I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Japan’s Grave Crisis

All Hell-Garms were defeated and the demons on the ground were annihilated.

However, the Seekers and the Self-Defense Forces suffered heavy losses, and the plan to build shelters in the hundred levels of the ‘Red Dungeon’ was postponed.

D-Minor and other small businesses are leaving the ‶Explorer’s Town‶ and heading home.

I don’t know what will happen in the future, but there is a plan to deal with only major and semi-major carriers in the next plan.

Well, I guess our work here is done.

Kanzaki mutters while driving the jeep.

“Frankly, I don’t want to come back.”

Tanaka, sitting in the passenger seat, smiles bitterly. But Yuma, sitting in the back seat, leans forward and enters the conversation.

“But I was happy to see my friends. I also got to see famous people like Tennoji-san!”

“Yeah, sure… The battle at the Roar of the Thunder Beast was awesome after all.”

Tanaka agreed. Kanzaki’s eyes narrowed as he listened to their conversation.

“Whatever… I’m tired… Let’s get the hell out of here, eat some food and go to bed!”

“”Yes!”” “

The car carrying the three men drove southward on the Joban Expressway, returning to the company in Chiba.

City of Explorers, Central Control Center Task Force.

There was a big problem. Lord Black could not be found no matter how hard he looked for it. It’s gone like smoke.

“So no new information from the SDF or the police?”

Yes, yes. For now…

Honda, who was stationed at the headquarters, was in a state of shock. The Ibaraki Prefectural Police and Self-Defense Forces personnel stationed nearby searched the area, but found no clues.

What the hell is going on?

While Honda is puzzled, his subordinate approaches him.

“Sir, Hashizume from the Cabinet Office is on the line.” Frowning, Honda picked up his phone and answered the call.

Yes… Yeah, okay.

It was a call from the government. Honda hangs up the phone and sighs heavily.

A monster has been unleashed that’s said to wreak havoc on the earth. The government’s probably scrambling to cope.

Honda got up and started to prepare for the trip to Tokyo.

Same day, afternoon–

The Cabinet Secretariat and the Cabinet Office made general coordination under the control of the Cabinet Crisis Management Supervisor and assembled directors general and other senior officials from each ministry and agency at the Prime Minister’s Office in the event of an emergency situation.

The purpose is to consolidate information on the initial response.

What was discussed was, of course, the demon ‶The Lord of the Sovereigns‶ that appeared on earth.

The views agreed here will be brought to the Prime Minister immediately and an urgent meeting of the Cabinet will be held.

Prime Minister Iwaki opens his mouth gravely.

“That black monster… Is there really that much of a threat?”

It was Defense Minister Takakura who answered.

“There’s still a lot we don’t know, but most experts agree that this is an unprecedented threat. I think we should take maximum precautions.”


Various opinions were exchanged at the meeting, but at the end of the day, they are all outside of the Ministry of Defense. No ministry other than the Ministry of Defense knows the details of the dungeon.

It was agreed that the Ministry of Defense, which is most familiar with the dungeon, would take the helm, and the budget and manpower were decided to be allocated.

After the meeting, walking side by side in the Diet corridor are Defense Minister Takakura and Defense Deputy Director General Serizawa.

We’ve got Honda, general manager of El-Seed, waiting.


Takakura answered shortly and went to Honda’s waiting room.

Honda was waiting nervously at the open door. He got up from the chair he was sitting in and faced him with his back straightened.

Takakura stood in front of Honda and looked at him sharply.

“I will tell you what the Council of Ministers has decided.”

At Takakura’s words, Honda simply said, “Yes. Honda simply said, “Yes.

DeNA El-Seed’s headquarters building in Otemachi, Tokyo.

Honda returned from the residence and walked to the conference room on the eighth floor and opened the door. The members of El-Seed’s most powerful explorer group, the Roar of the Thunder Beast Clan, had gathered there.

A few of them were absent due to injuries sustained in the previous battle, but Tennoji, Taizen, Misaki Brouwer, and Rui were all present.

I just got back from the Prime Minister’s office. The Defense Minister has informed me of the national policy, and I’ll share it with you.”

Tennoji and the others stood up and looked at Honda.

“The government has determined that the appearance of the ‘Black Monarch Lord’ is a national security crisis. Defeating this monster will be our top priority.

“Defeat… “Then…”

Tennoji asked back with a serious face and Honda nodded.

“We’ll mobilize all the top searchers in Japan to defeat him! The Self-Defense Forces will assist in the search, but they won’t join the fight. They can’t win.

Tennoji swallowed hard at those words. Honda’s expression became more severe.

“This is an official request from the state. The target, ‘Lord Black’ will henceforth be known as ‘Black Armor’.”

“Black… Armor…”

Tennoji ruminates on its name.

“And El-Sheed was named as the man in charge of defeating him. That is…”

The conference room is silent.

“You ‶Ray Beast’s Roar‶ will take the lead in defeating the ‶Black Armor‶!”

Tennoji’s and Yasumae’s faces became tense. So did Louis in the back.

The Monarch Lord’s extraordinary strength. Those of you who have fought him firsthand… know just how formidable he is. Even if all the Seekers in Japan joined forces… I doubt we could win.

Louis looks back at Honda with concern.

“This is an important mission for the security of Japan. If we fail, thousands of lives could be lost. Do whatever it takes!

“””Yes! “””

From this day on, Japan’s greatest mission – the ‶Black Armor Defeat Plan‶ was shared with all high ranking Seekers.