close to my ear.

“Senior is a sinner, isn’t he?”

I couldn’t say anything back and Kotone giggled.


After school that day.

I was going home with Rei.

Kotone is in junior high school so of course she can’t go home with him. It seemed that Kaho had decided to go home with Yuki for the first time in a while. It might be because of what happened this morning.

Kaho repeatedly reminded Rei, “You can’t make out with Haruto!” She reminded him.


Speaking of me and Rei-san going home together and not making out…

“It’s finally just the two of us, Haruhito!”

On the train, Rei had a big smile on her face. We were in an old JR train car, two people in a long seat side by side.

There are few other passengers. Outside the window is a rural landscape.

Rei was in such a good mood since it was just the two of us, she was almost whistling. It makes me happy to hear you say that.

I haven’t had many chances to be alone with Rei since we moved into the mansion.

Because Rei, Naho, Kotone, and Sister Ame are watching each other.

As a result, Rei-san only comes to see me secretly in the middle of the night, and it’s probably been a while since we’ve seen each other openly.

“It’s a uniform date, Haruhi-kun!”

I don’t know.

I think they’re just going home together. In fact, Rei didn’t seem to be satisfied with that.

“Hey, I’d like to stop off somewhere.”

Rei-san leans against me as if to pamper me. I hesitantly hug Rei-san’s shoulders.

I think they look like a couple making out.

However, there aren’t many places where you can stop by and go home in this not-so-urban town.

On the way to the station, a group of schoolgirls got on the train. They were wearing sailor school uniforms, but they looked very young, like they were in the first year of junior high school.

The girls blushed and giggled a little when they saw us. I was embarrassed, but Rei-san was more and more attracted to me.

“Rei-san… It’s a bit embarrassing…”

“I’m not embarrassed at all, and I love you, Haruhito.”

Rei-san’s face turned bright red as she said that.

The girls are like, “What a beautiful couple.” I’m so jealous.” I want a boyfriend, too. I want to die…” They’re saying…

I think there was a disturbing word mixed in at the end, but it seems like we’re lovers in love.

Rei’s a pretty girl, but I’m not a pretty man. I don’t think I’d call myself a “pretty man. I was tickled to feel the girls’ eyes on me and the warmth of Rei’s body.

Rei’s eyes were on the bag of one of the girls. On that bag was a keychain that looked like a mascot character.

I think his name is “Kuma-nyan. He looks like a cat and a bear divided by two.

He’s been very popular lately for his cute sleepy eyes.

“Rei-chan? Do you think she likes Kuma-nyan…? Or?”

“I don’t want any Kuma-nyan goodies, not at all.”

Rei is too shy to deny it.

But you want it, I thought.

“Oh, that’s right. I think there’s a plushie of Kuma-nyan in the UFO Catcher prize…”

“Oh, yeah?”

Rei’s face lights up.

I chuckled and Rei made a face like “Oh shit…” She made a face.

I didn’t say I wanted it, okay?

“Are you sure you don’t want it?”

“Maybe I want it a little. But I thought it’s childish to like character goods. If I’m not a mature woman, Haruhito won’t like me.”

Rei-san says with red cheeks. I’m embarrassed too.

But why did Rei-san think she had to be an adult woman?

“Because Haruhi-kun, you were all over Ame-no-san.”

“So, I’m not being cute.”


“I like Rei-san’s childishness too.”

“I’m not childish! But I’m glad you like me.”

Rei whispered in my ear with a small voice. Then, Rei-san stroked my breastplate as if she was trying to pamper me.

It smells soft and sweet.

The girls are curious, they’re whispering, “What a couple…” “You’re a couple of bachelors…

But I was not that interested in that, Rei who spoiled me was making me nervous all the time.

I wish I could make Rei-san happy too.

While I was thinking about that, we got off at the station and decided to go to the arcade.

This must be a uniform date.