I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Unprecedented Operations

“Now let’s get started, Rui Amazawa! Try not to get hurt.

Tanabe laughed and left the room. Tennoji and Yasumae looked worried as they watched through the tempered glass, but Rui was exceptionally calm.

The men poured ‶Water Magic‶ into the weapons in their hands and attacked all at once.

Louis also held his sword in the lower position.

Water has the advantage over fire. And it’s four against one. But if you can’t get through this situation, defeating the Black Armor is just a dream.

Louis gritted his teeth and poured his magic power into the sword.

The next moment–

Tanabe and Tennoji were speechless. Taizen and Misaki were stunned.

The room is charred to a crisp, and the four Seekers have been blown to the wall where they lie. They don’t seem to be badly injured, but their battlesuits are sooty and their weapons are shattered.

Louis is standing in the center of the room, his sword drawn and stopped.

The sword continues to burn, smoke rising from the blade. Louis lets out a puff of air, puts down the sword, and looks out of the room.

Tanabe let out a dry laugh, “Ha ha.” Tanabe let out a dry laugh.

“I didn’t expect to suddenly be able to use the second level of magic.

Isn’t it amazing?

Tennoji is looking very proud of himself for some reason. Tanabe poses a puzzled look and presses the audio switch that leads to the laboratory.

The experiment is over. Amazawa, the results are satisfactory.

Louis, still holding the burning sword, says cheerfully, “Yes. he says cheerfully and swings the sword.

The flames instantly faded, leaving only the blade shining in a bewitching glow. The sword is quickly sheathed and Louis looks again at the weapon in his hand.

“This is… Burning Sword Zero.”

Ibaraki ‘Red Dungeon’–

Ishikawa of the El-Seed Corporation was in a room in the facility. As one of the people in charge of this dungeon, he was preparing the shelters to be set up on the 50th level.

Just when I’m about to call it a day… a nasty report comes in from one of my men.

“What? Is Hell-Galm rising again?”

Yes, I think we’re at about level 40. What should we do?

My men look confused. We’ll have to commit a considerable force if we’re going to defeat Hell-Garm.

Fortunately, security had been greatly strengthened after the previous escape attempts.

With this kind of force, it should be possible to intercept them in the dungeon. Ishikawa thinks about it and then realizes…

–Wait a minute. If what Tennoji said before is true…

Wasn’t the reason Hel-Galm came to Tokyo to meet the Black Armor? That’s what Tennoji said. He said it’s because he’s a highly sentient demon.

Ishikawa immediately calls El-Seed’s headquarters. He can’t make this decision on his own. He has to ask his superiors for instructions.

If Tennoji is right, we can flush out the missing ‶Black Armor‶.

But in exchange, you’ll be taking a huge risk.

That day, the Ministry of Defense was in an uproar. The Ministry of Defense was in a state of panic that day because an urgent operation had been proposed at a time when they were struggling to deal with the Black Armor.

“Is that really the way it’s going to work?”

Defense Minister Takakura frowned. Defense Adviser Serizawa, who had come to report the incident, also looked in disbelief.

I don’t know. This is an unprecedented operation, unprecedented anywhere in the world. Even the experts are divided on the issue…”

Takakura closed his eyelids as Serizawa spoke. If he failed, he would have to take responsibility.

Still, if there is no other way to find the Black Armor, we can’t just randomly disagree.

Takakura opens his eyelids and sees Serizawa standing there with a blue face.

“Okay… I’ll talk to the Prime Minister.

That afternoon, the information was shared with a number of parties, including the Seekers who had come from overseas.

The government has approved an unprecedented operation to intentionally release Hell-Galm from the Red Dungeon.

Because of the possibility of civilian casualties, it was necessary to keep a certain distance from Hel-Garm and keep a large number of seeker-seekers on the lookout.

For this reason, El-Seed and other major corporations have dispatched clans of explorers and placed them all over the place.

Hel-Garm emerged from the dungeon early the next day. The broken dome had been rebuilt and all the doors were open.

The scorching demon-dog has entered the ground without any obstacles. He seems a little wary of the situation, but soon he’s through the dome and on to the city’s central road, where he runs straight ahead.

We’re headed southwest to Tokyo.

Are they coming this way?

Taizen gets into the backseat of a one-box car and asks Tennoji with a scowl.

Yeah, looks like they’re heading towards Tokyo.

I don’t know how they got away with this. One wrong move and civilians could die.

Tennoji agreed, but he also said, “That’s how cornered the government must be.” “That’s how cornered the government must be.

All the members of the ‶Rayebeast’s Roar‶ were currently waiting in the car. The reason for this is so that they can move immediately when the ‶Black Armor‶ appears.

Three cars were prepared, and in this car were Taizen, Tennoji, and Rui.

The black van is parked at a corner of Shonagon Parkway in Adachi Ward. If Hell-Galm’s coming into Tokyo, it could be passing through this area.

Tennoji decided so and was ready to track the Demon Dogs if they came.

However, I didn’t know if he would really come, and I couldn’t stop shaking my head from anxiety before Tai.

Louis, who was in the same car, also looks tense.

Although I was quite surprised when I first heard about this plan, Tennoji had told me that there was a good chance that it would succeed.

Louis looks at the sword on the side of his seat.

The thing you prepared to defeat the Black Armor. Tanabe said. This Burning Sword Zero will reach the Black Lord’s life.

–This time, I promise…

Tennoji checks the situation on his phone. The mana has flooded the ground, causing communication problems, but it’s still usable for now.

“Hel-Garm has entered Saitama. At this rate he’ll be in Tokyo by this afternoon, but his destination could be Saitama or Chiba. We’ll have to deal with them wherever they go. Keep your heads up!”

When Tennoji said that, Yasumae said, “Hey!” and Louis nodded “Yes.” Louis nodded.

The time for the final battle was drawing near.