I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 130

Chapter 130: The Collapsing Dome

The headquarters of the International Dungeon Research Organization (IDR) in Jerusalem, Israel.

Two men were standing in front of the ‘Orpheus Tablet’, which stood against the wall and was protected by tempered glass.

“Third step… The ‶Red Ore‶ looks like it’s shining.”

Ethan Noble, IDR principal investigator, looks up at the tablet with interest.

He has silver spaghetti hair and a tattered white robe. He looks like a tired old man, but his eyes, peering out from behind his round glasses, are shining like those of a child.

Clark’s assistant, standing next to him, raised an eyebrow, his face tense.

“The Red Duke is on the move?”

“I’m sure. I think the gradual glowing of this ore is a sign that a unique monster with peculiar properties is approaching the surface.”

“If so, has that changed since the fall of the Black King?”

“Yeah, and the other ores seem to be changing as well.”

Ethan is right, some of the ore seems to glow faintly. Clark frowns, but Ethan smiles happily.

“Something… Something big is about to happen.

Red dungeon entrance–

The Seekers who have come to the surface run out of the dome.

Some were wounded, some had their faces contorted in fear, and some were excited and on the edge.

Meanwhile, Yuma and the others escape to the surface.

D-Minor and the other Sakura Ports seemed to be unscathed. Yuma called out to Tanaka who was gasping for breath next to him.

“You killed all the goblins and orcs, didn’t you?”

“Huh… Huh… Yeah, I think… Huh… I think I’ve got it. Huh… We’ve all been working so hard.

“If that’s the case–“

Yuma turns around and looks at the entrance to the dungeon inside the dome.

–All that’s left is a fiery dog and a red monster. If we can just kill them…

The Self-Defense Forces are coming up behind us with rifles. They might be able to shoot us on the ground. That’s what they’re thinking.

The top-seeking Seekers are on the ground too.

A fiery hound follows. It breathes a fiery breath from its mouth and hunts down the Seekers with claws that could melt iron.

The SDF moved forward to cover the retreating Seekers.


Hearing the commander’s order, more than a dozen men went down on one knee, and nearly two dozen stood and held their rifles at the ready.


The muzzle of a gun erupts in a single volley of fire. Hundreds of bullets were fired at the five Hel-Garms as they came to the surface. But–

I knew it!

Kanzaki says as if to throw up. The bullet evaporates as soon as it hits Hell-Galm. Without a moment’s pause, the Self-Defenseman with the 84mm recoilless gun drops to one knee and takes aim with it on his shoulder.

The men pull the trigger.

The tail plug of the cannon explodes and the warhead is fired with a crash. The dog catches the projectile flying in a straight line with its glazed eyes.

The fire that opens its mouth and spits out swallows the walls and floors of the building, along with the warhead.

The bullet explodes, sending sparks of fire flying. All the surrounding glass shatters, and some people are blown away by the impact.

One by one, Hell-Garm attacks. Spewing fire, the walls and floors of the dome melt like candy canes, and they look unconcerned by any attack.

Even the big Seekers are at a loss in this situation and they run for their lives.

The battlefield is moving out of the dome.

Tennoji and the other members of the Roar of the Thunder Beast crawl out of the dungeon’s exit. They are covered in ashes and their battle suits are scorched black in many places.

“Shit! You’re on fire!”

Tennoji comes out on the ground and looks around indignantly. Hell-Galm’s rampage has set fire to every part of the building. The walls are burned and sore, and the fire has spread to the ceiling.

“Did Hel-Garm get out?”

No demon dog is within Tennoji’s sight. Ishikawa and Taizen are coming up behind him.

We’re going out there! We’re gonna burn to death.

Ishikawa raises his axe and channels the water’s magic. [The Axe of the Water Veins glows blue, and the water gathers around it like a spiral.

“Woah woah woah!”

A great quantity of water gushes out from the axe as it is swung down, and it becomes a rippling blade that cuts through the flames.

The current also destroyed the doors and walls and made a way for Tennoji and the others to retreat.

Let’s go!

Ishikawa shouted and the three of them started to run. At that moment, Tennoji’s earpiece made a noise, and then he heard a voice.

Can you hear me? Tennoji Temple.


Tennoji holds his ear and answers the call. The communication barrier seems to be gone now that they’re on the ground.

”Yeah, we’re monitoring every step of the way at the Central Center’s task force. All Hell-Garms are out of the building!

What about the other Seekers?

”We’re out there together, engaging them. The dome is surrounded by a mobile regiment from Miyagi, fighting with tanks and combat vehicles, but still with conventional weapons…”

Tennoji bites his navel as he runs. He knew. The demon’s power might not diminish even if we went above ground.

Hell-Garm has too much magic. And the only thing more magical than–

At that moment, Tennoji felt light and heat on his back. When he turned around, flames erupted from the hole that served as the entrance and exit.


While the three of you are gawking, you see a figure coming slowly up the stairs.

Its body is engulfed in flames and its rising columns of fire melt the ceiling. The red ogre catches Tennoji and the others with a sharp look.

“Oh, no! The building’s not gonna hold.

Tennoji shouted and a flash of light spread out. The flames broke through the dome’s ceiling and a huge pillar of fire shot up into the sky.

An explosive impact, a heat wave blasts through the building, flames erupt from the doors and windows.

The Seekers outside turn in surprise. The dome is collapsing with a crash. The ceiling burns down, and the walls and pillars melt.

Tennoji and the others force their way out of the rubble, which is on fire. Ishikawa pushes away the pillars, and Taizen and Tennoji destroy the concrete surrounding the area.

They were caught in the explosion and blown away, but the ‶Defensive Barrier of Magic‶ that covered their bodies protected them.

“Fuck you! You son of a bitch!

Tennoji grits his teeth and stares at the center of the swirling flames. From within the flickering flames comes the demon walking towards you.

If we don’t beat him, we don’t stand a chance. Are you ready? Ishikawa, Taizen!

“Yeah, of course. Who’s gonna stop him if not us?

“Just distract them for now, and I’ll use my EMP to finish them off!”

The three of them looked at the approaching ‶Red Ogre‶ and stood in front of it.

“Oh, no… The dome…”

Louis, who was with Yuma and the others, is astonished to see the dome on fire.

Around us, more than a dozen Hel-Garms were out in the open, rampaging. They’re burning tanks and fighting vehicles with the flames they spit out.

The SDF fighters fight back, but it is difficult to wound them with conventional weapons. Even if they can hit them with tank shells, the wounds regenerate quickly.

The small and medium Seekers are no match for him. The higher Seekers will do their best to hold off Hell-Garm.

We must avoid leaving the City of Explorers.

Everyone thought so, but the demon dog went back to the heart of the city instead of out there.


Louis rushes out. Yuma asks “What’s going on? and Louis turns around while running.

Hell-Garm is heading for Tennoji-san’s place! We have to cover them.

Hey, Louie!

Yuma tries to stop him, but Louis draws his sword and runs towards the burning dome.

The higher-ranking Seekers also gathered in the center of the city one after another in response.