I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 146

Chapter 146: The humble task

The day after the government announced the existence of the ‶black armor‶.

Kanzaki and Yuma had come to Aisha’s laboratory in Ota Ward, Tokyo, to discuss their future plans.

“You’ve done it with a lot of flair, though.”

Don’t talk to me like it’s somebody else’s problem. You’re one of them!

In a dimly lit factory room, Aisha was laughing as she fiddled with her ring of wisdom.

Aisha, who had been lying on the floor a while ago, is now sitting in front of the computer in her lab coat as she used to be.

Yuma was relieved that she was feeling better, but Kanzaki was annoyed by Aisha’s sarcastic attitude.

You’re being hunted by the whole of Japan. Isn’t there anything you can do?”

“What is… Why are you asking me that?”

Aisha placed the ring of wisdom on the desk and turned her chair to look back at Kanzaki who was looking down at her.

You used to be in a government-affiliated research institute. Then can’t you use that route to tell me that Yuuma isn’t a demon?

Aisha giggles when she hears that. Kanzaki yells at her, “What’s so funny!” Kanzaki yells at her, and she stops laughing and shakes her head.

“I’m afraid I have a very bad reputation with the government and the research community. No one listens to me, which makes me even more suspect.”

Kanzaki and Yuma looked at each other. The two of them agreed strangely that it was certainly possible.

“Why did you do it in the first place? Metal armor… I think it’s called black armor now. You know the uproar you’d cause if you went on a rampage in that thing?

“I didn’t have a choice!”

Kanzaki replied bluntly, but Yuma said, “I’m sorry. It’s my fault…” Yuma bowed apologetically.

“Well, what’s done is done. The question is what’s going to happen now.”

Aisha leaned back against the back of the chair, crossed her arms and closed her eyelids.

You got a better idea?

Kanzaki asks her in a forward manner but Aisha thinks silently for a while. After a few moments she opens her mouth.

“I guess we’ll just have to stay quiet and not turn into metal. If I don’t take on the form of that black armor, there’s no way they’ll find me.”

“That’s what I thought too. The problem is Yuma’s mana! If the Seeker of the Higher Seeker notices the mana overflowing from his body, won’t he be discovered?”

Aisha’s mouth relaxes as she hears Kanzaki’s words.

“This is ridiculous… It’s true that some of the higher Seekers can sense mana. But their mana-sensing ability is quite low compared to that of demons. It’s doubtful if they can recognize Yuma’s unusual mana. It would probably only be a feeling of discomfort.”

“Is that so?”

“It’s more important that we don’t make a spectacle of ourselves. From what I’ve heard, the government’s been calling in some of the top Seekers from overseas. England and Germany, to name a few. Other countries may come as well.”

“From overseas… How the hell do you know that?

“I worked for the government for a long time. Even if they don’t like you, I’m sure I know someone who can give you some information.”

Aisha shrugs as she raises her hands in a playful manner and Kanzaki frowns. If that’s true, then things are going to get even more serious.

Anyway, you’ll have to be patient until the foreign Seekers pull out. They won’t be able to stay in Japan forever.

Aisha turned her head and picked up the ring of wisdom on the desk as if she was done talking.

He’s not gonna say anything else.

Yuma and Kanzaki leave the factory and go to their parked cars.

I had a faint hope that Aisha could do something about it, but it seems that there’s nothing I can do.

Yuma gets into the car with a sigh.

“Well, it can’t be helped. From now on… don’t use your metallization ability. Aisha’s right. I guess I’ll just have to stay quiet.


The two men, their shoulders drooped, decided to return to their office in Chiba.

For the next two weeks, I did a lot of light work.

I entered the ‘Blue Dungeon’ with Tanaka and Maika after the entry restrictions were lifted, and worked on collecting magical gems.

It seems that ‶Mana‛has been leaking out of this blue dungeon as well, so the general public is forbidden to enter, and only professional Seekers are allowed in now.

“Even so, blue ‶Magic Jewel‶ doesn’t appear very often.”

Yuuma complains as he kills the slime, and Maika, who was diving with him, says “It can’t be helped…” Maika, who was diving with him, replies with a smile.

“The blue dungeon originally only allows you to enter the lower levels, and the demons that appear are weak.”

Maika says cheerfully… and Yuma says… “That’s right.” Yuma replies.

The weaker the demon is, the lower the drop rate of the magical gemstone will be. Since Yuma and the others are professionals, they can go deeper than most people, but they can only go up to the 20th level.

The ‶Magic Gems‶ available are few in number and have a low mana index.

We kept on fighting that day until the evening, but I was tired and decided to go home. I got about twelve magic gems.

“I’m home~.”

When Maika and I returned to the office, Kanzaki was at his desk spreading out a newspaper and smoking a cigarette.

Hey, welcome back.

Maika looked around the office. Where’s Tanaka-san?” She asks Kanzaki.

He’s on his way to Niigata right now.


“I told you before that we’d have to add more dungeons in the future.”

“Yeah, so Niigata… There’s a ‘green dungeon’ there.”

Yuma listened to their conversation as he put his luggage in his locker. The Red Dungeon is still off-limits, so he can’t enter it yet.

Blue dungeons don’t pay very well.

For this reason, Kanzaki has been trying to increase the number of dungeons that D-Minor can explore.

However, Tanaka had to travel to Niigata to apply for permission to enter the dungeon.

“There are a total of five dungeons in Japan, right?”

Maika answers Yuma’s question.

“Yes, there’s a ‘Red Dungeon’ in Ibaraki, a ‘White Dungeon’ in Hokkaido, a ‘Blue Dungeon’ in Tokyo, a ‘Blue Dungeon’ in Fukuoka, and another ‘Green Dungeon’ in Niigata. Green Dungeon’ in Fukuoka, and another ‘Green Dungeon’ in Niigata. There used to be a ‘Black Dungeon’ in Kanagawa, but it’s gone now.”

Maika said regretfully that it was Yuma himself who destroyed the ‘Black Dungeon’.

Dungeons are a source of income for the company of explorers. Yuma feels bad for Maika and he can’t help but cast his eyes down.

“Well, Niigata’s a bit far, but we can’t turn our backs on it, so let’s all go on an expedition if we get permission. Right, Yuma?”

Uh, yes… Yes…”

Yuma smiled dryly and wondered if there was any good food. He wondered about sightseeing in Niigata.