I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 134

Chapter 134: The Black Fiend

The central control center next to the dome. The task force set up in one of its rooms was in an uproar as if it had just poked a beehive.

“What the hell is that thing? Where did it come from?

Honda wrinkles his brow and yells at him.

Normally he’s a calm man… but today he’s nervous.

I don’t know. It just came out of nowhere.

The operator woman who was staring at the monitor replies with a puzzled look on her face. Honda puts his hand on the earpiece he is wearing and presses a key on his computer to connect the line to Tennoji.

Can you hear me, Tennoji? Tell me what’s going on.

I’m getting ear-splitting static in my earpiece. The transmission seems to be worse than before.


“… Zzz… K… Ro-“

Only a muffled voice echoes. Honda watches the video on his computer, but block noises begin to appear on it as well.

The image of Tennoji staring at the black monster as he collapsed was on the screen.

Mr. Ishikawa! What the hell is this guy?

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Yasumae and Ishikawa were stunned by the black monster standing in front of them. It appeared out of nowhere, and after a battle, it punched the red ogre to the ground.

“Uh… Ugh.”

Tennoji, who had fallen behind him, was trying to stand up.

You okay?

Ishikawa runs to Tennoji and lends him his shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I blocked it with my lightning barrier the moment it hit me. But there’s that monster!

Tennoji stands up holding onto Ishikawa’s shoulder and glares at the demon.

I don’t feel the same strong magical power from the black monster as I do from the red ogre. But Tennoji sensed something more horrifying than that.

“Hasn’t Honda-san said anything?”

Ishikawa asks. He knew that Tennoji and Honda were communicating through a direct line.

“No… There was a call, but I couldn’t hear it because the signal was too bad. It’s probably because of that demon…”


Ishikawa murmured regretfully, and Taizen, who had slowly moved back, opened his mouth with his cannonball pointed at the enemy.

“That black creature, did it come up from the Red Dungeon? And we didn’t even know it was there?

“I don’t know. I just–“

Tennoji pulls away from Ishikawa’s shoulder and looks forward, independently.

“That doesn’t look like a demon in the ‶Red Dungeon″.”

There’s a clatter. Yuma stares, and the wall collapses, and the piles of concrete move slightly.

Next thing you know– the debris blows away like an explosion.

A red demon appears from within and glares at you. The wounds on his body heal with a hissing sound, and the flames that shoot out swirl and burn the area around him.

The demon takes a step or two and steps over the debris and comes out.

The flames that pour out of his body grow stronger and rise into the sky in a pillar of fire.


I’ve never heard a demon roar before. The fire gradually dies down and only the silent intent to kill is left for Yuuma.

“All right, round two.”

The demon moves. He comes at Yuuma in a straight line and strikes him with his right fist.

Yuma struck a fighting pose and stepped forward with his right foot.

Clash, fist to fist.

Yuma’s twisted left fist shattered the demon’s fist and shattered the bones in his arm, shredding it to shreds.

The demon seemed to be astonished that his arm had been crushed, but Yuma didn’t care and folded his attack.

Oni strikes with a right hook to the jaw.

I tried to hit him a little lightly, but his jaw was cracked and he was unsteady on his feet.

Yushin attacked with a flurry of strikes. A barrage of sharp jabs to the chest, stomach, gut, shoulder, arm, chin, and side of the body are slammed into Oni’s body.

The speed is so fast that the ogres are on the defensive and they can’t help but fall back.

The demon opened its mouth to counterattack and spat out a scorching flame at Yuuma!

“Wow… It’s hot.

The flames engulfed Yuma’s body and set him ablaze.

“… Oh, it’s not hot. It’s not hot!”

Yushin punches the demon in the face as hard as he can, causing it to spit out flames. The demon’s face is smashed, the flames dissipate, and it turns its head and steps on a pair of bellows.

“You scared me! I can’t use fire!”

Oni lets out a yell and comes at him with his hands outstretched. Yuma calmly steps in and cracks Oni in the jaw with a nice short uppercut!

His face bounces and blood spurts out as he stops moving, and Yuma takes a step forward and slams a low kick into the demon’s leg.

A powerful kick leaps the opponent’s legs, and the demon half-turns and hits its head on the ground.

Its two legs are bent unnaturally and it can hardly stand. The demon groaned and fell to the ground, but Yuma kicked it mercilessly.

The demon spun around and flew away. When it hit the side wall of the building, it made a big hole and jumped into the building.

When Yuma saw that… and frowned.

“I don’t know if it’s safe to break something like this. Won’t he get mad at me later?”

Well… I don’t think he’ll recognize me in this form… Yuma walked towards the building where the demon had flown.

“What the… That strength…”

Honda was watching the footage at the headquarters, and was utterly amazed at the unusual strength of the black monster.

Red Duke Duke is a monster with a mana index of over 6000. Even Tennoji and Ishikawa are having a hard time against this [Demon of the Deep]. That monster has been beaten beyond his power.

How is this possible? And with her arms and her defenses… He’s immune to magic.

I don’t think that’s–

Sir! How do you want to handle this?

The voice of the female operator brought Honda back to his senses. No matter how much he speculated, there was no way he could get an answer. He had to do what he could now.

Honda thinks so and instructs his men.

Get the Self-Defense Forces to send a communications vehicle to restore communications! We can’t contact Tennoji and the others.

Yes, sir.

“And where’s the Seeker Seeker with the prototype mana meter?”

At Honda’s question the female operator immediately confirms the position of the Seekers.

We’re still waiting near the dome.

Honda nodded lightly and said briefly, “Send a message.” “Send a message.” he said shortly. At the moment, we can’t communicate with them even within a short distance from the central center to the ground.

Honda thought that the only way to contact them was to send someone directly.

So, what are your orders?

The female operator asked. Honda looked at the computer monitor and answered.

“Let me measure the ‶Mana Index″ of the Black Demon!”