I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 117

Chapter 117: The Magic of Water

Yuma and Tanaka both looked into the silver case and said “Oh! They let out an exclamation.

“I’ve been scavenging as fast as I can, but I’m only at about 370 on the mana index. That was the limit. I’m sorry, Kanzaki.

“Well, what the heck! I’m just glad we got this.

Kanzaki thanked him honestly and clapped Ishikawa on the shoulder.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.

That’s okay. But your company’s on ground recon, right?

“Yeah, it’s easy.”

Ishikawa gives Kanzaki a hard look.

Kanzaki. There’s a good chance demons will crawl out even though we’re on the ground. In fact, a very strong demon escaped just the other day.

Kanzaki sniffs.

right? Demons can’t do much once they’re on Earth. I’m not worried.

Kanzaki takes out a cigarette from his inside pocket, puts it in his mouth and lights it. Ishikawa watches him and tries to make a complaint, but…

You’re going up a hundred levels, aren’t you? Are you sure you’re okay with that?

Hmm? Yes, we’re ready. We have enough Seeker Seekers and enough Seeker Seekers to build…

Yuma was surprised to hear that.

“What? Are the Seeker Seekers going to build the shelter too?”

Kanzaki and Ishikawa look at each other and start to laugh in disgust.

“Hey, Yuuma! Do you think you can take a private contractor to the 100th level of the dungeon? It’s too dangerous!”

Kanzaki pointed it out to me and said, “Indeed… That’s right.” I agree.

“We have a number of Seekers who specialize in construction work. They’re pretty strong.”

Ishikawa smiles and explains.

“Though I’m confident we’ll be able to defend it even if it’s a civilian who’s doing the work.”

Ishikawa turns his gaze in the other direction.

“Speak of the devil. He’s here.

Yuma’s gaze shifts. Two cars are coming along the asphalt road leading to the dome.

A large black wagon and an expensive-looking black 4WD crossed the street in front of Yuma and the others and stopped near the entrance to the dome.

The door opens and Yuma’s eyes are glued to the person who comes down.

Is that… Is that Tennoji Hayato-san from El-Seed?”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s our company’s most powerful explorer clan, the Roar of the Thunder Beast.”

Hayato Tennoji. He is a Seeker with the strongest Mana Index in the country, and a wielder of lightning magic.

Yuma had never been familiar with explorers before, but he had recently started to study them and had seen Tennouji’s figure in magazines many times.

People get out of the cars one after another. A large man of at least one hundred and ninety and a beautiful brown-skinned woman. I remember that the “Roar of the Thunder Beast” had eight members, right? Yuma’s eyes widen as he thinks back to the last person to come down.


“Oh, Yuma.”

His usual fresh smile was there.

“You… What are you doing. What are you doing here?

Uh, no, actually…

“Louis is joining the Thunder Beast’s Roar today. He’s an official member.”

What? You’re the one who’s gonna…

Behind the bewildered Yuma, Kanzaki starts laughing happily.

“Ha-ha-ha, that’s great! Hope, you’ve only been with us a few months, right? And yet you’re in the most powerful clan in the country.”

–That’s right. I can’t believe Louis is going to be a part of that…

No, no… I’m just… I’m still a little slow.

Ishikawa patted Louis on the shoulder.

“Yes, he’s inexperienced, but he’s as good as the rest of them. He is a rookie who has exceeded all expectations!”

Louis shrugs his shoulders in embarrassment. Kanzaki sees this and mutters sarcastically.

“I guess that means the pro scout Ishikawa-sama’s hunch came true this time too.”


Yuma asks curiously… and Kanzaki replies “Oh… yes…” Kanzaki replies.

“He’s also a scout for the Seeker Seekers who work for El-Seed. He’s the one who found Tennoji and has recruited many other talented people. He’s good at spotting talent.”

Yuma said, “Wow, that’s amazing.” Ishikawa scratched his neck in embarrassment.

“It’s not that I have a job. It’s just that I have a gut feeling, you know?”


When Yuma asks him about it, Ishikawa shows a troubled look.

“It’s hard to explain, but I can tell if someone is a good seeker or not. Especially Tennouji and Rui, I have a strong feeling that they have talent.”


“Well, there was another girl I felt strongly about, but she didn’t turn out to be an explorer seeker. We try to recruit them, sure, but not all of them turn out well.”

Ishikawa squinted at him. Is he remembering someone?

Hey! What are you doing, Louie? Come on!

The members of ‶Raiju no Roar‶ who were on their way to the dome call Louis. Louis hurriedly replies, “I’ll be right there!” He replies “I’ll be right there!

“I’m sorry, Yuma. I have to go.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good luck!”

“Yeah, be careful too.”

Louis ran to the members of the Clan of Explorers and went straight into the domed building.

I’m coming with you. I’m sure the other Company Seekers are already here.

Ishikawa followed Rui and the others. Kanzaki sees them off. and turns to face Yuma.

Leave the heavy lifting to them. We’ve got our own work to do. Yuma, swallow this.

Kanzaki presented the ‘Water Magic Jewel’ in a silver case.

“There are quite a few… One, two, three…”

Just drink it all at once! Tanaka-san, water!

“Here you go. Here you go, Yuma.

Tanaka takes a plastic bottle out of his knapsack and hands it to Yuma. Yuma takes it thanking him and grabs some magic jewels.

I put about half of it in my mouth, because it seemed to be too hard to drink all of it at once.

I took in 14 magic gems in two batches and waited for a while. Then, as usual, his abdomen gets hot and it subsides.

It seems to be working.

Yuma clasps his hands together again and again. I don’t feel any different.

“Now you should be able to use the powerful water magic. Shall we give it a try?”

Kanzaki takes down the drum bag he is carrying and takes out a short tube divided into three parts. He fits them into the joints and spins them around to form a cudgel.

“It’s a water cudgel. I think I can handle it now.”

Yuma grips the club that Kanzaki handed him with both hands. The actuality that you can’t use [magic-imparting armament] because of the fact that there was almost no water magic until now.

Yuma casts his spell slowly. He’s practiced how to cast it many times.

“Please… Please make it work!”

I stared at the cudgel as if in prayer, and my grip gradually grew hotter.

A thin blue line extends and spreads to the whole area.


The vein cudgel glowed blue with magic power.