I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 159

Chapter 159: The Magic of the Second Level

The sword in Charlotte’s right hand is engulfed in flames, and the sword in her left hand contains a bolt of lightning.

She uses lightning magic to increase the speed of the electrical impulses transmitted from her brain to her body. Charlotte’s movements are accelerated many times over and the black armor can’t keep up.

–I’m going in!

A sword of fire from the upper level and a sword of thunder from the lower level intersect.

“–Dragon Fang!

The black armor is blown backwards in a burst of fire and lightning. Charlotte charged after it.

The black armour stopped, but it was still in a bad position. You have a pair of Ryuyo-tou swords in both hands, and you swing them down at his shoulders.

There’s a metallic clunk. Charlotte thought it was a direct hit,


I let out a yelp. Both swords were in his grasp. The black armour gripped them as if nothing had happened.

“Oh, no?”

The sword won’t move. It’s too powerful.

The moment Charlotte thought that, the sword cracked and shattered into pieces.

The black armour leaps back and runs away.

The Seekers of Ophanim unleash their magic one after another, but they cannot stop the black armour.

The creature disappeared behind a building.

Are you okay? Charlotte.

Michael rushed to the scene and called out to Charlotte, but she stood there silently.

You’re right… It might be as big as the Chimera. I can’t believe our best won’t work…”

Charlotte stares at her hands as she listens to Michael.

She had heard that the Japanese Seekers had been unable to get past the Black Armor. However, Charlotte had been expecting nothing less than a report from Japan, a country known for its lack of experience in dungeon exploits.

We thought we could handle it. But we didn’t.

It’s not a monster that can be defeated by sheer force. You’ll have to work with the other clans of explorers to defeat it.

Charlotte clasps her hands together, eyes peeled back as she motions to the members.

“New [magic granting armaments]! I’m going after the black armor immediately!”

Tennoji, Louis and the others were caught in a traffic jam as they entered the city center of Nerima.

People were flooding the sidewalks and the roadways, trying to escape before anyone else. No wonder, since the TV and the internet had been reporting the appearance of Hell-Galm and the Black Armor.

You’re confused.

Louis looks out of the car and frowns.

We can’t take the car any further. Let’s get out of here.

Tennoji unbuckles his seatbelt and gets out of the one-box car. The members of the Roar of the Thunder Beast get out of the two cars that follow.

We’re on the move! Don’t be late.

“”””Yes!”” “””

Because there are people on the sidewalk, the ten members jump on top of the car and run.

As we pulled out onto the open road, we heard an explosion coming from behind a building.

It’s already started.

Tennoji clicks his tongue and looks in the direction of the rising smoke. He was getting impatient because he wanted to defeat the black armour with their own hands.

Let’s hurry.

“Yeah…” Tennoji replied and hurried to the scene.


As Yuma twists his body, a blade of wind passes right in front of him and cuts through a telephone pole. The pole falls down, tearing through the wires.


A number of Seeker Seekers run towards you. More Seeker Seekers appear from behind you and from the alley beside you.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Yuma runs away while avoiding the Seeker’s fire, water, wind and lightning magic.

–I think it’s safe to hit it, but I’d reflexively avoid it.

As he runs, Yuma raises his right hand above his head. He extends his five fingers like spikes and sticks them near the roof of a short building.

He made a return at the tip of the spike and used the recoil to move all the way up to the top of the building.

“Hey! Did you see that?

“After them! After them!

The Seekers below are in a panic. They go up to the rooftop while they still can, only to be surprised by Yuma’s surprise.


There were also two Seeker Seekers on the roof of the building.

Their eyes meet and they stop moving for a moment. The Seekers do not miss the opportunity and unleash their water and lightning magic.

A thundering mass of water slams into you, bounces off your body, and pushes you back.


He was knocked off the roof of the building he had just climbed to the top of. As he falls, Yuma looks around.

“Oh, shit! Then…”

Once more he extended his finger like a spike and thrust it into another building. Softening his fingers, he moves with a wide swing, using the momentum of the fall to his advantage.

“Oh! It feels so good to be like Spaz 00 Man!”

I was about to go straight between the buildings when the Seeker peeked out from the rooftop.


When Yuma was surprised, he shot ‶wind″ and ‶flame″ magic from above.

It hits him directly and he screams “Aaahhh!” and he fell to the ground. He hit the ground, hitting his head hard.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow… Well, it doesn’t hurt… Don’t hurt me.”

Yuma gets up with a start and looks around. Another Seeker runs from the distance.

It’ll be easy to defeat them, but we can’t let them hurt the Seekers. We have to do something. Yuma uses Bloody Orr to boost his physical abilities.

Run as fast as you can. No one can follow you. Leave the Seeker in the hubbub and head out through the buildings and onto the main street.

–We’re going to have to get you out of town.

As you drive down the road, you notice someone standing at the end of the road.

A tall blonde man. He brakes suddenly.

“The Flame Emperor… Albert!”

Yuma immediately turns on his heel and tries to run in the other direction. But his legs won’t move. What is it? He looked at his feet and saw that the road surface was stained white.

“Is that… Ice?

God, it’s bone-crushing just to stop moving.

A brown-skinned woman with short silver hair. She speaks English, too. Is she one of Albert’s?

Even demons get confused. Have you seen it before? The second level of Water Demon Technique…

The woman holds up the bracelet on her right hand. The blue gems sparkle, and the ice spreading on the ground rises from her feet.

–That’s cold!

Yuma thought it would be bad if he didn’t do anything… so he pulled his foot off with all his strength. The ice shatters with a crunching sound. Now he can move freely.

“That’s a lot of stupidity. But–“

The silver haired woman narrowed her eyes. Yuma immediately tried to run away, but he heard a calm voice nearby.

“That’s enough. If you could just stop for a second… That’s enough, Mia.

I turned around and saw Alberto standing in front of me. He held up his right hand and smiled at me.

“This is ‶Second Level Fire Magic‶.”

A flash. There’s an explosion and Yuma is blown away by the impact.

He is blown more than ten meters to the shoulder of the road and rolls on the ground.

“Oh… What?

Smoke puffs up from his body, and his metal shell is red hot in places.

–It hurts! What the hell? My arms and chest are burning and hurting!

Yuma endures the pain and stands up, though he is dizzy.

I looked up and saw Alberto smiling at me.