I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 137

Chapter 137: The [Liberation] of the Demon Jewel

The red ogre standing in front of Yuma is dazed and angry.

–How tough is this guy? Metallization and Bloody Bloody Ore Oa still got some time left on them, but it’s gonna run out. We can’t hold them off forever!

Yuma spreads his legs shoulder-width apart and drops both fists to his hips.

–I don’t have a choice. I’m gonna beat the hell out of you!

I consciously remove my muscle limiters and crank up the bloody Bloody Ore Ore to the max. Multiple veins of glowing red blood flow through my body, and steam erupts from my body.

Open your mouths and let out a roar.

He rushes at once, grabs the ogre by the head, and slams it into the building behind him. The outer wall cracks and splits.

He smashes through the wall, then plunges in and smashes the ogre’s head against the wall some more.

Several walls are broken down, and as he exits the building, he slams his head into the street. Blood sprays and concrete shatters.

Put your strength into your hands and crush the demon’s head with your grip.

He throws the twitching body of the demon toward the sky. Yuma takes up a stance against the demon as it falls powerlessly.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

A storming rush with both fists. A left hook to the ribs and a right fist through the gut. Dozens of blows struck the demon’s body.

His face is smashed with each blow, and his arms and legs are mercilessly destroyed when he tries to guard them.

I’ve heard from Kanzaki that even if you have [regeneration] you can still defeat demons if you deal more damage than that.

Then we’ll keep pushing the limits until we destroy it.

Yuma’s spinning kick explodes and the demon is blown to the outer wall of the lodge. The wall crumbled into pieces.

The demon is wounded in such a way that it could be incapacitated again, but it heals itself in an instant and rises to its feet just as flames erupt from its body.

“… That’s good, isn’t it!”

Yuma struck a fighting pose again and glared at the demon in front of him.

Tennoji and the others carefully go around the building.

The black demons were rampaging in all directions and engaging in fierce battles with the red ogres, so I kept a certain distance from them to avoid getting caught in the middle of the fray.

The Black Monarch Lord seems to be pushing one-sidedly, but the Red Duke Duke regenerates his body and begins to counterattack.

You strike the monarch lord with your flaming right back fist. The flames explode with such force that the black monster is blown to the building diagonally across from you.

When it hits the outer wall of the building, the wall crumbles to pieces.

As the black monster rose to its feet the red Duke Duke rushed at once and spat out a mouthful of searing fire.

The flames spread until they engulf the entire first floor of the building and the black monster is invisible.

The swirling flames enter the building through the collapsed walls and windows, and burn the interior. The flames flicker and sway.

The next moment, a black arm shot out from the fire.

He strikes the Red Duke in the face and blasts him far backwards.

“G… Gah…”

The Duke looks up as he falls, his voice strained.

A black creature emerges from the flames. It does not appear to be wounded.

Tennoji saw this and checked the expressions on the faces of Ishikawa and the others immediately behind him. All of them had tense faces, but they didn’t seem to be horrified.

“Duke Duke’s distracted, it’s now or never! Let’s go!

“”Oh!”” “

Ishikawa and Taizen say “Yes! and Rui replies “Yes!

The four of you leap out from behind the building at once and surround the black monster. The creature makes no move.

You must defeat your opponent quickly, leaving him no chance to counterattack.

Tennoji gives Ishikawa a signal with his eyes. Ishikawa understood immediately and moved to attack.

You run to the demon and swing your axe with a mighty swing.


The shape of the axe changes. The axe’s center gemstone begins to glow violently. The axe grows larger, and the magic of the water converges on it.

“Demon Jewel Liberation! Eat me!”

The ‶Water Demon Jewel‶ used in the Water Vein Battle Axe shattered.

Instead an enormous amount of water magic is deployed around the axe and water gushes out like a geyser from the downward slash, striking the black monster directly.

The demon was startled and took a few steps back.

It’s powerful enough to cut the enemy’s body into pieces. But Ishikawa bites his navel when he realizes it doesn’t work on the monarch lord.

But that’s not the end of it. Ishikawa jumps to the side to secure his line of fire.

“I’m counting on you, Taizen!”


 The moving parts of that equipment also open up with a resounding thud.

The ‶Devil Jewel‶ exposed from the cannonball began to shine fiercely.

“The Demon Jewel [Liberation]! This is my full power!!!”

Plasma gushes out all over Taizen’s body and the ‶Magic of Thunder‶ converges on his projectile armored body.

“–Super Magnetic Projectile Gun Exceed Railgun–!”

The silver bullets struck the monster with a tremendous bolt of lightning. A huge explosion erupts and the black monster is blown away and crashes into a building.

Taizen shouts as he sees the demon staggering to its feet.

You take care of the rest! Tennoji!

The projectile cuirass on his right arm was smoking and the magic jewel was shattered. Taizen also used up all his strength and fell to his knees.

Seeing Yasumae like that, Tennoji says “Ah! and runs away.

I’m already ready. Tennouji held both fists on his hips as he ran and channeled lightning magic throughout his body.

Your hair will turn golden and stand on end.

His body seemed to be glowing as he was covered in lightning. Tennoji zigzagged his steps at high speed as he approached the Black Monarch Lord.

–This will be the last attack!

“Demon Jewel [Liberation]! Take my barrage of blows!!!!”

Tennoji’s two hand armor shines brightly.

Tennoji’s left hand slams into the black monster’s gut and it bends its body into a tight crouch. Tennoji doesn’t miss that chance and folds up his attack in a single bound.

The neck to the face, the arm to the chest, the shoulder to the stomach, Tennoji’s blows hit one after another. The blindingly fast barrage of blows seems to be too much for even the sovereign lord to handle.

With each hit, a bolt of lightning cracks open and scatters. Releasing the magic gem is a special trick only a few high ranking Seekers can pull off.

A double-edged attack that destroys the gem instead of drawing out the maximum magic from it. But its power is tremendous.

Because it can create many times more destructive force than usual.

Tennoji looks at the foe in front of him. He is holding on, guarding with both arms, but it is hard to tell how much damage he has done.

A hideously hard body, and resistance to magic.

–I’m sure it’s not ineffective after all these attacks, but…

While thinking this, he realizes that the ‶Devil Jewel‛ in his cuirass is nearing its limit.

That’s it!

Both fists are ready. Lightning bolts erupt from his fists, and the magic charged in his legs bursts forth at once.

The black creature can’t keep up with our accelerated movements.

–I can do it!

Tennoji’s attack pops the demon’s arm, and he is able to pry open its guard. Tennoji lands a powerful uppercut to the jaw.

A thunderous crash, and the demon’s jaw drops.

I deliver another blow to the black monster as it tries to hold on with its footsteps. I land a few more blows to the belly, and the creature bends over.

The magic jewels in your hands are shattered. There’s nothing left to attack. But–

Now! Louie!”

Tennoji crouched down on the spot. Then a figure jumps out from behind him.

It is Louis who holds his sword in the upper position. The sword is filled with flames, and when the magic jewel on the hilt shines, it burns even more fiercely.

His timing was perfect. The black monster’s guard was up, and it was too poised to react quickly.

–I’ll never miss this chance you’ve made for me.