I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 164

Chapter 164: The Danger of the Unexpected

After making sure that all the German explorer clans have entered, Albert manipulates the flames to close the entrance. The third level of fire magic is fire magic that can change form at will.

I huffed to use my concentration.

“Mia, this magic will leave me vulnerable. You’ll have to protect me. And tell the Prometheans to protect the dagger from outside attacks. I can defend against attacks from the inside, but I can’t focus on the outside.”

“Okay. But can’t we attack the black armor inside?”

Mia asks with a serious face. The third level of fire magic was something that even Mia didn’t know the details of.

“You’re spreading the flame too far. It’s weakening the explosion considerably. Honestly, it’s all I can do to keep them out. And I can’t hold them for very long.”

Mia raises her eyebrows when she sees Alberto laughing.

That means if we don’t kill the black armor in time we could escape. Mia looks down at the ground from the edge of the rooftop.

More Seeker Seekers had gathered there.

“What, what, what! What’s that big fire magic?

The Phamael clan of Seekers with Akito Tennoji arrives at the Birdcage. At the same time, Seekers are coming from another street.

That was…

Akito frowned. He didn’t really want to meet her.

“Ming-jin… Ming-jin?

Tennoji who has been leading the ‶Raise of the Thunder Beast‶ raises his voice. When he comes to the front of Akito, he looks at his brother in confusion.

Ishikawa told me you were in Famail. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Now’s not the time! This is our best chance to defeat the black armour!

Akito told me to look inside the cage. There stood the black armor and the foreign Seekers.” I’m sure of it.” Tennoji looks around.

And then I saw Albert standing on top of a building.

I knew it was his magic.

Tennoji wants to join the battle, but he feels it’s too dangerous to touch the ‶Birdcage of Fire‶. As he wonders what to do, several vehicles of the Self-Defense Forces arrive.

I pull over, unload my gear, and get my camera ready.

–The unit that’s supposed to send the footage back to headquarters.

More Seekers rushed in from the other direction. It appears to be the British Explorers’ Clan.

All the forces are here. This is where it’s going to end!

The members of the “Roar of the Thunder Beast” such as Rui and Taizen are nervous when Tennoji says this.

In the cage the black armour and the German Seekers glared at each other.

Matteo treads carefully.

We knew from prior reports that the British ‶Ophanim‶ and the American ‶Prometheus‶ had failed to finish off the black armor.

The black armour must be strong if even a clan of explorers as powerful as ours can miss them.

If you don’t strike without any skirmish… Matteo moves silently. And the German Seekers follow in response.

Their strength was their coordinated attacks. They were confident that in a team fight, they could defeat anyone in the world.

In no time at all, we’ll have black armor all around us.

Let’s go!

“”””Yes!”” “””

Everyone moves into attack with controlled and lean movements.

Eight of them rushed out and four of them jumped up and attacked from above. And almost at the same time they released the magic jewel.

When the daggers held by all the members of the Clan of Explorers approach the black armour a red streak runs down the demon’s entire body.

The next moment – the daggers held by the Seeker Seekers shattered into pieces.

The impact blows all the members of Schuerz backwards. Matteo falls on his buttocks and his eyes widen in surprise.

“What the… What just happened?

A shudder runs through the Seekers who have been watching outside the cage. As soon as a red streak entered his black-armored body, he moved so fast they could hardly see him.

“You’re faster than you were when you were fighting us… Much faster!”

Tennoji frowns as he hears Louis’ words from outside the cage. Tennoji replied and frowned.

All of the members of the ‶Ray Beast’s Roar‶ had seen the battle footage of the black armor and the red ogre.

I had seen the red streak in him, but I didn’t know he had such explosive physical abilities.

But the one-sidedness of the ogre’s devastation was remarkable.

“Is that one of the black armor’s abilities?”

Tennoji mutters bitterly. The other Seekers also did the same. Each of them had a puzzled expression on their faces.

“I don’t think… That’s…”

El-Seed Honda, who was at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, rushes out of his chair. He stares at the images, speechless.

What’s wrong? Honda-san.

Takakura, the Minister of Defense, calls out to Honda, who suddenly stands up.

“That was… ‶Bloody orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

“Bloody or?”

Takakura raises an eyebrow. It was the first time he had heard that word. Serizawa, however, who was sitting next to him, looked pale as if he had an idea of what he was talking about.

Is that what Verlin can do?

Honda nodded at Serizawa’s question. Takakura was puzzled by what he was talking about. Honda wiped the sweat from his forehead and explained.

“Varin is a demon in the Black Dungeon that can rapidly increase your physical abilities for a short time. The demon ore that Varin drops has the same effect…”

“A magical ore that rapidly increases physical abilities… No way!”

Takakura had an idea.

“That’s right. The magical ore that led to the blockade of the Black Dungeon. It was the first time it was found to be harmful and shocked experts.”

Takakura bites his navel. I remember that this was a hot topic at one time.

The information was kept secret only by the government and some research institutes, and it was agreed to regulate the ‘black dungeon’ internationally.

However, since the story was originally about the unimportant ‘Black Dungeon’, it didn’t affect many people, and the memory of it had faded.

“How can the Black Armor use that demon’s ability? Are they from the same line of demons?

No, no… They don’t look like the same type of demon. It’s just that some demons eat other demons’ magical gems to strengthen their abilities.

“Are you saying the black armor does that too?”

“Perhaps… And there were reports of him transforming into Hell-Galm. Perhaps the black armor can use the abilities of other demons.

Honda’s story got the conference room buzzing. It was the power of the enemy beyond our expectations. I had thought that it was simply a demon that was terrifyingly strong in combat, but the very foundation of that perception has been overturned.

Takakura, who had been staring at the monitor, opened his mouth gravely.

“… Raise the hazard rating. Double-A to triple-A. Report to the PM immediately.”

The room is silent and everyone gasps.

It was assumed that if a Triple-A demon appeared in the city there would be hundreds of thousands to a million people affected.If the Seekers can’t stop them, they’ll consider using a tactical nuke.