I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Exchanging Business Cards

“Oh! This is awesome. You think you can beat all of them?

Despite Kanzaki’s joy, Yuma’s face is clouded.

“No. There’s a limit to how much liquid metal we can spread out, so we can’t defeat them very efficiently.”

Yuma was right, the range of the liquid metal was at most five meters around Yuma. Moreover, the Salamanders have become more vigilant and are no longer approaching the black puddle.

“It can’t be helped.”

Yuma collects the liquid metal with a shrug and stands up.

What do we do now, Yuma? There’s no one here now, but the SDF will come. I told Tanaka-san that… but it’s impossible for the SDF to defeat a large number of demons by themselves.


Yuma looks around. There are about five hundred Salamanders at a glance. As Kanzaki said, we can’t afford to take too much time to defeat them.

“I will become ‶Metal Armor″ and annihilate them all at once!”

You put power into your body. The mana in your body turns into liquid metal, which covers your whole body.

Yuma’s body has grown two sizes, and his head has grown horns. He’s got bulging muscles and black armor, spiked shoulder armor and fists.

Yuuma, now in the form of ‶Metal Armor‶, quietly opens his mouth.

“Unlimiter… Bloody Bloody Ore Oa… Full throttle!”

Red streaks ran down its black body. The streak glows eerily all over.

Steam rises from Yuma’s body, and he exhales steam from his mouth. The nearby pebbles begin to shake.

The herd of salamanders that had been running to the surface stopped moving.

Some of them even take a step or two backward as if they’re afraid of something.

“Mr. President!”

Oh, oh.

“I’ll do my best!”

Oh, for God’s sake!

Yuma kicks the ground. The earth blows up as if in an explosion, and the startled Kanzaki reflexively guards his face with his arms.

Things happened pretty fast from there.

When Yuma kicks it, the demon is sent flying up into the sky and turns into sand.

If you step on it, it will turn to sand without question.

The sword that extended from his arm slashed at them and many of the demons were instantly cut in half.

No one can resist.

No one escapes.

Just a storm of one-sided violence.

They smashed them… kicked them… slashed them… and crushed them. It took them less than three minutes to kill five hundred salamanders.

Are you okay?

About ten minutes later, SDF troops with rifles came down from the ground. They were about the size of a platoon.

The two are approaching Kanzaki and Yuma, keeping a wary eye on their surroundings.

What happened to the demon?

“Oh, I think they’ve escaped down to the lower levels. Anyway, they’re not around here.”

Kanzaki replies in a calm tone of voice, and the SDF man breathes a sigh of relief as he lowers his gun and straightens his posture.

We’ll take a look around here. You two should go to the surface and receive treatment. After you’ve been treated, the Seekers and the SDF will work together to protect the area.

“Oh, okay. Okay.”

Kanzaki and Yuma leave the Self-Defense Forces personnel on the first level and begin to climb the stairs leading to the surface.

You did it, Yuma!


Kanzaki happily pulls out a small case from his inside pocket. When he opens it, there are numerous red jewels in it.

“Rubies, rubies! That’s a lot of rubies. That’s a lot of rubies.”

“After all, if you kill that many Salamanders you’re bound to drop some Demon Jewels too…”

“Ah, now we won’t have to shut down the company for a while. Yuma! I’ll give you a special bonus when I get back.

Really? Thank you!”

They walked to the ground, overjoyed.

Thirteen levels of the Red Dungeon–

In front of the cave that leads to the twelfth level, in a place lined with large, rugged rocks, there was the figure of ‶The Thunder Beast’s Roar‶.

The other explorer clans had gone up to the floor first and Tennoji and the others had bent down and looked at the demons.

What do you think?

Louis calls out to Tennoji who is looking through binoculars.

“As reported… There are more goblins and orcs. And–“

Tennoji breaks off and takes off his binoculars and stares off in the distance.

There’s more Hel-Galm. There must be close to 30 of them.


Ishikawa, who was standing next to me, opens his eyes.

“Even one demon is a struggle! Thirty of them…”

The members of the Clan of Searchers who were present all have grim looks on their faces.

“I knew I shouldn’t have hit him earlier, should I?”

Tennoji shook his head and said, “No. Tennoji shook his head.

“Even if we’d defeated the demons in the lower levels we’d have used up all our magic and we’d have suffered some not-so-shallow wounds. Then the demons would have caught up with us from behind and killed us all.”

All the members fall silent. It’s true that there’s no rescue in the lower levels of the dungeon.

“I knew it… We’re going to have to lead them closer to the ground.

Louis says with a tense expression on his face and Tennoji nods. Tennoji nodded.

“If we’re near the ground, we can fight them as hard as we can without thinking twice. I’ll kill every last one of them.”

Ishikawa smiles at Tennoji’s words.

We’re going up.

The members of the group of explorers stand up and head for the cave that leads to the upper floor. Tennoji stops and looks back when he sees that everyone has entered the cave.

He was in the middle of a swarm of demons.

“… Red Ogre, I will defeat you!”

Tennoji turned on his heel and entered the cave.

The dome’s facilities on the ground are crowded with wounded Seekers.

Even so, only a few of them are seriously injured and most of them are only slightly wounded. As Kanzaki and Yuma walked around looking around, Tanaka and the Seekers of the Sakura Port Company were sitting in one corner of the wide corridor.


“Oh! Mr. President!”

Tanaka got up quickly and came running toward us.

“Oh, thank God… I was worried about what happened to you two…”

Tanaka puts his hands on his knees, his shoulders rising and falling as he gasps for air.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Mr. Tanaka, we’re fine. How’s it going over there?

The Sacramentans were all lightly wounded. I’m sure they’ll be able to fight again after a bit of rest.

“Well… That’s good.”

As they were talking, Mizunazuki noticed and approached them. Her left arm is bandaged and her face is covered with gauze, but they don’t seem to be serious injuries.

“Thank you for your help earlier. If you hadn’t come, the Clan of Searchers might have been destroyed. As leader of the clan, I thank you.”

“Hey, come on… We’re fighting with you, we’re supposed to help you!

Kanzaki scratches his cheeks in embarrassment. He doesn’t seem to be good at receiving compliments from others.

“D-Minor” is the name of the company. Mr. Tanaka just told me. I’m embarrassed to say this is the first time I’ve heard of the company.”

“Well, that’s understandable. It’s a small business.”

“But you and that young Seeker Seeker of yours, you’ve got a great company with great people!”

Mizunazuki looks at Yuma. Yuma hurriedly looks away and then smiles and turns to face Kanzaki again.

I look forward to a continued relationship with you.”

Mizunashi holds out the business card in his hand. Kanzaki says “Oh…” and takes it. He takes the card and rummages through his pockets to find his own card.

He handed the crumpled card to Mizunashi. He handed it to Mizunashi.

Yuma and Tanaka who were watching the situation looked at Kanzaki coldly. and gave Kanzaki a cold look.