I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 162

Chapter 162: A Different Thunderbolt

Lightning bolts gush out around Akito. The golden light gradually fades to black.

It’s the strangest sight I’ve ever seen.

“Black… Lightning?”

“Ha ha ha, you look surprised! This is the second level of lightning magic [Black Lightning]!

Akito rushes forward and without hesitation steps forward and fires a spear.

Yuma flinched for a moment.


You guard the point of the spear with your arms. The moment the black lightning touches his arms, there is a crack, and his body is thrown back.

The impact is so strong, it almost knocks you unconscious.

The body is hurled off and rolls through the glass door of a restaurant across the street and into the restaurant.

“Oh… Ugh.”

It’s the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I manage to get up, but when I look at my right hand, it’s shaking like it’s in convulsions.

–This is lightning magic? There’s something this powerful? If so, water magic won’t be able to stop it…

Yuma grits his teeth and gets up to walk out of the store.

“Really? I can’t believe you didn’t die from that blow. How tough are you? !”

Akito quickly readies his spear and gets into a fighting stance. The other Seekers were running towards him. Fighting at this rate is not a good idea.

Yuma activates ‶Bloody Orr‶ and puts some force into his left hand that isn‛t twitching.

“This is the end!”

A spear with an even fiercer bolt of lightning is approaching. A moment later…

Yuma slammed his fist into the ground at his feet with all his might. The concrete shattered on impact, sending up a cloud of debris and smoke.


Akito is blown backwards by the blast, but he manages to stay on his feet.

I look up… smoke envelops the area and I can’t see the black armor.

Tennoji! What happened?

The Phamaelese explorers rushed to the scene and gathered around Akito.

I’m sorry. I think we lost him.

the leader of the group of explorers clicked his tongue and said “Let’s go after them! and runs after him.

Akito is about to follow him when he suddenly looks at the ground where the smoke has subsided.

There was a hole in the ground, bigger and deeper than I had imagined.

No, no, no, no, seriously.

If I had eaten something like this… Akito shrugged in horror.

“Oh no, oh no! There’s more of them. There’s Seekers everywhere!”

Yuma hides in a narrow gap between buildings, but is soon discovered and runs away. He tries to hide in the building, but the building is destroyed and he is knocked out from inside.

“I’m pretty sure there’s a Seeker Seeker who can sense ‶mana″…”

Yuma felt fed up. Then he’ll be chasing us for a long time as long as we don’t get rid of the ‘metallization’.

After five minutes the ‘metallization’ can be removed, but if you remove it while you’re under attack you may die.

While I was wondering what to do, my eyes fell on a manhole on the street.

“I don’t like it because it looks kind of dirty, but… I don’t have a choice!”

Yuma’s body melts into dross and he pushes the manhole cover up and into the gap.

I descend the vertical ladder and reach the sewer passage, so I return to my human form and look around.

“It’s dark… We have to proceed with caution.

The water was running down the center of the sewer pipe, but there was less water than he had expected. Yuma scuttled along the edge of the passage.

I think we’re going underground.

Alberto stands on the roof of a commercial building, looking into the distance and smiling.

“As expected. We’ve taken precautions, and they’ll be back up soon.”

Mia, standing by my side, assured me confidently.

“Well, I’m not worried about that. How long do you think it’ll take you to get ready, anyway?”

Alberto stands at the edge of the rooftop and looks down at the ground. There are members of Prometheus working on something.

It won’t take long. The question is, can we lure the black armor in here?”

Mia gives him a stern look, but Alberto replies in a matter-of-fact manner.

“We’ll have to trust the other Clan Searchers and the Japanese government on that. We’ll do what we can.”

Alberto laughed and took a glance in the direction of the huge amount of mana.

There they are! Black armor!

Don’t let him get away!

The Seeker Seekers are coming at you in droves.

“No, no, no! You’re in the sewers too? That’s too much!”

Flames, winds, and thunder fly wildly. The Seekers, who use water magic, attack using the water of the sewers.

“Dirty! That’s disgusting, stop it!”

Yuma panics and looks for the manhole cover. When he finds it, he climbs up a vertical ladder to the ground.

Come on!

“Set them all off at once!”

There are a lot of Seekers here. A few magic shots hit them, but it doesn’t hurt them.

–But you never know when an attack will break through your resistance.

Dozens of searchers blocked our path and attacked us. Some jumped from the top of the building.

–All sides!

The back of Yuma’s left hand begins to glow. The next moment the Seekers’ faces turn pale. The black monster loses its shape and turns into a red dog.

The dogs broke through the siege by force.

“Oh, no! It’s Hel-Garm!!!”

“The black armor has changed!”

Hel-Galm leaves the Seekers behind and runs out onto the open road.

“Oh! That’s really fast. This is going to work!”

The dog’s paws spun even faster, and it passed by the Seekers at a frightening speed.

What? Hell-Galm?

“It’s much faster than normal!”

Everyone seems confused. Yuma runs through the city while laughing. With the running ability of Demon Dog and the increased muscle strength of Bloody Orr, he should be able to get away.

After a while, the road was blocked by Seeker Seekers.

Yuma thought that he might get injured if he tried to force his way through, so he made a large detour to the right. As he runs further, he sees another group of people blocking the road.

They’ve got men on top of the building, and it looks like there are a lot of Seekers behind the barricades.

They’re not gonna let you through at all costs.

Yuma thinks he has no choice but to turn left this time and speed up his steps. As he continues straight down the main street, he sees some Seekers.

But they’re not completely blocking the road, just a few people on the edge of the road.

What the–? You didn’t barricade yourself in time?

That’s a good thing then. Yuma tries to break through at full speed. The Seeker Seekers don’t seem to be getting in his way.

Oh, my God! Just when I thought I was getting away.

“Oh, my God!”

A wall of flame rises before us. This is no ordinary fire. A wild, raging fire.

–You don’t mean… Albert’s fire magic?

Yuma brakes suddenly and stops. He tries to go in the other direction, but there are pillars of fire from behind and to the side.