I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Expert Council

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo–

The meeting of experts under the direct control of the government, which was held in the No. 8 building of the central government’s joint government ministries and agencies, was the scene of controversial discussions day after day.

Serizawa, the Defense Councillor, was the chairman of the panel.

“A number of high ranking Seekers from overseas have arrived in Japan. The domestic Seeker Clans are also preparing and gathering in Tokyo, but the question is where is the Black Armor?”

The assembled experts are all silent. Even though the existence of the black armor had been made public, no useful information had come to light.

It doesn’t matter how many Seekers we gather if we don’t know where the black armor is.

The focus of the Expert Meeting was now concentrated on that.

“I think it’s reasonable to assume that it’s around dungeons. There have been reports of mana leaking from dungeons all over Japan. It’s reasonable to assume that the Black Armor is also traveling in search of mana.”

The one who raised his voice was a professor of Tokyo Imperial University who was sitting in front of Serizawa. Fourteen experts were present in the conference room, sitting in a circle around Serizawa.

Serizawa agrees with the Professor’s opinion.

“You are right. We are thinking of the ‘Red Dungeon’ in Ibaraki, the ‘Blue Dungeon’ in Tokyo and the ‘Green Dungeon’ in Niigata. I think.”

Hashida, the dungeon researcher, interrupted Serizawa.

“Aren’t the ‘White Dungeon’ in Hokkaido and the ‘Green Dungeon’ in Fukuoka on the list?”

“We have considered that as well, but the distance is far and the amount of leaked ‶mana‶ seems to be relatively small. I think we can eliminate it as a candidate.”


Hashida was convinced by Serizawa’s explanation and kept his mouth shut. Instead, it was Aiko Kamogawa, the director of the National Institute for Scientific Research, who spoke up.

“What about the area around the ‘Black Dungeon’ in Kanagawa?”

“The Black Dungeon… Is it?”

Serizawa has a puzzled look on his face.

“The dungeon has already collapsed, but the Black Armor was originally there, right? Then wouldn’t it be natural for it to be lurking around there?”

Kamogawa adjusted her glasses and looked at Serizawa. She looked confident as she was the first woman to become the director of the National Institute of Scientific Research.

“That’s true. With that in mind, for the time being, let’s place our searchers mainly in the Kanto region. I’ll be ready to respond immediately if there are any sightings of black armor.”

The meeting is over and the experts leave the room.

Serizawa sat back in his seat and let out a deep sigh. The actuality that it was such a conspicuous demon, yet there was no clue as if it had really vanished.

Some experts suspected that it was mimicking something. Some experts even suspected that it was mimicking something.

If it were, the world would be in an uproar.

The situation is more serious than we expected. Serizawa wrinkled his brow and closed his eyelids when one of his subordinates called out to him.

Councilor Serizawa. I’ve looked into the matter you requested.

I take the black file offered to me and open it. It’s a file of overseas Seekers with high mana-sensing ability.

They’re the key to this operation. That’s what Serizawa was thinking.

Ota Ward. Kanzaki was visiting Aisha Kisaragi’s laboratory.

“It’s always dark and dirty here. Why don’t you move to a cleaner place?”

“Shut up. Mind your own business.

Aisha was sitting at her desk, looking something up on her computer.

“Hey! Are you seriously thinking about Yuma? You know that it’s really bad if things continue like this!”

“Don’t lose your temper. I know, I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

I’m thinking… What are you gonna do about it?

Kanzaki is hopeful, but Aisha shakes her head listlessly.

“I still can’t help it. No matter how much I think about it, I can’t come up with any good ideas.”

“What the hell is that? You’re a scholar? Didn’t you used to be so good that you were called an authority?”

He’s a loud one.

Aisha’s face twisted uncomfortably. Kanzaki opens his mouth.

“If we report this to the government and the Dungeon Association now, can’t we do something about it? We can’t just go running off like this.”

Recently, Kanzaki has been trying to help Yuma in various ways. But it didn’t work out and in the end he can only rely on Aisha who knows what’s going on.

Aisha clearly rejected Kanzaki’s opinion, saying… Aisha clearly denied it.

“If you report it, Yuma will be taken away and locked up for the rest of his life at best. At worst, he’ll be punished immediately.”

“Get rid of him… Yuma’s a human being! Legally, he can’t be killed easily.

You don’t understand, do you?


Kanzaki’s voice is filled with anger, but Aisha doesn’t seem to care.

“Certainly, human rights will be respected and protected in times of peace. But not in times of emergency. Governments will do whatever they can under the guise of national security.”


Kanzaki was at a loss for words. Because there was no precedent for Yuma’s case and he really didn’t know what would happen.

Anyway, the only thing we can do now is to avoid detection. Don’t let Yuma-kun do anything that might draw attention to us.

I know that! But are you sure you’ll be okay if you just sit tight? You say you can’t find them, but that’s what I’m worried about!”

You can’t smoke in here.

“When did they make that rule?”

Kanzaki puts a cigarette in his mouth and lights it.

Aisha quickly got up from her chair and walked over to Kanzaki. She sniffs and looks down at Kanzaki as she stands.

“Yuma’s mana is enormous. But in human form it would be difficult for Seekers to detect it. Unless you have a precise mana measuring device I made or the sensing ability of a demon, it’s nearly impossible to find it. However–“

Aisha glares at Kanzaki from above.

“Metallization is a different story. The mana inside is released outward. It’s the same as a demon’s.”

“Same as a demon…”

Kanzaki looks doubtful.

“That’s why some Seekers can sense demons. Demons use mana to strengthen their bodies or convert it to magic so it can be released outwards. There are humans who can sense it.”

“Then, Yuuma…”

“Yes. Metallization will flood the mana out the same way. With Seeker-Seekers coming from all over the world, the risk of being detected is high. Well, as long as we’re careful, we should be able to handle it.”

Are you sure you’re okay with that?

Aisha looks up and thinks for a moment.

“There is one thing that may expose you…”

“What? What are the possibilities?

Kanzaki panicked but Aisha shook her head.

“… No, it’s nothing. I don’t think that’s the way the government works. Don’t worry about it.”

With that Aisha went back to her desk and sat down in her chair and crossed her legs. She started typing something on the computer again.

That seems to be the end of the story.

Kanzaki exhales smoke from his mouth and makes a face as if he’s crushed a bitter bug.

–What the hell is that? Anyway, metallization is strictly forbidden… I’ll have to remind you again.