I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 107

Chapter 107: The Green Dungeon

Onojo city, Fukuoka prefecture. The ‘Green Dungeon’ in Onojo General Park, with its sixty-three levels.

A place where the trees are thick and you can hear the birds singing and the insects buzzing.

The sky shone brightly, but the dense broadleaf trees blocked the sunlight, and the area was always dark.

“Maysa Needle’s flock.”

Yoshioka, the Seeker from Fukuoka Headquarters, stoops low and looks up at the sky.

Moving through the trees were wasp-like insect monsters the size of medium-sized dogs. The size of a medium-sized dog, they were flying around in swarms of several hundred.

Yoshioka frowned at the sheer number of them.

Behind him were five members of his own clan of explorers, the Exterminators, who, like Yoshioka, were bent over and looking around.

All of them wear battle suits made by DeNA El-Seed and helmets.

Yoshioka turns around and nods. The woman in front of him nods and raises her hand.

The members of the Clan of Explorers quickly dispersed and took up their positions.

A flock of Meissa Needles, which had circled back around the tall trees, came over the heads of Yoshioka and the others again.


At Yoshioka’s order, all the searchers rose to their feet and readied their weapons.

Yoshioka wielded a magic-enhancing weapon [Wind Sword Style 2]. He released a blade of wind.

The other explorers also have their own magic-enhancing weapons in the shape of Japanese swords and are covered with the magic of the wind.

Countless blades of wind intersected in the sky, intricately entangling each other and creating an atmospheric vortex.

A swarm of Maysa Needles plunges into the middle of it. With a clatter, small blades of wind scatter around them.

The blades of the wind tear at the legs, wings, and bodies of the demons and drop them to the ground one after another.

The insects are buzzing and thrashing about.

But they didn’t kill all the maser needles and the remaining dozens of herds were passing through the forest.

Hey! He’s coming your way!

Yoshioka shouts loudly. A man stands on a small hill in a clearing beyond a line of trees.

The man draws his sword from the scabbard in his hand and hangs the tip of the blade down without holding it.

When the red magic jewel attached to the base of the blade shines brightly, the blade is lit up in flames.

The sword of flame gleams as the demon points its deadly poisoned needles at you.

A dozen meisa needles were cut in half as the sword flashed through the void. The wounds ignite and burn at once, then vanish into ashes.

From behind the sparks and smoke that have scattered in the sky above, the surviving demons form a line and attack.

Louis doesn’t panic, but he raises his sword and sets it ablaze with a fiercer flame.

The slash drew a flowing trail of flame, slashing one after the other at the fastest speeds towards the Maysa Needle and reducing it to ashes.

In the blink of an eye, Louis swallowed over thirty demons into a whirlpool of flames .

“Hmm…” Louis lets out a breath and sheathes his sword. Yoshioka’s voice comes from far away.

Yoshioka and other searchers from the pest exterminator Exterminator rush out from the bushes in the forest.

“That’s great, Louie! More of them went that way than we thought. I was worried. I guess I didn’t need to be.

“No, it’s thanks to Yoshioka-san and the others for defeating most of the enemies.”

“Thank you for saying that. Let’s get some rest.”


Behind Yoshioka and Louie as they talk, a member of the exterminator team finds an object on the ground and picks it up.

“Captain! It’s a gemstone, 1.5 carats of jadeite.”

“Oh, yeah!”

Receiving the magic gem from his subordinate, Yoshioka handed it to the man carrying the large backpack.

The team takes out a special case from their backpacks and carefully puts away the magic gems. Louis and the others try to get to the top of the hill where they can get a good view to rest.

But then they hear an engine deep in the woods.

Yoshioka looks doubtful. The only vehicle that can be used in the dungeon is a motorcycle. Even so, they are dangerous and are forbidden unless it is an emergency.

“Is that… El-Seed’s off-road bike?

As Yoshioka had predicted, a special motorcycle modified for dungeon riding came through the forest.

The rear arm is moving up and down as they come toward us.

Braking just ahead of Louis and his friends, the rider takes off his full-face helmet and gets off the bike.

Hey, Sasaki. What’s up?”

The man who came was Seeker of the Fukuoka Branch. He was Yoshioka’s subordinate.

Mr. Yoshioka, there’s an urgent message from headquarters.

Sasaki handed over the tablet he had brought with him. The dungeon is affected by ‶Mana‶, making communication devices almost unusable.

If there is an emergency call, we can only deliver it by some kind of motorbike delivery service.

Yoshioka quickly checked the contents. He scrolls through the tabbed text silently for a while and looks at Louis when he finishes reading.

Louis, Headquarters wants to see you.


“There was a problem in the ‘Red Dungeon’ in Ibaraki. Tennoji in Hokkaido got called out.”

Even Tennoji-san… It’s a terrible situation…”

Yoshioka shows the tabloid to Rui and asks him to check the details.

“I really wanted to go further down, but HQ gave us no choice. Let’s get out of here.

“Okay. But will I be of any use to you in Ibaraki?”

Louie’s use of ‶Fire Magic‶ was not compatible with the demons in the ‘Red Dungeon’.

I was worried about that–

“Don’t worry. You’ve raised your mana quotient to over 2400 in this short time. That’s more than Tennouji’s growth rate. You should be more confident!”

“Thank you… But the demons in the red dungeon are different from those in the green dungeon, so you might not be able to fight them well.”

“Well, it’s true that fire magic doesn’t work at all against stronger fire magic. But it should be able to burn up weaker enemies with no problem. 

“Well… Okay.”

Yoshioka pats Louis on the back as he smiles brightly and gives the members of the Clan of Explorers instructions on how to move out. Louie prepares to leave, but then his attention is caught by Sasaki, who is about to dismantle the motorcycle he’s been riding.

Mr. Yoshioka. If you’re in a hurry, wouldn’t it be faster to use a motorcycle? I do have a license.

“Hmm? No, no! Motorcycles are inherently dangerous. We can only use them to contact you in an emergency like this.”

Sasaki, who was working with a wrench in his hand, smiles as Yoshioka says this.

It was really hard to get here! It’s not safe with all those demons jumping out at us while we’re driving. Let me at least walk home…”

Yoshioka heard Sasaki blurting out “Well, that’s why…” Yoshioka patted Louis on the shoulder.

He looked at the members of the Clan of Explorers lined up in front of him, straightened his back and opened his mouth.

“We’re going to the exit of the dungeon now. I have to get Louis to Ibaraki by Friday the day after tomorrow! We need to leave the dungeon by noon tomorrow. Of course! Make sure he gets there safe and sound! You know that, you guys!

“””Yes!”” “””

Each of them carried the backpack they had left behind in the shade of a tree and set off for the exit of the dungeon to take Louis back to the surface.