I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Small Business Searchers

What’s the emergency? We’re supposed to be on the ground, right?

The three D-minors had been on guard duty inside the dome but had been summoned to the fourth floor hall of the ‘Central Control Center’ at short notice.

I went through the entrance of the building and took the elevator up to the fourth floor, where many Seekers and their associates were hanging out.

There’s so many of them. I think they’re all being called.

It means something’s wrong.

Yuma looks around curiously. More and more people crowd into the hall.

The people present had not been told anything, and everyone had a puzzled look on their faces.

Oh! Mr. President, that’s…

Kanzaki looked in the direction Tanaka was pointing and saw the general manager of El-Seed, Honda, on the stage.

Honda stands in front of the podium, adjusts his microphone and clears his throat.

Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for gathering here. As some of you may already know, we have received urgent word from the clan of explorers who were aiming for the hundredth level.

The people in the hall begin to murmur. The fact that we’ve been summoned here at all means that the clan of higher explorers couldn’t handle it alone.

Perhaps sensing the uneasiness spreading through the hall, Honda smiled and continued.

There’s nothing to worry about. We’ve only had a few more demons than we initially anticipated. We can handle them with a large group of explorers, but I’m thinking of raising the alert level just in case.”

What exactly are you doing?

One of the participants shouted. Honda smiled and answered him.

“I’d like you all to wait at the first level of the dungeon. Not right now. We’ve received reports that the creatures will ascend to a shallower level tomorrow morning. Meet me at the dungeon entrance at 7:00 tomorrow morning. I’ve requested reinforcements from the Self-Defense Forces to make sure the creature doesn’t escape. Rest assured that we are prepared for anything.”

With a soft expression on his face, Honda left the podium and was replaced by an El-Seed employee who stood at the podium and gave a detailed schedule, and the meeting was dismissed.

Damn! What the hell is that Ishikawa guy doing?

On the way out of the Central Center Building and back to the lodging building. he swears.

“There’s over a hundred high ranking Seekers out there, you know? We’re not supposed to be here! We’re the ones who were forced to come out early in the morning. Shut up!

Tanaka tried to calm Kanzaki down by saying “Oh well…” Tanaka tries to calm him down.

“From what I’ve heard, the problem is that there are so many goblins and orcs that the higher explorer clans can’t focus on the stronger demons.”

Goblins, orcs…

Kanzaki makes a blatantly disgusted face when he hears Tanaka’s story.

“Are you really such a powerful demon?”

Yuma asks.

“No… They’re not all that powerful. But they’re smart demons. They attack in groups and work together. They’re usually found in the 70th level. They don’t usually come up to the first level…”

Yuma is worried about fighting these demons tomorrow morning, but his mind is even more preoccupied with Louis.

–If he’s in trouble in the dungeon, he’s gonna have to face it. Is he gonna be okay?

Whether or not he knew how Yuma felt…

“Well, there’s no point in moping about it. We’ve got an early day tomorrow, so let’s get to bed!”

When Kanzaki said that… Yuma and Tanaka looked at each other and said “Yes.” And then they returned to the accommodation building.

The next morning at six o’clock, many Seekers gathered near the entrance of the dungeon and on one level.

Honda asks the El-Seed Corporation for reinforcements for the Seeker, but it seems unlikely that they will arrive in time. Instead, outside the dome facility, Self-Defense Force officers and combat vehicles from the Ground Self-Defense Force’s Tsuchiura and Katsuta Garrisons have rushed in as reinforcements.

And the forces have also been deployed around the ‶Explorer’s Town‶ and are ready to intercept the demons in places where the mana has thinned out.

I’m not letting that thing out of–

That’s the common view of El-Seed, the SDF, and the government.

The three D-Minor members who had been ordered to stand by on the first level of the dungeon could feel the tension and determination in their hearts.

“There’s going to be about forty Seeker Seekers in one layer alone.”

The sun was shining on the scorching earth. Kanzaki crouches down and puts his hexagonal staff on his shoulder. He rolls his eyes.

I looked around and saw the various clans of explorers from different companies.

Some clans are made up of men and some of them are made up of young women only.

Some of them look like a bunch of scrawny researchers. I wonder if they are really Seeker Seekers.

“They’re here too…”


Most of the Seekers in small and medium-sized companies wear casual clothes or work clothes. But this group of men and women, each of them wearing existing protectors called battlesuits and equipped with magic-enhancing armaments, must be a clan of explorers in their own right, Yuma thought.

The man in the lead looks straight at Kanzaki and smiles wanly.

“Oh, D-Minor’s here too. That’s a lot of work, Kanzaki. We don’t have many Seekers, and yet we’re being summoned all the way here…”

“Oh? Okawara, are you here to sell us a fight? I’ll buy you anytime!

Kanzaki glares at him and Okawara raises his hands in the air with an expression of relief.

“Don’t be so upset. I’m worried about you. You’ve got nothing but low-powered water magic users over there.

So what?

“We have two Water Magic users with mana indices over 1000 and two Lightning Magic Seekers.

Okawara looks behind him and scoots with his chin.

The man and woman there made a snickering gesture.

If you look closely, you’ll see a man chewing gum and a man cutting off his hand. A woman twirls her blonde hair around her fingertips and smirks as she plays with her phone.

You don’t look very classy.

Okawara himself is about the same age as Kanzaki, but he wears his hair like a visual-kei rock band.

It’s pretty punchy looking.

“That’s why you asked me to help you out if you need anything… and you’re being so combative.”

Mind your own business! You can’t help us. Get the hell out of here!

Kanzaki made a shushing gesture with his hand and Okawara said “Okay…okay…” Okawara said, “Okay, okay,” and turned on his heel with the other members.

Sir, do you know him?

Yuma asks and Kanzaki makes a blatantly disgusted face.

“Well… Okawara’s the president of a company called IBI. We used to run a clan of explorers together.

“Heh~, ‘IBI’ is a big company?”

“Yeah! It’s just a small business. It’s a little bigger than my company!”

Kanzaki got irritated and took out a cigarette from his breast pocket, lit it with his Zippo and started smoking.