I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime – Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Four Ores

International Dungeon Institute in Israel.

Ethan folded his arms and looked up at the Orpheus tablet behind the tempered glass with a serious expression on his face.

“This day has finally… This day has come, hasn’t it?

As Ethan’s eyes narrow, Clark’s assistant feels a growing sense of urgency.

What the hell am I supposed to do with this?

“Well… I don’t know.

The two of them looked on and saw that almost all the ores on Orpheus’ tablets had begun to glow. The sparkling of the ores means that the demons are leaving the dungeon.

Eighteen ores to represent the Duke Duke . And seven ores for the monarch Lord.

“If this many demons with unique properties… unique monsters… appear on the surface… the damage will be extraordinary. The biggest problem is…”

Ethan looks up. There they are, the six ores that line the top of the tablet.

The six ‶King Kings‶ who are said to destroy the world. Four of them are red, blue, green, and yellow.

“Red, blue, green, and yellow kings… One of them is too much to deal with… but four of them at the same time? Am I having a nightmare?”

Another stone tablet excavated from Orpheus described that [six kings] appeared on the earth in ancient times, causing a natural disaster and annihilating civilization.

Clark looks at Ethan with a sad expression.

So there’s nothing left to do?

Ethan smiled dryly and shook his head.

“I can’t even imagine what the threat is. As an academic, I hate to say it, but I’m praying to God.”

It’s been two days since the black armour fell.

The news that the Seekers have defeated the target demon brings relief to the anxious Japanese people.

But the news that he was captured alive has puzzled many.

A certain place in Tokyo–

In an underground quarantine facility… a Self-Defense Forces team… a security seeker… and several researchers… There were several researchers watching a large monitor.

How’s it going?

The researcher was asked by Defense Minister Takakura.

He and Defense Adviser Serizawa had visited the facility to inspect the status of the captured ″Black Armor″.

“As you can see, he’s still not awake. His body has been treated, but he remains unconscious.”

The monitor showed a man lying on a bed.

She is asleep with bandages all over her body and an oxygen mask on. There is no abnormality in the electrocardiogram connected to her body, and she appears to be sleeping peacefully.

“Can’t this room be destroyed?”

Takakura asks, and the bespectacled chief researcher opens his mouth nervously.

“Yes. The room where the subject is being held has been designed with technology that utilizes magical gems to keep the mana in the space to near zero, and the walls and ceiling are as solid as a nuclear shelter. Even with the mighty arm of the ‶Black Armor‶, I don’t think it will be easy to break through…”


Takakura nodded his head and looked at Serizawa.

You’ve identified the person, haven’t you?

“Yes. The Metropolitan Police Department has reported that the captured person is ‘Yuma Mitaka’, 18 years old. He’s a civilian who’s been working for a dungeon-related company as an explorer seeker since this year.

Takakura looked at the monitor again. Eighteen years old… The young man sleeping in the bed certainly looks very young.

“I spoke to someone at the company he worked for, ‘D-Minor’. The president of the company, Kanzaki, knew that the black armor was Yuma Mitaka.”

“How did he have that power?”

“Kanzaki says it’s because he ingested a strange magical ore when he was diving in the extinct ‘Black Dungeon’.”

The Black Dungeon?

“D-Minor’ is the one who conquered the black dungeon in Yokohama. We know that he went to the bottom level, so it’s not entirely a lie.”

Takakura raised an eyebrow. Although the disappearance of the ‘Black Dungeon’ had become a problem, it had not had any commercial impact, so he had downplayed it.

But if they’ve created a monster like that, we need to investigate it thoroughly.

What’s this guy called Kanzaki doing now?

“Yes, he is currently being interviewed by the Dungeon Association, and once that is over, I am told that the Metropolitan Police Department intends to make an arrest.”

“Are the charges sticking?”

Takakura asks Serizawa while looking at the monitor.

“There are several dungeon-related laws that would be violated. I don’t think there’s a problem with filing a warrant for your arrest.

“…. Okay.”

Takakura replies shortly. The demon was human.

This fact has not been made public. This is an unprecedented situation, unprecedented in the world, and must be handled with caution.

Is this young man Yuma Mitaka a human with the power of a demon?

Or is it a demon in human form?

In some cases, I’ll have to kill him. This man could cause unnecessary chaos.

Takakura turns on his heel.

The cabinet meeting will take place later today. It was Takakura’s job to brief the PM on the details.

I walk through the automatic doors of the research facility, thinking that it’s an unpleasant role to play.

The police and dungeon association officials were packed into Yuma’s parents’ house in Akiruno, Tokyo.

The investigation, which began in the morning, will continue until late afternoon, and the house will be searched.

Mamezo, who was in the backyard, also noticed something strange. He kept barking at the house. My parents were asked about the details.

Most of the items in Yuma’s room had been confiscated, and his parents watched in horror as the investigators moved away, carrying several cardboard boxes with them.

And then…

Uncle! Auntie!”

“Oh, Kaede!” Her mother exclaims in relief.

Kaede comes in gasping for air. She runs past the returning investigators to her parents on the porch.

“Kaede, what’s going on? I don’t know what’s going on…”

The father says with a puzzled look on his face and the mother follows.

“The police won’t tell me anything. I called the company he works at, but no one answered. Where’s Yuma? Where’s Yuma?

Kaede caught her breath and looked straight at them.

“Yuma is fine! Louis called me just now and said he couldn’t give me any more details, but he said Yuma is fine.”

Louis? You know something?”

His mother asks, looking like she’s going to start crying.

I think it’s something dungeon related. Louis seemed to know something about it, but he didn’t want me to tell you…”

“What the hell do you have that’s dungeon-related?”

Yuma’s father, who is unfamiliar with Yuma’s work, asks Kaede as if he’s desperate for answers.

“I don’t know yet… But I’ll look into it. I’ll call you as soon as I find out something, so don’t worry!”

Kaede tries to reassure her parents by smiling back at them. Kaede leaves Yuma’s house after being thanked by them, but her heart is not at peace.

When Louis told me Yuma was in trouble I thought he was hurt or something. But the fact that the police came to investigate means they suspect something.

Kaede knows best that Yuma is not the type of person who would commit a crime.

–Yuma… Where are you?

Kaede takes out her phone. The news about the ‶Black Armor‶ was displayed at the top of the page.